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A Restroom, A Bathroom, And A Washroom- Are They All The Same?

A Restroom, A Bathroom, And A Washroom- Are They All The Same?

People like to have more than one name for a single place. They perceive the meanings according to the history given by their ancestors.

Similarly, a bathroom is referred to as a restroom, as well as a washroom. These are the names for a “toilet.” Hence, We need to know the meanings to differentiate them.

Today, we’ll be contrasting all three of them along with their contrasting differences. Moreover, I’ll address some of the most encountered questions related to these terms.

In this blog, I’ll try to cope with all the ambiguities among these three terms by briefing their uses and detailed meanings.

Let’s have a look at them.

What Is The Difference Between A Restroom, A Bathroom, And A Washroom, As Well As Where They Should Be Used?

They all are different from each other. A “restroom” can be found in a public building or a commercial establishment. It could have one or more sinks as well as one or more toilets.

While Restrooms in buildings such as movie theatres and sports stadiums can be quite large. A men’s restroom may have fewer toilets than a women’s restroom, but it may also have a urinal or two.

A “bathroom” is a room in a house, apartment, or motel/hotel. It’s typically equipped with one or two sinks, one toilet, and a bathtub and/or shower stall. The name of the room implies that you can take a bath there, which is not possible in a restroom.

If it lacks a bathtub or shower stall, it is referred to as a “half bath,” never a “restroom,” though “bath” or “bathroom” may be used for short.

What Does A Washroom Have?

Washroom can be found almost anywhere, but it is not very common. A washroom has a sink (usually a large utility sink) and, on occasion, a toilet.

It’s a place to “wash up,” i.e., clean your hands and arms, but it is not intended for bathing. It may occasionally house the washer and dryer for cleaning clothes.

Some people in the United States may find it strange if you ask where the bathroom is in a public building because no one expects to be able to take a bath in a place like that.

Similarly, asking where the restroom is in someone’s home may be interpreted as an insult, implying that their home has all the personal warmth of a bus station. Restrooms in truck stops are usually referred to as “restrooms,” even if they occasionally have shower stalls.

When asking to use the restroom in a public place, the words “restroom” and “washroom” are used. 

What Do We Call A “Bathroom” In The US?

In the United States, the word “restroom” is used. The restroom is used everywhere there. In Canada, the term “washroom” is used.

It’s interesting, but my uncle who lives in the UK told me that people asked him to use the restroom. The concept of a restroom was completely foreign to him. The bathroom was ridiculed, and he was asked if he wanted to take a bath.

All of these are common conversational terms for the same thing. A washroom and a restroom are technically the same things, but a bathroom includes a bath. In practice, they are used interchangeably.

Check out this video to know the accurate names for a washroom.

At several international airports, a restroom is referred to as a small cozy place with a bed and paper sheets that can be disposed of after usage. These restrooms are used to take naps between flights. A bathroom is a room that houses the bath.

It frequently includes a shower and a sink. It may also include a toilet, though many countries and cultures consider this unsanitary.

Last but not the least, A washroom is typically an annex or utility room adjacent to an exterior door where you can wash your hands before entering the house.

In North America, where people seem to have an odd aversion to using the word “toilet,” all three terms are euphemisms for toilets.

The term “washroom” may also refer to a room where laundry is done.

What’s The Distinction Between A Washroom, A Restroom, A Water Closet, A Bath, And A Lavatory Block?

In Canada, “bathroom” refers to the room in the home, though “washroom” is sometimes used, with items in the room still described with the adjective “bathroom.”

The word bathroom is the most commonly used term nowadays.

Because public restrooms rarely have bathtubs, some Americans prefer the term “restroom” to “bathroom.” In the United States, the term “washroom” is frequently used to refer to a “laundry room” or utility room.

A board for rest rooms
Restrooms are a mandatory part of long routes; highways.

Public Restrooms Vs. Washrooms

Public restrooms, on the other hand, are always referred to as “washrooms.” Because men’s and women’s restrooms are not usually located next to each other in Canadian department stores, they may be referred to as “the ladies’ room” or “the men’s room.”

The term “toilet” generally refers to the fixture rather than the room. In Canada, the term “washroom” is never used to refer to a “utility room” or a “mudroom.”

Toilet and restroom are commonly used terms in South Africa.

A “bathroom” is a room with a bath, a “washroom” is a room for handwashing, and a “restroom” is room to rest in when tired; none of these rooms must have a toilet. Public restrooms were traditionally labeled as “Gentlemen” or “Ladies,” and as the Gents or the Ladies; these terms are still used colloquially.

The following table shows the comparison between a restroom and a washroom.

DefinitionA restroom is a place where people can take a break, though it also serves as a public convenience facility. A washroom is a location where people can both wash and relieve themselves. Essentially, what we now call a bathroom.
TypesCould be single or larger facilities with basins outside the urinal cubicles.
Installations can be standalone or part of larger structures such as train stations, restaurants, and so on.
Origin of the termThe French handed it over to the British.
American English
Washroom Vs. Restroom- A Tabulated contrast

What Are “Loo” Referred To In Different Parts Of The World?

Loo or washroom is referred to in a variety of terms depending upon the area.

In the Philippines, the most common term is “comfort room,” or “C.R.” for short. In Europe that does not speak English, either the local translation of “toilet” (for example, “toilettes” in French) or water closet are also common.

Talking about the United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong (as “toilets”), Singapore (as “toilets”), and New Zealand, the terms “public toilet,” “public lavatory,” and, more colloquially, “public loo” are used.

Hence, they are all “toilets” with a bunch of names. All of them are categorized for men and women separately with washbasins and a toilet seat.

What Is The Last Thing That Remains In Our Bodies After Eating Something?

It’s the shambles. That is what remains after the digestion process. The toilet is a room where we rest our remaining energy. 

When we are away from home, we use the term “restroom” to refer to a location where we can relieve our bladder or colon. It got its name because people feel the need to sound polite or genteel when speaking to people outside of their close social circle.

It’s a bland word that doesn’t reveal the reason for your visit; any potentially embarrassed listener might assume you’re just going to sit down or comb your hair. One of the earliest descriptions of this human comfort aid had to be the water closet.

Before its invention, for which we must all be eternally grateful, ‘outhouses’ or ‘earth closets’, usually located at the end of a garden, away from the house, where the venue. “Lav,” or “lavvy,” was the common term for today’s “restroom” when I was younger.

An image showing a bathroom containing a bathtub and white shipping walls
Modern bathrooms are no less than luxurious rooms.

What Is The Significance Of The Term “Restroom”?

I’ve always assumed it was called a “restroom” because when you need to “go,” you can’t rest until you do. I even thought that a bathroom is referred to as a “restroom” due to the rest our stomach gets after it disposes of all the waste from the body.

Being a child, that’s all I could think of when the word “restroom” was used, yet it hinted correctly too. Yes, especially in upscale hotels and restaurants, public restrooms can be used to relax and compose oneself.

Indeed, I recall elaborate department-store restrooms dubbed “lounges.” 

Thus, the restroom is almost the same as a bathroom, while people differentiate it as a “bathtub”.

What Do You Call It: The Bathroom, The Washroom, The Restroom, Or Something Else? Why Is This The Case?

It’s a bathroom. It’s referred to as a washroom where I live. Perhaps it is because of where I grew up.

Other regions and countries have different names for it. Another story was attached to my French teacher’s story.

This happened in the 1970s. She was a French exchange student. She was housed with a family.

She requested to use the restroom on her first day. Her guests gave her a puzzled look and a towel.

The room had a bathtub but no toilet, thus the term “bathroom.” She recovered before peeing herself and insisted on using the restroom.

Everyone laughed at her expense. Perhaps pictures work better at times.

The room had a bathtub but no toilet, thus the term “bathroom.” She recovered before peeing herself and insisted on using the restroom.

I think now you are quite familiar with the contrast among these words, right?

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, “washroom,” “restroom, and “bathroom” are somehow the different names given to a single place. A person gives rest to his gut by excreting the wastes from their body through feces, and the place allotted for this purpose is the washroom. 

Although people have modernized it with the fact that a bathroom is called so because of the bathtub or a jacuzzi. On the other hand, a restroom is referred to as a place with a single person’s space. That is quite small and cozy. 

All of these terms vary worldwide, from the United States to Canada, and the Middle East to the Philippines. Yet they are all the same in terms of their literal meanings. Apart from that, people are confused about what is called what.

Therefore, this article has been a complete grasp of these terms, and the detailed uses with appropriate meanings of the terms are described above to enhance your knowledge and mindset, along with a depiction of the perception of several countries.

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