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Air Force 1 VS Air Force 1 ’07 (A Comparison)

Air Force 1 VS Air Force 1 ’07 (A Comparison)

Every person has their own likes, dislikes, and passion for something. Some people are crazy about collecting stamps while some love to have different coins. There are people who love to have a variety of watches and there are people who love good pairs of shoes and they do anything to get the best one for themselves.

You might have heard people comparing gadgets with each another before making their purchase, you might yourself have done it, but have you ever heard that people also compare shoes before buying them?

Because why not? You love them, and you want the best one, so why not take some time for research before the big purchase. After all, there is so much that is to keep in consideration.

Looking at the title of this article, please don’t get confused as I’m not talking about any AirForce aircraft here. Today I’m going to discuss about the much-liked, much-wanted variety of Nike Air Force 1 and Air Force 07 shoes.

Air Force 1 is geared more so to Nike’s male customers, whereas Air Force 1 ’07 is for everyone, be it male or female. Air Force 1 has a range of 82 articles whereas 1 ’07 only has 40.

They are one of the best launches by the company and are available for everyone, men, women, and kids. The shoes do look identical but if you look closely you will know they are different from each other in some aspects.

So, let’s get started with our today’s comparison of the difference between Air Force 01 and Air Force 1′ 07.

What Is The Difference between Air Force 1 And Air Force 1′ 07?

Nike Shoes
Nike Has a Variety of Shoes

Air Force 1 and Air Force1′ 07 are considered to be the best launches by Nike with time. The updates the company made while giving the old design a modern touch are phenomenal and not everyone can do this as Nike did.

If we compare Air Force 1 and Air Force1′ 07 in terms of availability, both of the shoes are available in stores and online. It does not matter if you prefer buying online or you like to try things first, either way, you can make your purchase with ease.

Also, the company has the products supplied in bulk so no worries about out-of-stock concerns. Even if it is not available in stores, you can always check its availability online.

In terms of comfort, Air Force 1 is more inclined to satisfaction of its male customers than the rest of its clientele. Air Force 1 somehow gave attention to the variety of male shoes more and made their shoes highly comfortable.

Whereas, Air Force1′ 07 knows no discrimination. This variant has offered comfort for every range it has to offer, may it be for females or males.

In terms of size, I must warn you that if you’re planning to buy an Air Force 1, order size down by half of your original size, especially if you are buying online and you have no option to try it before purchasing.

As for Air Force 1′ 07, the scenario is not fixed. It is possible that the article fits your original size or you’ve to order the size down by half or full size. So, it is best to visit a physical store to buy an Air Force 1′ 07.

For you, here is a table that will enable you to judge which of these ranges is for you. Please check it out.

Air Force 1Air Force 1′ 07
AffordabilityThe range has both affordable and costly articles.The range is averagely affordable.
AvailabilityAvailable both in stores and online.Available both in stores and online.
ComfortMore focus on men’s wear.Focus on both men’s and women’s wear.
VarietyThe range has 82 articles in it.The range has 40 articles in it.
SizeWould need to order size down by half your actual size. May fit your original size or would require a size down by half or full of your size.
Comparison between Air Force 1 and Air Force 1′ 07

Are All Air Force 1s The Same?

All Air Force 1s are not the same as they have a variety of 82 articles you can choose from.

With the same theme in mind, the company has designed the range for every person’s satisfaction. The range may vary in color, design, and much more.

Choosing a pair of shoes for sure isn’t that difficult because every other article from Air Force 1 is said to be the best seller but of course, you need to know what your needs and preferences are.

a nike shoe on a nike shirt
Comfort and luxury!

Which Is More Comfortable?

Both, Air Force 1 and Air Force 1′ 07 are comfortable in their own way.

Nike has been proven to provide the best comfortable shoes and that is the reason for their profitability and goodwill throughout the globe.

Just like their other products Air, Force 1 and Air Force 1′ 07 are also comfortable but Air Force 1 has launched more comforting shoes for men.

However, Air Force 1′ 07 has articles that are comfortable for both men and women so you always have your say with this brand, if not at one place then at another.

Should I Size Down In Air Force 1′ 07?

Well, it depends. Sometimes the shoe size exactly fits you but sometimes you have to go size down by half or full size from your original shoe size.

I am not sure why companies do this.

One thing I can say for certain is that if you’re planning to get your hands on an Air Force 1′ 07, try to go to a physical store and try out your size rather than buying it from an online store. Because nobody wants the hassle of change and return policies.

Here is a video tutorial to know if you need to go a size down in Air Force 1, check it out.

Should You Size Down in Air Force 1s?

Summing Up

Shoes certainly make your personality rise to another level. Experts have shown multiple times how the shoes we wear actually say a lot about our personality. For instance, those who often wear running shoes are found to be more goal-oriented than those who don’t. So being picky about what shoes you want is perfectly normal.

Nike has a range of different products for everyone. May it be men, women, or kids but their shoes are something people die for.

Their Air Force 1 and Air Force 1′ 07 have been in the market since the 80s and the variety has been increasing with time considering the variations of the modern requirements.

Here are a few picks I think you must read as the last words:

  • Air Force 1 and Air Force 1′ 07 both are available in bulk in stores and online. So, no need to worry about it being out of stock.
  • Air Force 1 has comfortable shoes for only men while Air Force 1′ 07 has shoes that are comfortable for both men and women.
  • Air Force 1 needs to size down. As for Air Force 1′ 07 you may or may not go size down of your original size.
  • Air Force 1 has both moderate-price shoes and high charging rates. Air Force 1′ 07 is a range of averagely priced articles.
  • Air Force 1 has more variety than Air Force 1′ 07.

I hope the article will help you loads before making a purchase for your dream Nike. To read more, check out my article on Nike VS Adidas: Shoe Sizes (Summarized).

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