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What Is The Difference Between 1X And XXL Clothes Sizes In Men and Women? (Detailed Analysis)

What Is The Difference Between 1X And XXL Clothes Sizes In Men and Women? (Detailed Analysis)

Nowadays, all humanity is busy in this hustle and bustle of daily life where everyone needs something, and they all have their own needs, wants, and necessities that must be fulfilled to go on with everyday life, as these necessities are not just vital for daily survival but also it is their right to have them.

To narrow it down, these necessities include food, water, air, and shelter, and among these many, one metric factor that counts the most is “clothes,” which we will be discussing in this article extensively.

Although, as far as clothing sizes are concerned, we can openly say that there are different varieties that people have got according to their body type, and these sizes can be classified as (S, M, L, XL, XXL, and there are plus sizes as well like 1X, 2X, 3X and so on).

These clothing sizes are not the same. The XXL size either directs to the standard size for men or plus sizes for women, which means extra-extra-large. Whereas 1X directs to plus-size women keeping in mind curvaceous women. This size is considered the least in plus-size clothing, while XXL is among the biggest sizes in traditional men’s and women’s clothing.

The makers of these clothes and sizes also play an essential role in size classifications as different countries and different designers have different body ratios, so one country’s XXL size can be medium size of another country depending upon the body masses and measurements.

These sizes do not always depend on just sizes but on the areas of the sizes as well, which shows where these sizes vary the most; usually, these areas are the bust, waist, shoulder areas, or neckline, which are further explored below in detail.

Clothing And Shopping

Putting on clothes and shopping for them is an immensely fun and effortless activity, and apart from being fun, it has proved to be the most stressful and tension-relieving activity. It has a significant impact, psychologically and physically as well.

1X and XXL clothes
1X and XXL Women’s Clothes

It works like a mental health activist because if you are spending quality time in a mall for shopping, then it tends to believe that you are enjoying your personal and own time away from all the daily stress and tensions.  

Distinguishing Factors Between 1X and XXL Clothing Sizes

Features1X Clothing sizeXXL Clothing size
Basic differenceWithout even paying so much attention one would be able to know that 1X is a larger size as compared to XXL. This size is also known as plus size and is the largest size so far at least against XXL.While the same goes with this also in an alternate way that it is a pretty large size which can be said to double XL but not more than 1X.
CategorizationIn men 1x is similar to having a size of 16 and in women 1x is similar to having a size of 14.Whereas in men XXL is similar to having a size of 20 and in women, XXL is similar to having a  size of 24.
Similarities with different sizes1X is similar to XL size which is a quite large size specially made for curvy body-shaped people.XXL is similar to 2X clothing size which is considered to be the largest size but will look somewhat similar to 1X size.
1X vs. XXL Clothing Sizes

Some Facts About Plus Sizes and Regular Sizes

As we have mentioned above about the sizes and their variations, there are some interesting and important key points to bring to notice in order to know the insights in detail:

  • When designers and makers of clothing sizes focus on the curves and their ratios to make it an ideal size according to the needs of the trend, an extra amount of fabric is often required to do so.
  • If they are making shirts in two sizes, medium and XXL, then the amount of fabric, as well as the effort and time required to complete them, would be much less for the medium size than for the XXL size. They would have to increase the fabric by an inch or so, and so with the other parameters as well.
  • There can also be a problem with these sizes, as in if you think you have a curvy body type and you shopped for an XXL, then that XXL size does not take curves into account. They have made it in a way to be oversized in almost all areas.
1X and XXL Men's clothes
1X and XXL Men’s Clothes

It is because of the bit of wideness in all the areas that were considered at the time of styling or designing them. For example, you would be facing long-sleeve issues or a dropping neckline or shoulder areas that look oversized but are comfortable in other areas.

If we talk about the plus sizes, they are specially designed in a way that considers a curvy body shape because that is the extra and largest size, and the general, the dummy models they use for their making and fitting purposes are more voluptuous as compared to the regular XL and XXL sizes.

Which is bigger: 1X or XXL?

How Do I Know My Clothing Size?

In order to measure your exact clothing size, take the following body measurements.


For an exact size, start measuring around the back, below the arms, and throughout the bust.


Take the proper waist measurements with the inch tape loosely bound around the waist.


Now, moving down from the waist, measure the hip area. Note down these measurements and calculate your clothing size.

1X is Similar to XL Clothing Size
1X is similar to XL clothing size

After having specific enlightening and knowledgeable insights about both extremely useful and convenient clothing sizes, we have so far come to know that no matter what size people prefer to go for and what they choose for their body type.


  • To sum it up, both 1X and XXL sizes are vital first and foremost according to their functional requirements that are most needed by people. They both look pretty similar but are very different when it comes to trying them on. 
  • Out of these two, XXL tends to be a safe choice, especially among Americans because of the diet these days. XXL is not only a safe but a comfortable choice in a context where there can be a loose size.
  • Overall, although XXL is a safe size, in many regions, and Asia as well, people are thin depending on their body, so they kind of prefer 1X, which is an XL size. Again, these personal preferences vary from body type to body type.
  • These sizes were invented to provide people with the ease they want to look agreeable with what they are picking out.

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