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Bellissimo or Belissimo (Which is Right?)

Bellissimo or Belissimo (Which is Right?)

Do you need a term to describe the beauty of life? The Italian word “Bellissimo” can be used to express your admiration for anything that is beautiful in life.

The word “Bellissimo” refers to appreciating life’s beauty. There are many different applications for the phrase to choose from. You may exclaim, “Bellissimo!” when you cruise into a lovely port and gaze at the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Specifically, Bellissimo means very beautiful. Whereas, belissimo is not a word in Italian, not even in any other language. Perhaps, it is a spelling mistake. The word, Bellissimo contains double ‘’l”. So, the next time when you read the same Italian word, bellissimo, you better check the spelling before proceeding any further.

After you have gained this new knowledge, you should no longer use any spellings that are incorrect. Want to find out more? Do you have a thirst for knowledge? We’ve got what you’re looking for.

What is the meaning of Bellissimo?

Bello is used for male as an adjective that may be translated in a variety of ways, including attractive, handsome, pleasant, gorgeous, and fine to name a few. The extreme superlative of bello is bellissimo.

Men and masculine terms are often regarded by using this word. The suffix -issimo, is almost the same as the English adverb ‘very’, which solely enhances the meaning of an adjective. For instance:

L’uomo è bellissimo   –   The man is very beautiful.

Learn more about the word “Bellissimo” in this video.

What’s the difference between bellissimo and bellissima?

Many people have heard of the Italian phrases “bellissimo” and “bellissima” before, even if they aren’t learning the language of love. So, are you interested in learning more? What are you waiting for?

The two words have different implications based on their genders. “Bellissimo” is typically used to describe something that is male and “bellissima” is typically used to describe something that is female. The implication is that the male version is more beautiful, perhaps indicating a higher level of attractiveness or desirability.

In case you hadn’t got it already, bellissima is the female version of bellissimo. It is a combination of the adjective “bella” and the superlative “-issima,” which means “the best.” Bellissima can be used to describe women or nouns that are normally considered as feminine.

How do you say ‘beautiful’ in Italian? Learn how to use Bellissimo correctly!

Bellissimo  (/bel’lissimo/)  used for man.

Bellissima (/bel’lissima/ )  used for woman

For plural, the forms are little changed. 

Bellissimi – very beautiful for men (plural)

Bellissime- very beautiful for women (plural)

The key differences are listed below.

ExampleIl ragazzo è bellissimo. The boy is very handsome.I ragazzi sono bellissimi.The boys are very handsome.
WomanBellissima Bellissime
ExampleLa ragazza è bellissima. The girl is very beautiful.Le ragazze sono bellissime.The girls are very beautiful.
ExampleLa vita è bellissima. Life is very beautiful.
ExampleIl tempo è bellissimo. The weather is fantastic.
ExampleLa canzone è bellissima. The song is very nice.
This table is illustrating the different usage of the word “Bellissimo”.

When do you use Bellissimo?

a grassy place
Bellissimo can be used for referring to a pleasant weather.

Well, this is a term solely used for praising the beauty of a man but it can be used for describing other things as well. Native speakers play with the words and the learners go for the rules and structures. Therefore, there is no need for you to be anxious about it.

Having said that, the term “bellissimo” may also be used to denote a wide variety of other concepts. The cuisine (This pasta is so delicious!) (Questa pasta è bellissimo!)

It may also be used as a synonym for “good” in some contexts. Like: The weather is fantastic- Il tempo è bellissimo. In fact, it is often used as an adjective.  Hence, there are different ways to use the same word and on different occasions for different purposes as well.

But when talking about men, it seems that the unmodified adjective is used more often. A lot of different things can be called “bellissimo.” Food and the weather seem to be the ones that come up most often.

Brand owners select bellissimo as their brand name also as it stands for “beauty” because it means something is valuable, deluxe, or luxurious. All of this fits in with how the brand is positioned and this research suggests bellissimo as a famous brand name.

How do you reply to Bellissimo?

text that says thank you
If someone calls you “bellissimo”, you must respond to them by saying “thank you”.

It is almost certain that you will be overwhelmed with excitement when someone tells you that you are very beautiful, and in the end, you will probably say thank you, if they weren’t being sarcastic.

Well, there are many ways to reply to Bellissimo, but the most common way is to say “thank you.” Some people might also say “you’re welcome” or “mi piace molto” which means “I like it very much.

Bellissimo is an Italian word that means “beautiful.” In academic terms, it can be used to describe something that is aesthetically pleasing or stunning. When responding to someone who has said something bellissimo, you might say “you’re right, it is beautiful,” or “thank you, that’s very kind of you.” 

You may just say “grazie” in Italian to thank the person who has just complimented you, or you can show your appreciation by expressing “a thousand thanks” (mille grazie) or “grazie mille.” Both of these expressions are acceptable (which literally translates to “thank you a thousand times”).

While living in Italy, you will hear the phrase molte grazie” used rather often as an alternative to the more common “thank you very much” translation. It literally translates to “many thanks,” but it is used in a manner that is less formal than “grazie mille” and expresses gratitude in a less strong manner.


In conclusion, the crux is all given below about how to add a touch of Bellissimo to your life!

Bellissimo is a beautiful word that can be used to describe many things. It is important to know how to use it properly in order to show your appreciation for the things you see. Next time you see something that is beautiful, don’t be afraid to say bellissimo!

  • Bellissimo is an Italian word meaning “very beautiful.” Belissimo is an incorrect form of the word. It is not a word.
  • A person who is extremely attractive or handsome is referred to as bellissimo.
  • The correct spelling is bellissimo with double ‘l’ and all the other spellings are considered incorrect.
  • It is a simple, yet eloquent way to show your appreciation. As well as making someone feel special, it’s also a great way to show them you care. If you want to make someone feel appreciated, say bellissimo!
  • Bello (masculine) and bella (feminine) mean beautiful. If you add -issimo or -issima to the end to convey (very beautiful), those words can be used to say “gorgeous” as well.
  • Bellissimo can also be used to talk about a lot of different things. Food and the weather seem to be the ones that come up most often.

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