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Bavarian VS Boston Cream Donuts (Sweet Difference)

Bavarian VS Boston Cream Donuts (Sweet Difference)

‘Dessert doesn’t go to the stomach, it goes to the heart,’ whoever said that, said it right! I know many people who are dessert enthusiasts and I myself am among them. It won’t be wrong if I claim that I’ve tried them all.

Donuts are one of those easy-to-eat-outside desserts that people casually buy while they are out and they love it. I don’t know if it’s the softness of the sponge, the feeling of a cake, or the variety that comes with the range that makes donuts so much lovable.

Did you know that there are different kinds of donuts that can be differentiated through their texture and presentation? No? Well, now you do.

Bavarian cream donuts and Boston cream donuts have always been confused with each other and only a professional can figure out the difference between them. Even though, their ingredients, presentation, consistency, and flavors are different.

The Bavarian cream donuts are dusted with powder sugar on both its sides whereas the Boston cream donuts have chocolate frosting on one side.

Let’s get into more details about the difference between a Bavarian cream donut and a Boston cream donut.

Is Bavarian Cream Donut The Same As Boston Cream?

A Bavarian cream donut and a Boston cream donut are so much alike and have been confused even after two centuries of introduction. But in reality, their cream, texture, and frosting are different from each other.

Bavarian Cream

a bavarian
Bavarian is similar to that of custard.

Introduced in France, Bavarian cream is a custard-like cream that is often enjoyed as a separate dessert with fruits. I’m sure everyone is familiar with what custard is.

The Bavarian cream is thick and smooth in consistency and that is due to the heavy whipped cream used in its preparation.

No one is sure when the Bavarian cream and the Bavarian donut were introduced but it is believed that it was invented way before the introduction of Boston cream.

Boston Cream

Boston Donut
Boston is chocolatey!

Another French chef from Boston was able to come up with the incredible recipe for a Boston cream and the game changed for the Bavarian cream somehow.

Boston cream is said to be a variant of a Bavarian cream but Boston cream is silkier than the Bavarian cream and the reason for the silk is the cornstarch binding in it.

Unlike Bavarian cream, Boston cream can’t be eaten alone but if paired with a chocolate dessert, it can make a perfect dessert for chocolate lovers.

What Is in A Bavarian Cream Donut?

A Bavarian cream donut has a thick and smooth filling of custard that is dense and heavy.

Check out this recipe for a Bavarian cream donut to try out yourself or to know more about this incredible dessert.

Yeast1 package
Sugar2 cups (separated)
Solid vegetable shortening1 tablespoon
Salt1/2 teaspoon
Water2 tablespoons
Lukewarm milk3/4 cup
Flour2 1/2 cups
Vegetable oil for frying6 cups
For the Filling
Whipped cream1/2 cup
Butter1/4 cup
Vanilla1/2 teaspoon
Sifted powdered sugar2 cups
Milk1 tablespoon
Powdered sugar for garnishing1 cup
Recipe of Bavarian cream donut

The quantity makes about 12 donuts and the preparation time is almost 2 hours.

For preparation, all you need to do is dissolve the yeast and let it rest. Add some sugar to it, and beat for minutes until it is foamy. Heat up the milk during that time.

Add all the wet and dry ingredients and beat for 2 minutes on medium speed. On low speed, add the remaining flour. After that, with a 3-inch cutter, cut the donuts and fry them at 350 degrees.

While the donuts are cooling, downmix the filling and fill it in between the donuts. Finally, top it up with sugar powder.

What Is A Boston Cream Donut Made of?

This oh-so-close variant of the Bavarian cream donut has got almost the same ingredients with just small changes.

Boston cream donuts have cornstarch added to their cream for grip and silky consistency, unlike the Bavarian cream. Also, Boston cream can’t be enjoyed alone like the Bavarian cream.

A Boston donut has a chocolate frosting over one side of it and it is loved by chocolate lovers. Check out this video to check out an amazing recipe.

Make it today

Is Vanilla Custard The Same As Bavarian Cream?

One might say that a Bavarian cream is like a custard because it almost is. The whipped, heavy cream makes its consistency thick and dense just like your normal custard.

And if you might dare to try the Bavarian cream alone, it might remind you of custard. The Bavarian cream can be used with any fruit or with fruit desserts and the results and taste will only turn good.

If you’ve never tried Bavarian cream alone or with fruit, please try it next time and thank me later.

Bavarian Cream Donut
Bavarian cream donuts- it’s all about the density!


People who love sweets want to try them all and it is always a hard decision when you are standing in front of so much variety.

A Bavarian cream donut and a Boston cream donut, both are confused to be the same but only a professional can figure out the difference between them, though their cream has different textures and consistency.

Here is what you need to know about the difference between a Bavarian Cream Donut and a Boston Cream Donut.

  • Bavarian cream was invented way before the Boston cream was introduced.
  • Bavarian cream donut has a sugar powder topping while the Boston cream donut has a chocolate frosting as its topping.
  • Bavarian cream can be enjoyed alone without the donut but Boston cream is best suited with the donut itself.
  • The consistency of the Bavarian cream is heavy and dense like a custard would be. The consistency of the Boston cream is silky and runny.
  • The main change of ingredient in the Bavarian cream is the heavy whipped cream while there is cornstarch in the Boston cream.
  • You might say that the Bavarian cream is a vanilla custard that can be used with a combination of fruits.
  • Bavarian cream donuts and Boston cream donuts are variants of each other and even with changed presentation, consistency, and flavor, people still get confused between their difference.

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