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34D, 34B and 34C cup- What’s the difference?

34D, 34B and 34C cup- What’s the difference?

34D,34D, and 34C are cup volumes of a bra. The numbers (34,35,36) are the sizes of the straps, while A, B, C, and D are the sizes of the cups. A is the smallest, B and C are larger than A, and D is the largest.

A 34D has the same cup as a 38B, 36C, and 32DD. Simply longer sides. A 36D has the same cup as a 34DD, 38C, and 40B. If your bra is becoming too tight, try raising one band and lowering one cup. It will not fit as snugly, but it will fit the breasts the same.

There are different sizes of bras. The numbers tell the strap size, while the alphabet determines the size of the cups. Most ladies are concerned about bra sizes and how to get the exact measurements, so I will address all the queries related to bra sizes and their measurements and compare them.

Let’s get started.

How can you differentiate between a 34D, 34C, and 34B cup?

Bra measurements are essentially a two-step process. The 34 denotes the back-to-front measurements, while the letters B, C, and D denote the cup sizes or fullness of the breast. Breasts are like snowflakes, and because they are all unique, they require different cup sizes.

Different ladies prefer diverse sizes. Therefore, accurate measurements are necessary for their comfort.

The measurement difference between 34B and 34C is one inch. Another inch lies between 34C and 34D. A bra in that size may still be a little too small for a 34C girl.

Perfect measurements and size knowledge should be taken to get a perfect fit.

32C vs. 34B bra sizes

There are minimal differences between these sizes. It is the same size of metal as the underwire in underwire bras.

Many 32C women wear 34B and vice versa. Several brands have various size charts based on which they sell their products.

Therefore, sticking to one size for every brand is not a good idea.

The number represents the body circumference, and the letter represents the cup size. The number (inches) denotes the distance around the body; the B and C in this question have the same cup volume.

So, the 32 is smaller around the body than the 34, but the breast volume, or the amount of space it requires in the bra, is the same.

The C or B indicates the “amount of flesh” that fills the bra cup (to put it politely). The circumference of the band is 32 or 34 inches below the breast. Surprisingly, the larger the size of the band, the larger the breast, but this is not always the case.

When comparing a 32C to a 34B, the cup size (the breast cup) decreases while the band size (the part that goes around the body) increases.

In terms of physique, they may be nearly identical from a different perspective.

The rule is that the cup size should decrease if the band size increases.

A blue colored bra shown in the picture
Comfort should be the utmost priority when choosing a bra

If a woman’s body is slightly larger than 32C and wishes to move up a band size, she should consider 34B rather than 34C. This will undoubtedly aid in getting a good fit.

(Up) Band Size; (Down) Cup Size 

Alternatively, the cups are perfect, but the band is too large. You now know that if you go down a band size, you must go up a cup size to maintain the same underwire diameter and volume. Continue to go up in cup size on the same band size until you find a bra that fits.

They are referred to as sister sizes, and if a person is one of the two sizes, one of those sizes will usually fit, depending on the bra. Obviously, the C cup is larger than the big cup, and the 32 band is smaller than the 34 band.

Now you know the difference between 34 B and 34C bra sizes?

Check out the video on how to get accurate measurements for your bra size

What do you know about different bra sizes, i.e. 32C and 34B?

Alphabets determine brand sizes, and the numbers tell you about the measurement of the strap.

The fact that the cups hold the same volume of breasts means very little because the band size is the most important measurement. After all, the band, not the straps, supports the breasts. If you wear a bra with a too-small band size, the bra will pinch you all day and make you uncomfortable.

Breasts will not be supported if you wear a band that is too large. When you start wearing a bra, fasten it on the last set of hooks; the other hooks are for adjustments as the elastic wears and the band needs to be tightened.

While 32C and 34B cups contain the same amount of liquid, they are not the same size. 

When purchasing a bra, it is best to go to a bra fitter because they will recommend bras for you based not only on your breast size but also on the shape of your breasts.

Yes, brands differ, but a good fitter is aware of this and can compensate.

Most stores will tell you that 32C and 34B are interchangeable because of the adjustable bands. The bandwidths differ in these two bras, while all brands’ cup sizes are almost identical.

An image of a woman standing with a measuring tape in her hand
Accurate measurements help you to find the best-fit bra

Each extra inch above the band gives the cup an incremental letter, which needs to be kept in mind while buying a bra.

The adjuster hooks can be worn on both the 34 and 36 bands (unless 34 is the closest or 36 is the farthest hook), I also confirmed that because of the one-inch difference in band size, the other cup size is usually identical in terms of the template.

The people who sell bras can usually guide you better as they are fully aware of the variations among the band sizes and cup measurements.

The table below will help you to calculate your band size.

Band size283032343638404244
Calculation of band size (USA)

Difference= Overbust measurement-Under bust measurement

What is the difference between the bra sizes 34B and 34C?

Yes, both of them are different from each other. The 34C bra cup is larger than the 34B bra cup. The letters A, B, and C in a bra indicate the size of the cups, while the size of the waistline is indicated by the numbers (34,32 and 36).

The bands on 34C and 34B are the same size, but the cups are not.

Let’s see some of the main features which make both of them unique:

  • 34C has a lower bust measurement of 34 inches and a bust measurement of 37 inches.
  • 34B has a lower bust measurement of 34 inches and a bust measurement of 36 inches.

As you can see, the bust measurements differ depending on the cup size.

The only difference between C and B is the cup size, which is the same as the band size. Cup is that part of the bra which holds the breast, it is where you can tell the difference between 34B and 34C. B has a smaller cup than C, so it can accommodate a smaller breast.

A number denotes all in Band sizes, and an alphabet denotes cup size. The band size is 34, and the cups are C and B. The C cup is larger than the B cup, so those with larger busts should wear the C.

You can use a bra size calculator to determine your bra size.

Elevated depiction of a pink bra along with measuring tape
A concept of size measurement

Are 34DD and 386 B the same?

No, they are two separate sizes. The numerics show the bust measurements. Band size 34 is smaller than band size 36. Meanwhile, DD cup sizes are larger than B cup sizes because they correspond to larger breast sizes.

The 34 band size is one size smaller, while the cup size is several sizes larger. A 34C and a 32C are the same size. The full bust measurement for a 34DD is expected to be close to 39 inches, while the bust size for a 36B is expected to be close to 38 inches.

Each letter of the alphabet is supposed to represent a bra cup size one inch larger than the previous letter on the same band size. As the odd numbers on bra bands are rarely made, a person’s overall full bust measurement may vary slightly when the bra and cup sizes change.

A 36B bra has a two-inch wider band than a 34DD bra and a smaller cup size to accommodate a three-inch smaller bust.

34DD is the same as 34DD only, and not even all 34DDs are the same because some companies have variations in their sizes and measuring scales.

I think most of the queries regarding bra sizes have been addressed in this blog. Right?

Final Thoughts

  • Bra sizes like 34B, 34C, and 34D indicate specific measurements of straps and cups.
  • The numbers denote strap size, while letters (A, B, C, D) represent cup sizes.
  • Cup size increases alphabetically, with A being the smallest and D the largest.
  • Bra measurements are essential for comfort and support.
  • Sister sizes allow flexibility in finding a comfortable fit.
  • A 34C has a larger cup than a 34B, and a 34D is even larger.
  • Accurate measurements are crucial for choosing the right bra size.
  • Consult with a bra fitter for the best fit and consider brand variations.

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