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At Least’ vs. ‘Atleast’: A Grammar Guide to Proper Usage

At Least’ vs. ‘Atleast’: A Grammar Guide to Proper Usage

One difference will make something right go wrong. It feels embarrassing when spelling or grammar mistakes occur, but this is inevitable at times.

The best approach to this is to study what grammatical mistakes are often made to avoid them — and that’s what you’re doing now, so good job!

Now, get ready to stop using one of the most common grammar mistakes.

Is At Least Grammatically Correct?

At least is grammatically correct while atleast is incorrect. It’s common for people to make the mistake of not adding space to refer at least. This is typical because it’s often heard in conversations rather than written down. Thus, a misconception arises as some people think at least is one word.

Other Phrases That May Be Used as One Word

At least is right and atleast is wrong, but everyday and every day are both proper. Phrases that are also used as one word have subtle differences. In this case, everyday is an adjective, while every day is an adverb.

Here’s a table for you to see other examples:

Any WayAnywayAny way is an adverb, while anyway is an adjective.
All TogetherAltogetherAltogether means entirely or all in all while all together is defined as everyone/everything together.
Some TimeSometime and SometimesSome time is referred to as a period, sometime is synonymous with someday or at some point, and sometimes means occasionally.
Any ThingAnythingAny thing is used as an emphasis in referring to an object. Anything means a thing of any kind.
Every OneEveryone Every one refers to each member of a group, while everyone is used to refer to all the people within a group.
Although the same words are used, they have different implications and uses.

What’s The Etymology of At Least?

The phrase originates from least’s Old English word læsest. It’s defined as “the smallest or lowest position.” Using læsest for conversations today isn’t ideal since it’s rarely used, but there are still creative ways to use it.

A great idea would be to use læsest when writing a story that occurred in the past where it’s often uttered.

What Does It Mean When Someone Says At Least?

At least is defined as the lowest amount allowed. It’s generally used when you say something shouldn’t go lower than the amount you stated. An example would be, “This shoe costs at least $100 when you buy it online.”

If you want more emphasis on your statements, you may try to add, at the very least.

However, you should know that there are other uses for at least.

According to Cambridge Dictionary, at least has two other definitions:

Used to emphasize that something good happened despite being in a bad situation.Times are tough right now, but at least we have food to eat every day.
Used to do something even if it’s the bare minimumYou didn’t help us yesterday with the project, at least provide materials tomorrow so we won’t remove you from our group.
Almost every word has multiple meanings.

More Examples of Sentences That Uses the Word At Least

Meaningful examples indeed help you understand a particular topic even better. So here are additional examples of sentences that use at least:

First Example

"Give me at least 5 minutes to pick the right colors for this design," Leonard said.

In this sentence, Leonard tells us that he’ll be able to pick the right color if they give him time to choose. At least is used here to indicate that 5 minutes is enough for Leonard to accomplish this task.

Second Example

Allan said that at least three people are needed to play the game. 

Particular games require two or more people to be played. In this example, Allan used at least to explain that the minimum number of players needed for their game is three.

Third Example

If there's no traffic, it will take you at least 30 minutes to go from here to the store. 

This statement implies that going to the store from their location would take 30 minutes without traffic. It answers the question, “How long does it take to go to the store?”

What’s Are the Synonyms of At Least?

  • No less than/Not less than
  • At the minimum

What Are the Antonyms of At Least?

  • At most/At the most
  • Up to
  • No more than
  • At the maximum

What Type of Phrase Is At Least?

At least is an adverb phrase. This type of phrase is simply a group of words that function as an adverb—it’s used to replace adverbs.

Adverbial phrases contrast with adverbial clauses and single-word adverbs. Unlike an adverbial clause, an adverbial phrase does not contain a subject and a verb.


Here are a few sentences that contain an adverbial phrase:

  • I wake up early in the morning.
  • The employee works so quickly.
  • Use less words as much as possible.
  • She spoke in a low voice.
  • I was scared at that time.

There are different types of phrases. You can watch this video if you wish to learn more about them:

Types of Phrases | Five Types | What is a Phrase? | English Grammar

How to Avoid Grammatical Mistakes like Using Atleast?

Grammatical mistakes are avoided by improving grammar skills and following some helpful tips. Using “atleast” is just one of the many grammatical mistakes people make, but don’t worry as this is easily correctable.

  • Identify common grammatical mistakes. Thanks to the internet, you can easily find a ton of content teaching about common grammatical mistakes. Use this as an advantage to learn from the mistakes of others.
  • Avoid depending on grammar checkers. Your grammar skills will deteriorate if you don’t manually check for grammar errors. Grammar checkers like Grammarly are indeed advantageous. They save you time and make work more straightforward, but their dependence will affect your English skills badly in the long run.
  • Take a break before proofreading. Typographical and grammar errors occur due to writing quickly or writing for hours. Rest for a few minutes, as this will help you think clearly while proofreading.
  • Read books to improve grammar. Great books aren’t only filled with great stories but excellent grammar too. Analyze how sentences are written and emulate them. This way, correct grammar will become second nature to you.
  • Practice writing. Watching grammar lessons is excellent, but this alone isn’t effective. You must also start writing because this will make you good at identifying grammatical mistakes.

Final Thoughts

Use at least because atleast is grammatically wrong. At least an adverb phrase that means “the lowest amount allowed” came from the word læsest. This phrase is often used to indicate that any amount lower than what’s said won’t be accepted.

Don’t get the wrong idea. Just because atleast is considered grammatically wrong doesn’t mean everyday is also a mistake. Everyday and everyday are both correct, but they’re used differently. There are other examples similar to this so be careful to avoid misconceptions.

If you want to avoid common grammatical mistakes like atleast, it’s ideal to constantly improve your grammar skills. This will allow you to not only alleviate typographical and grammatical errors but also become a better writer.

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