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Authentication VS Authentification: How to Use

Authentication VS Authentification: How to Use

The English language is one of the most common languages which has gone through evolutions over the past 1500 years.

It is so common that almost 1.5 billion people can speak and understand English almost every. In most countries, English holds the designation of the first or second language.

During the evolution of the English language, many different words were comprehended in English Dictionary, some are a bit lengthy, whereas some are short, some are a concern, and some just don’t make sense or are very difficult to pronounce.

 Authentication and authentification are two pretty similar words that might be hard for you to differentiate.

Authentication is an English word that describes a procedure or approach to prove or show something is true or correct. Whereas authentification is a word not in English, it is present in French literature. In French, due to the accent, they pronounce authentication as authentification.

This is just one difference between authentication and authentification. To know more differences and facts stick with me till the end as I’ll be covering all.

What is the meaning of the word authentication?

The word Authenfake on a white paper
Authentication demonstrates the truth or validity of a statement or piece of information.

Authentication means a procedure or approach to presenting something that is true or correct.

It means an act of proving something to be a real or valid statement or information.

The word authentication or what we commonly say authentic comes from the Middle English word autentik, which is from Anglo-French, which comes from the Late Latin word authenticus, from Greek authentikos, from authentēs.

These are the list of words that are very similar to the word authentication:

  • Verify
  • Validate
  • Certification
  • Verification
  • Attest
  • Proof

Pronunciation of the word Authentication

The difference between them is that the British or UK pronunciation has a very deep pronunciation than the American pronunciation.

As for the pronunciation, there are two main types of pronunciation for this word. The first pronunciation is UK pronunciation and USA pronunciation.

UK pronunciation: The pronunciation is (aw·then·tuh·kay·shn)       

USA pronunciation: The pronunciation is (aa·then·tuh·kay·shn)

To know the proper pronunciation of the word authentication check out this video below that will help you to speak authentication properly and correctly.

A video that will help you pronounce the word authentication.

Using the word Authentication in a sentence

As we are done with the pronunciation of the word authentication, now it’s important to know its usage in sentences. Below are examples that will help you in the usage of the word authentication.

  • “To perform it to function, he gave Josh the papers of authentication for the genuine stamp.”
  • “You know, a letter, an insurance line, a document of authentication?”
  • “Cyber security authorities suggest that companies should use two-factor authentication.”
  • Authentication by username and password is a simple and easy method to deploy protected data.”
  • “Jack”, he added, “means an authentication, a seal that sanctifies or repulses things as Buddhist and non-Buddhist.”
  • “Online authentication performs if you have a shared secret, but there are no secrets in a credit bureau’s database because that information is for sale.
  • “Brute force dictionary raid tackle to compromise this authentication procedure by methodically trying every possible password.”
  • “The gallery director concurs that DNA’s certitude in authentication adds the basis for a better risk-management equation for art insurance.”
  • “Firewalls, authentication schemes, and rigid testing are very important for any company that wants to continue a trusting relationship with its customers.”
  • “Because authentication of artifacts is not the museum’s legal business, we only are concerned with academic inquiry service.”
  • “Users can renew their applications securely and safely with authentication enabled through digital signatures.”
  • “While the organization deals with services like authentication and data confidentiality, security is ultimately dependent on client and server practices.”
  • “The HSS originate user authentication, integrity, and ciphering data for the CS and PS Domains and for the IM CN subsystem.”

Authentication vs. Authentification: Are they the same?

A notebook next to a jar of markers
Authenfication is mistakenly pronounced as authentication due to the difference in accent.

Generally speaking, authentification is a word but not in English, this word comes from French literature. In French due to the difference in the accent, the word authentication is pronounced as authentification.

So yeah! authentification can be considered a word, not in English but in the French language. 

Both the words authentication and authentification share the same meaning of proving or validating something correct or true.

What does the word authorization mean?

The word authorization is quite similar to the word authentication in terms of spelling. So you might be thinking that do they mean the same?

Authorization means giving a form of permission. It means to grant permission or to give the approval to do or have something.

The word authorization can also be described as a document that shows someone permission to do something.

An Image of a wooden signboard giving an indication to visit the place if you are authorized or have permission.
Image of a wooden signboard giving an indication to visit the place if you are authorized or have permission.

Usage of the word authorization

There are many different ways the word authorization can be used in a sentence. Below are some examples that would make it easy for you to use the word authentication in your sentences:

  • “The equipment, with tools used to reprogram access cards, enables viewers to unscramble DirecTV programming without needing any legal authorization.”
  • “That’s a particular question from the topic of whether or not the government should sanction, or allow or give some sort of authorization, if you will, to these relationships.”
  • “In the expression of user authorization, coal is handled as a leasable mineral whether it is on public domain or acquired lands, and all coal leases are sold or traded by competitive, sealed bid.”
  • “The managing system gives a means of tightly restricting the capabilities of user applications and system facility to a strict need-to-know authorization.”
  • “Handbook by self-interests, an email address authorization program is claimed to be a very important element is necessary to curtail abuse and thus keep recipients.”
  • “The Act reinstated a January 2003 deadline for colleges to get INS authorization to use SEVIS, in order to be able to keep on serving international students.”
  • “Congress also wiped out the state’s power to run the trucking industry by limiting authorization to give intrastate services within a state and by setting rates.”
  • “As the empire developed, any trader or ambassadors with specific documentation and authorization be given protection and sanctuary as they proceed through Mongol realms.”
  • “The authorization of a shareholder elected triggered an automatic redemption date for the outstanding exchangeable contribution in accordance with the exchangeable share provisions.”
  • “But, so far, there have been no substantial consultations with Congress relating to such an authorization.”

Are authentication and authorization the same?

Although the words authentication and authorization are very much similar in spelling, pronunciation, and meaning.

The words authentication and authorization are not the same. The table below shows the key distinctions between authentication and authorization.

Authentication Authorization
It is used to verify your identity or anything else to access that resource.It is used to have permission or access to that specific resource.
It is a procedure of confirming user important resources to acquire user access.It is a process of getting validation whether you are an authorized individual or not
It tells or determines whether the user is what he claims with.It tells or determines whether the user is permitted to access or not.
It tells or determines whether the user is permitted to access or not.It is usually implemented after successful authentication.
Key distinctions between the word authentication and authorization

My Recommendation

My recommendation is that you use the word authentication rather than the word authentification.

Because when written, it will not be considered a word. In most cases scenario, if you use this word during a test or exam your teacher or professor might think that you have misspelled this word and your marks are going to get deducted.

In professional life, the usage of words like authentication may confuse others. However, it is okay to use them while speaking with a person who knows the language.

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