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Beautiful Woman vs. Handsome Woman: A Guide to Gendered Attractiveness

Beautiful Woman vs. Handsome Woman: A Guide to Gendered Attractiveness

Adjectives are important in all languages because they aid readers in creating a complete picture in their minds. In the English language, many adjectives sound identical and are difficult to distinguish.

Beautiful and handsome are two of these well-liked adverbs. Both descriptors differ greatly from one another.

The key distinction between beautiful and handsome is that beautiful is typically associated with women. On the other hand, handsomeness is typically linked with men.

The Middle English term “bewteful” is where the word “beautiful” first appeared, whereas the Middle English word “handsum” is where the word “handsome” first appeared.

In this article, you’ll learn what is the difference between a beautiful woman and a handsome woman.

What Does Beautiful Mean?

Beautiful is a widely used adjective in English. It is frequently used to discuss how people look. The phrase can also be used as a noun or to refer to someone beautiful.

Typically, the word “beautiful” is related to the way women look. The superlative degree of the adjective is most beautiful, while the competitive degree of the adjective is more lovely. 

The word looks stunning when it is hyphenated. The definition of beautiful is frequently linked to having” beauty” and “appeal”.

  • The Middle English words “bewteful” and “beautefull” are where the word beautiful first appeared. These phrases denote eye-catching appeal.
  • “Faeger”, an Old English word, has mostly been replaced. It also denotes a good and admirable product or somebody. The term “beautiful” can also be used to describe events or initiatives that have been implemented well.
  • The terms “beautifullest” and “beautifulest” were formerly employed as superlatives, whereas terms like “beautifuller” and “beautifuler” were used as comparatives.

However, these expressions are now out of date and uncommon. Depending on the usage context, alternative words that can be used to describe beauty include appealing, pretty, magnificent, pleasant, fantastic, wonderful, and excellent.

What Does Beautiful Woman Mean?

Beautiful is typically used to describe women. Whether or not the woman is attractive on the outside, if that’s the case, it indicates that she has a nice disposition.

That woman has a smart brain if her brain is any indication. She charms everyone by blending the strength of her intellect with her other attributes.

A beautiful woman is nurturing by nature. They will typically display happiness, love, tenderness, passion, and charity. Everybody would desire these qualities around them, and they enhance the beauty of the woman. 

A beautiful woman inspires confidence as well. Their achievements are also significantly superior. You can never compare a beautiful woman with someone who has skills that she might not have.

A Picture Describing a Beautiful Women
A Picture Describing a Beautiful Women
Watch This Video to Know the Physical Characteristics of a Beautiful Woman

What Does Handsome Mean?

In the English language, the adjective “handsome” is very common. The phrase is most frequently used about appearance. Words from the middle English language, such as “handsum” and “hondsom”, are its source.

German and Dutch both have words that have a similar relationship, “handzaam” and “handsaam,” respectively. The term’s original meaning referred to something simple to use or handle.

  • Words like “appropriate,” “suited,” or “intelligent” gave rise to the appreciative senses in the middle of the 16th century. The term looks just as handsome whether it’s hyphenated.
  • Another homophone of handsome is “hansom”. A bright and clear day is an example of a meteorological situation that’s described as handsome.
  • The word handsome can also be used to describe something properly or suited for the occasion at hand and can be marked with ease and decorum.
  • When used as an adjective, handsome conveys beauty and excellent looks. The word is often used to describe a person’s charity or noblesse oblige. The word has roots in its original senses of smart, competent, and capable.
  • The word “handsome” is also used to describe a considerable amount of something. In this context, “substantial” and “heavy” are synonyms.

The word is used as a transitive verb when used as a verb. The verb handsomes and its present participle, handsoming, are both in the third person singular simple present tense.

Beautiful vs. Handsome 

Here’re a few key differences between the term beautiful and handsome:

  • While handsome is generally used to describe men, beautiful is more often used to describe women. 
  • While handsome can also be used as a verb, beautiful is not. 
  • While handsome denotes dextrous unskilful, beautiful does not imply dexterity or skill. 
  • While handsome might imply a vast or ample quantity of anything, beautiful cannot be used to express quantity.
A handsome woman
The handsome woman is used for a more muscular woman

Can I Use the Word Handsome for a Woman?

The word “handsome” can be used to describe women. Although men are more frequently described as gorgeous, women can also be described in this way.  

When a lady is referred to as handsome, it implies that she is not only extremely attractive but also healthy and powerful. A small or delicate woman is less likely to be referred to as handsome.

A beautiful woman is used for a woman who is delicate and attractive.

Difference Between Beautiful Woman and Handsome Woman

When referring to someone beautiful, the expressions “beautiful woman” and “handsome woman” are frequently used. But both are significantly different from each other.

There is an undeniable but subtle element of unself-conscious overall sensuous appeal, but it is not overdone—raw, steamy, or other overt displays of sexuality take a far back seat to a refined and dignified, unsullied and uncompromised woman.

For those who respect socially ingrained ideals of archetypal feminine beauty, attractive women (at least on the surface) are more traditionally alluring.

When I think of “slightly approachable”*womanly* beauty, I think of Sophia Loren as opposed to, say, the welcome and open-faced young beauty of, perhaps, Julia Roberts.

  • A handsome woman is more uncommon because many women still prefer to be beautiful in “that way” even if they are past the age where they would be interested in the advances of young men and vice versa.
  • This is true even in modern times when younger men in their reproductive years are less attracted to this “look.” On both sides of the gender divide, this mental process needs some reconstructive work (maturity).
  • A handsome woman would never be careless. Would never sport stereotypically girlish hairstyles, such as the ponytail, mascara, or fake eyelashes.
  • She possesses strong basic traits, such as a robust bone structure and a pronounced chin, just like her character.
  • Instead of being hazy and dreamy, the eyes can be significantly more intelligent, steely, and direct. Instead of being flexible, the mouth and jawline may be fixed and decided, leaving room for many different interpretations.

She doesn’t mind her face speaking for itself naturally without needless elaboration from cosmetic sources. She is a fierce woman who requires a fierce man to match her. This woman is not a child, and no one should take her for a fool.

Parameters of ComparisonBeautifulHandsome
Usage in EnglishBeautiful is used as an adjective and noun in the English languageHandsome is used as an adjective, noun, and verb in the English language
In terms of appearanceBeautiful signifies possession of beauty and attractivenessHandsome signifies good-looking and pleasing in appearance
In terms of weatherFor weather, beautiful means pleasant and highly enjoyable weatherFor weather, handsome means clear and bright weather
Comparative and superlative degreeThe comparative of beautiful is more beautiful and the superlative is the most beautifulThe comparatives of handsome are more handsome and the superlatives are most handsome
Derived termsBeautifulness, beautiful armadillo, beautifullHandsom, handsum
Comparison table.


  • Two such words that are frequently used in communication and description are beautiful and handsome.  
  • Generally speaking, a handsome woman is seen as more macho and tough, while a lovely woman is seen as more feminine and gentle. 
  • A beautiful woman typically has a delicate, feminine appearance and is still quite young. The youth implies that the cheeks have some fat or roundness. The woman’s physique appears to be part of what is beautiful. 
  • While handsome might imply a vast or ample quantity of anything, beautiful cannot be used to express quantity.

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