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What Is the Difference Between a Club Cab and a Quad Cab? (Facts Revealed)

What Is the Difference Between a Club Cab and a Quad Cab? (Facts Revealed)

Typically, trucks have two doors with a driver and passenger seat. If the front seat is a bench, you may fit up to three persons inside. These single-seat row cabins are frequently referred to as ordinary cabs. 

According to Don Johnson Motors, the difference between club and quad cab trucks and normal cab trucks is the number of seats and doors. They both have a second row of seats and four doors. 

Manufacturers may refer to quad cabs by other names, such as expanded cabs, claims Car, and Driver. They merely need the name of the taxi style to match their brand. In either case, many customers consider the second set of seats while selecting a truck.

In this article, you’ll learn exactly the difference between a club cab and a quad cab.

What Is a Club Cab?

club cab can be an option for you if you’re looking to purchase a new pickup truck. A club cab is a truck with only two doors and front and rear seats that bears the Dodge brand.

Any two-door vehicle with an extended cab is referred to as a club cab in general automotive lingo. Depending on the manufacturer, club cabs may also be referred to as Extended Cab, Super Cab, or Double Cab.

Extended Cab

According to Auto Accessories Garage, this cab type will give you plenty of space for extra passengers in the back as well as room to transport anything you don’t want to be strewn around in the truck’s bed.

Electronics, books, a box of cat litter, or anything else that comes to mind that you might not want in the bed are a few ideas. A smaller set of passenger windows may be located behind the first row of seats in an extended cab.

Extended cab trucks include, for instance:

  • 2012 Ford F-150 FX4
  • 2015 GMC Canyon
  • 2019 Ram 1500 Laramie

Super Cab

One of the three cab designs available for pickup is the Ford SuperCab, also referred to as the Super Cab.

In 1948, the F-150 series of pickup trucks made its debut in this country. The F-series was inspired by some fresh ideas on the potential applications of vehicles.

As a result, Ford began a new chapter in the pickup market. Ford developed a new extended-cab SuperCab vehicle in 1974, which debuted in the F-100 series.

One of the primary factors that catapulted Ford into the top spot in the pickup truck sector was the expanded cab, which would be employed in contemporary truck designs.

Double Cab

In its lineups for the Tacoma and Tundra, Toyota offers a Double Cab variant. Double Cab models are also available for the GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado.

The Double Cab for that manufacturer is the Ram Tradesman Quad Cab. Some drivers view the Double Cab as a good middle ground between smaller and larger cab models, although not all manufacturers provide this in-between cab size.

It makes sense that Toyota would use its language for what several manufacturers refer to the vehicle as a Crew Cab, as LiveAbout notes. In 1962, the business created the Double Cab.

The Toyota Stout, which made its debut in Japan, was the first Double Cab truck. Hino’s Briska, its rival, was a product. The Toyota Tacoma and Tundra continue the four-door Stout’s history.

Club cab has only two doors
Club cab has only two doors.

What Is a Quad Cab?

Quad means “four,” which gives a clue as to how many doors are present in this kind of cab. Quad cabs include four doors and an additional row of seating in comparison to normal taxis.

They can typically hold up to five passengers, and occasionally six if the front row of seats is a bench seat.

However, the second row of seating is not nearly full-sized, and the back doors are frequently narrower than the front ones.

So why would you pick a quad cab? It frequently costs less than a crew cab and offers more space because of a bigger bed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Quad Cab

These cab designs each have benefits and drawbacks. While Dodge refers to their four-door vehicles as quad cabs, other automakers may call this design an extended cab.

This is a scaled-down crew cab with more room for passengers in the back seats. Full-size front doors make it simple to get in and out of your pickup, and this style of cab’s rear passenger seating lets you bring the whole family.

Additionally, you can keep your cargo there while the back seats aren’t occupied by passengers. While you do have a truck bed for transportation, there are occasions when you want to keep your items safe or out of inclement weather.

Because of its smaller size and lighter weight, this sort of cab is less expensive than a crew cab, according to ITSTILLRUNS.

Additionally, because of this, it gets higher gas mileage than its bigger competitors. According to, this makes it ideal for thrifty families or businesses in need of transportation for work teams.

Full-size front doorSmall rear doors
Rear passenger seatingLess interior room
Interior cargo space Rear hinged back doors
Better gas mileage
Advantages and disadvantages of the quad cab.
  • Adults may find it challenging to enter and exit the backseat due to the smaller rear doors. It could be a little trickier to load and unload your belongings from the back than with a crew cab.
  • The less space inside might not matter much if you just infrequently transport passengers in the back of your truck.
  • However, the lack of internal space may be a significant drawback for you if you frequently transport passengers in the backseat.
  • The truck’s doors may be hinged to open in the opposite direction from the front doors, depending on the model and year.
  • This means that only when the front doors are open can the back doors open. The doors on much more recent quad or extended cabs open in the same way as the front doors and can open whether or not the front doors are open.

When looking for a pickup truck, take this in mind because some people could find the rear-hinged door type to be an inconvenience.

The quad cab has four doors.
The quad cab has four doors.

Difference Between a Club Cab and Quad Cab

A Dodge truck cab with only two doors and front and rear seats is referred to as a “club cab” (trademark). 

A Dodge truck cab with front and back seats and four doors—two that open normally and two that open backward—is referred to as a quad cab (trademark). 

Originally, a crew cab was a truck cab with four conventionally opening doors but no rear seats. 

Club cabs are commonly used to describe any pickup with a front and rear seat and four doors, two of which open to the front and two of which open to the back. They are also known as Super Cab, King Cab, Double Cab, Extended Cab, and so on.

Any pickup with a front and rear seat and four doors that open to the front is frequently referred to as a crew or quad cab. In addition, they go by the names Crew Cab, CrewMax, Supercrew, and Quad Cab.

Watch This Video to Know About Quad Cab vs. Crew Cab


  • Dodge utilized both names and still does. The Club Cab is a two-door extended cab. In 1998, the Quad Cab debuted. 
  • The fundamental cab design is the same as the Club Cab, but it also features standard front doors and rear doors that swing rearward. 
  • Compared to Crew Cab, Quad Cab has a larger cargo area. 51 inches wide and 76.3 inches long are available. 
  • Since a quad cab is a little bit smaller and lighter than a crew cab, it gets slightly better mileage.

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