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Being Naked During a Massage VS Being Draped

Being Naked During a Massage VS Being Draped

The major difference between being naked and being draped during a massage is the amount of comfort you feel taking off your clothes to be exposed for a complete body-relieving massage experience.

Being naked, literally means that you won’t be wearing any clothes during your massage compared to draping, where there is a possibility that people often prefer wearing at least an underwear or a bra.

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Draping in massage

Most clients will be nervous when they go for a naked massage, especially those who are first-timers. However, most spas have specific rules about how to get naked. Most clients don’t know what to expect, even if they follow the rules.

First-timers often ask whether they will need to change their clothes in front of their therapists. Many spas in Western countries require that clients are covered from the waist up during massage sessions. Only the areas being treated will be visible.

However, there are spas that will require you to be naked, which to some, can be uncomfortable. A common concern is that their bodies will be judged. However, this is not true.

Massage therapists can treat all body types and sizes. Your therapist won’t judge you for your body, they’re just interested in what’s happening under your tissues.

Keep reading to know more.

What is a regular massage?

A person getting a massage
There are multiple types of massages.

There are many kinds of massage types out there but the most common one is the Swedish massage, which is a massage that aims to relieve tense muscles.

Massages come in different forms, but in whatever form they come in, their purpose remains the same: to relieve stress and tension.

Regular massages carry an ample amount of benefits, besides getting rid of stress. According to this research review, massage therapy can have positive effects on the following:

  • prenatal depression
  • preterm infants
  • full-term infants
  • autism
  • skin conditions
  • pain syndromes

Here’s a table on additional benefits of massage therapy:

Physical BenefitsMental BenefitsEmotional Benefits
Relaxes the BodyReduces mental stressReduces Anxiety
Calms the Nervous SystemPromotes Quality SleepEnhances Self Image
Reduces Chronic PainImproves ProductivityProvides a feeling of well being
Improves Skin ToneInduces Mental RelaxationNurtures and stimulates emotional growth
Increases Blood and Lymph CirculationImproves Concentration 
Benefits of massages

What is draping during a massage?

a person getting a massage
Clothing can sometimes block the massage area.

Draping refers to the practice of revealing only the massage area. The therapist can massage any part of the body with ease without worrying about clothing.

The massage therapist uses draping to only treat the exposed areas of the body — for example, your back, one arm, or one leg.

All your private parts will be kept secret. The therapist is professional and ethical while trying to avoid embarrassment for the client.

An experienced massage therapist will know how to drape in a way that is quick and efficient, making you feel relaxed and at ease. You may not notice it, as they manage everything for you and will let you know if anything is needed. You will be given clear instructions by your therapist so that you are aware of what is happening and what you should do.

To keep you warm, an electric pad is placed on the table. You should feel comfortable in the room. You can ask the therapist to turn off your electric pad or remove a blanket if you are too hot and you can request a blanket if you feel too cold.

Draping In a Spa Setting

A majority of spas provide a massage table with a cover, a top and bottom sheet. The blanket can be removed at any time before the massage begins.

While the therapist is outside, take off your clothes and robes. Then, follow the instructions of the therapist to get between the sheets.

For a massage, you will usually lie face down with your head in a padded cradle to allow for airflow. Then the therapist will pull back the sheet and begin to work on your shoulders and back. To allow the therapist to work on those important points, the top cover should be folded back about 2 inches below the bottom of the gluteal opening.

The therapist will then cover your back and expose you one leg at a time. The therapist will quickly tuck the towel or sheet under the opposite thigh and position the cover so as to expose as much of the leg. The therapist can see the muscles behind your leg and your privates without the sheet falling off.

Private practitioners might expose your buttocks in the draping of your leg. In a spa setting, however, the therapist won’t expose your buttocks. The therapist may use the sheet to cover them if they are in need of treatment.

What is a Nude Massage?

A nude massage is a full body massage where the therapist will require you to be naked so they can more accurately work on points on your body that would be barred by clothing.

There are many naturist resorts in the United States and Europe that will make you feel at ease in your skin.

Each one offers a different level of comfort for the body.

There are also some spas that offer a more accepting approach to nudity, such as Ten Thousand Waves. However, you shouldn’t expect complete nudity inside the treatment rooms. In most places, nude massage still includes draping.

European spas tend to be more open to nudity and relaxed in their treatment and sauna world.

The hot springs often include a magnificent selection of saunas, ice rooms, and whirlpools.

Adults in Germany enjoy a nude massage with minimal concern for their bodies. In America, however, it can be uncomfortable to share a co-ed room with someone from the opposite gender.

There are few options in America for massages that require you to be completely naked. Massages that include Vichy shower and salt glow require complete nudity in order to exfoliate and relieve pain.

Some spas offer disposable pants, which can be optional. However, in some cases, it is only available on request.

Before you start your session, make sure you ask for the pants if you don’t feel comfortable being naked.

Some spas require that you wear a swimsuit for hydrotherapy treatments. However, women have the option to choose their own suits.

If you have gotten to know your therapist, you can still receive this treatment when you are naked. A majority of full resort spas in the west also have steam rooms, saunas, hot tubs, and separate changing rooms for men and women.

You can change your clothes in the changing area. To keep yourself clean, take a towel with you and wrap it around your body.

There are spas that offer a service called “happy ending” that requires total nudity. This may include sexual release at the conclusion of the session. Because it violates spa etiquette, this service is not offered in many parts of America.

What is an erotic massage?

An erotic massage is a massage intended for sexual pleasure rather than just relieving muscle tension. This is usually achieved when the one getting the massage reaches their climax.

An erotic massage is a more intimate and sensual version of a massage. It’s recommended that the parties involved must be in a close relationship for this to happen but there are services that offer erotic massages, whether the client and the therapist has a close relationship or not.

Not many spas offer this type of massages and some studies suggest that parlors that do offer these types of massages might be participating in human trafficking. Nonetheless, erotic massage is a type of massage intended for “happy endings”.

Massage Therapists

A person getting a massage
Massage therapists are licensed.

A massage therapist is a licensed professional whose job is to instill a sense of relaxation and relieve stress through pressing, rubbing, and touching.

It is difficult to predict which massage therapist will be available to assist you. Is it a male or a female?

Surprisingly, men prefer female massage therapists to males. Some feel awkward about a man touching their back, while others find it strange to have a woman other than their spouse touch them.

This isn’t about seduction. It’s about relaxation. Most massage therapists don’t think about it when they give a massage.

They are more interested in creating the best massage experience possible for you.

However, a friend or colleague can give you a massage if they’re qualified. Your spa will gladly assign a therapist to you if you have a preference.

Before you go for a massage, here are some things to keep in mind

It can be scary to think of someone touching your back naked while you are receiving a massage, or if you just want to relax from the stress of work. If it’s your first time, it can be awkward.

You can’t prevent it, since nude massages can’t take place with clothes on. Your nakedness will help the therapist locate the points more easily.

Things to Do for Your First Massage Session

If you’re going to your first massage session and you don’t know what to do. Here are a few tips that can help you out.

They are:

Take a shower

Take a quick shower before you go to a massage. You wouldn’t touch someone with sweaty skin or someone who just got out of the gym if you were a massage therapist.

Although this isn’t mandatory, a therapist will generally appreciate good hygiene from clients.

Honor your appointment

Most spas require you to make an appointment at least 24 hours in advance. However, walk-ins are accepted.

You will need to complete a health history paper before booking an appointment. Late arrivals will result in a shorter massage.

It’s best to arrive at least 15 minutes early if you are a first-timer and five minutes later if you have been a regular.

Turn off your phone

Massage is a time of relaxation. You don’t want your phone to ring when you should be getting some rest.

In a quiet space, a vibration won’t go unnoticed. To ensure that you get the full 30-90 minute massage experience, turn off your phone completely.

You can undress to the level of your choice

This is the first instruction that your therapist will give you before you start the massage. The therapist will usually leave the spa and let you change before returning.

You will need to undress until your underwear is covered. Most often, you will only need your boxer or pant.

You have the option of going totally nude in certain cases. Some therapists will prefer clients who are completely naked to those who have stripped down to their underwear.

This makes it easier for therapists to do their jobs without any clothes.

If you are looking for a pleasant experience, it is better to go totally nude.

You don’t have to be afraid of being nude if you aren’t worried about exposing your family jewels.

Even if you roll over during a session, nothing will be exposed. Your therapist will keep everything under the sheets. Although it is normal to not feel comfortable on your first visit, you will become more comfortable each time you visit.

You’re dealing with someone who has seen human skin every day.

Communication Is Key

Be open with your therapist during a massage session. Let the therapist know if you are feeling uncomfortable.

They will usually ask you at the beginning how much pressure you prefer.

If you don’t get it, you can tell them that you don’t.

Communicate with them when you feel pain and tell them if it’s okay. Also, inform the therapist if you do not want any part of your body touched during a session.

While you don’t have to have a long conversation when a message is being sent, your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Talking is a good option if you feel the need to. However, it’s not necessary to be too loud to distract your therapist.

For the best experience, close all your eyes and follow the movements of your therapist. You can even fall asleep and your therapist will not take offense.

If you have any issues with your stomach, you can use the bathroom to relieve yourself or stop the session so you can go. The same applies to urinating or blowing your nose.

Although it’s not common, men often experience an erection after being massaged by a female therapist. There’s nothing to be ashamed about, as most of it is not intentional.

Select How You Would Like To Be Touched

A person getting a head massage
A massage should make you feel good.

Massages are intended to relieve pain, not hurt you. If it becomes too painful, contact your therapist immediately.

It’s perfectly acceptable to tell your therapist how you want to be handled and what should be done to ensure maximum satisfaction.

A massage may not be the best idea if you aren’t comfortable with your therapist, or if you don’t want to share your feelings with them.

Do not eat before you massage

You will feel uneasy if you eat a large meal prior to your massage. The massage therapist will put pressure on your back, and possibly your stomach.

It is a good idea to have a snack about an hour before your session, so you are not hungry afterward.


Although your therapist may not ask for it, it is expected to leave a tip after a successful job.

You can either give cash directly to your therapist or add it to your credit card statement. It is preferable to leave the cash at the front desk.


Being draped during a massage means you will only be in your underwear but with a towel over you for some privacy. Being naked during a massage means you will be completely nude. This is usually so that the therapist can work on more points on your body without being barred by clothing.

A massage therapist will typically ask you to change into whatever clothes are most comfortable. Some prefer to wear their underwear while receiving a massage. Others prefer to have it removed. You can choose what you prefer.

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