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Body Armor vs. Gatorade (Let’s Compare)

Body Armor vs. Gatorade (Let’s Compare)

Do you ever crave something refreshing and hydrating after an intense workout? Then Body Armor and Gatorade are two great sports drinks that you can have after an intense workout or physical activity to feel hydrated and energetic.

When you work out your body loses its natural electrolytes with water and this is why you crave something energetic after a workout.

Body Armor and Gatorade are two popular sports drinks that can prevent dehydration by replenishing lost electrolytes and hydrating the body. People prefer to have these sports drinks instead of plain water because of their delicious flavors and energy benefit claims.

Gatorade has been the market leader for the past few years. However, the CEO of Body Armor claims that his brand will become the market leader and will replace Gatorade. But it totally depends on consumers which of these drinks they like better.

So which of these brands is better than the other? In this article, I will discuss Body Armor and Gatorade in detail to find out which is better than the other.

Body Armor

Body Armor claims to be a natural sports drink with natural flavors and sweeteners, potassium, electrolytes, and coconut water. This sports drink advertise as a preservative, gluten, and caffeine-free drink.

The main selling point of Body Armor is that it’s a natural sports drink with all the natural flavors and ingredients, and it’s a preservative, gluten, and caffeine-free drink. All of these sale points are all very good reasons to buy the product. They make the product attractive and give it a healthy disguise.

However, this drink isn’t really necessary for your body since your body produces its own electrolytes and fluids that it needs to live, unless you have consumed them, you don’t need any more from this drink.

Body Armor comes in an 8oz bottle that has 18 grams of sugar which is about 3.6 teaspoons, half of Gatorade’s total. For your reference, a man shouldn’t have more than 36g of sugar per day and a woman shouldn’t have more than 24g of sugar per day.

Unless you’re into intense workouts and exercise for hours, you’re unlikely to lose significant electrolytes. You should stick to water only since it provides you with enough hydration that you need while working out.


Similar to Body Armor, Gatorade is also a sports drink. It’s filled with electrolytes, potassium, sodium, and excessive sugars. The major difference between these two sports drinks is that Gatorade also has artificial dyes and colors as well as modified food starch (which is genetically modified).

Gatorade helps the body to regain fluid lost through exercise and other physical activity. Since Gatorade contains electrolytes, it helps to restore the lost electrolytes and keep a person hydrated, during intense activity. Moreover, it can also help during sickness and illness by replacing the electrolytes in the body.

Gatorade was specially designed for athletes to help them perform better on the field. There’re numerous researches that show that Gatorade and other sports drinks significantly improve the performance of athletes on the field.

Gatorade comes in 28 different flavors

Body Armor vs. Gatorade

The main difference between Body Armor and Gatorade is its ingredients. Body Armor claims to be a natural sports drink with all the natural ingredients and flavors. It has cane sugar and no artificial preservative. On the other hand, Gatorade contains artificial coloring flavors which makes Body Armor better than Gatorade.

Another difference between these sports drinks is the flavors and texture. Gatorade comes in 28 different flavors, while Body Armor doesn’t offer any flavors. So you get more options in Gatorade than Body Armor.

But when it comes to texture, Body Armor has a thicker consistency than Gatorade. This means you need a smaller serving of Body Armor to get the result.

The sugar content and calorie content of these sports drinks are different as well. The sugar content and calorie content of Body Armor are less than Gatorade. So if you’re health-conscious and want to consume less sugar and calories, then you should go for Body Armor.

Nutrients in Body Armor and Gatorade

Generally, sports drinks contain tons of sugar. Similarly, Body Armor and Gatorade are also loaded with sugar. Body Armor contains 18g of sugar per 8oz serving while Gatorade has 36.

This means the sugar content of Gatorade is way too high compared to Body Armor. It’s equal to what a man’s maximum sugar intake should be in a day. If you’re someone who avoids consuming too much sugar, then Body Armor is a better choice for you since it has less sugar compared to Gatorade.

If we have a look at the rest of the ingredients, Body Armor contains more natural ingredients compared to Gatorade. It contains coconut water as the base and has all the natural flavors and is free of preservatives, gluten, and caffeine. Whereas, Gatorade uses the following:

This makes Body Armor a healthier option than Gatorade.

Moreover, Gatorade has 250mg sodium and 65mg potassium as opposed to 15mg sugar and 300mg potassium in Bodyarmor. Also, Body Armor contains fewer calories than Gatorade and has a higher amount of electrolytes which is a plus since it can give you better hydration.

BODYARMOR | Better Than Gatorade? | Nutrition Comparison

Taste and Texture Comparison

In terms of texture, Body Armor has a thicker texture compared to Gatorade. This means you will need smaller servings than Gatorade to get your desired result.

However, when it comes to flavor and taste then Gatorade offers more flavors compared to Body Armor. You have more flavor options in Gatorade and can get a flavor according to your taste and liking.

Gatorade comes in 28 different flavors and the brand is constantly adding new and exciting flavors. It comes in both single fruit and mixed fruit flavors.

Price Difference Between Body Armor and Gatorade

Body Armor and Gatorade, both of these sports drink have different prices, it depends on where you are buying from. Here’s a table showing the price difference between these two sports drink.

Body ArmorGatorade
Amazon$18.60 (pack of 12)$16.20 (pack of 12)
eBay $18.31 (pack of 12)$18.99 (pack of 12)
Price comparison

Which One Offers Better Hydration: Body Armor or Gatorade?

Both of these sports drinks improve hydration levels after a workout. They help in reducing the cramps and ease the parched feeling, and they help one bounce back to full energy. So in terms of hydration, both of these sports drinks are great and do their job.

However, remember that Body Armor recommends smaller servings to achieve similar results compared to Gatorade. Body Armor has a thicker texture and comes in fruity flavors that taste very pleasant and are very refreshing. Body Armor makes you feel energetic and hydrated at the end, whereas, Gatorade is light and rehydrating.

Body Consumes Electrolytes
Your body consumes electrolytes after an intense workout.


Sports drinks are great for hydration your body during intense workouts or physical activity. Sports drinks contain electrolytes that help you in staying hydrated and fresh. Moreover, they can also improve your performance as well by providing your important nutrients.

However, even though sports drinks have electrolytes and can keep you hydrated, water will always be the most necessary and healthy choice when it comes to drinks because your body relies on it as its natural fluid to function. 

Plus, we can’t deny the fact that while both drinks rehydrate and replenish electrolytes, they contain copious amounts of sugar. The only difference is that Body Armor contains pure cane sugar and has fewer calories when compared to Gatorade.

But if you compare Body Armor and Gatorade, Body Armor is in fact healthier for you than Gatorade because it has natural flavors and natural sweeteners. But Gatorade is also not a bad choice, it depends on your personal choice that which one you like better and suits you the most.

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