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What’s The Difference Between A Curveball And A Slider? (Answered)

What’s The Difference Between A Curveball And A Slider? (Answered)

Short answer: The curveball delivery differs from a slider in that it applies a downward tug to the ball as it is delivered in addition to the lateral spin created by the slider grip. The middle finger is used to release the curveball while the index finger is used to release the slider.

Because it uses a different-shaped bat, ball, and a large number of players than cricket, baseball is an intriguing sport that is frequently compared to cricket.

It is contested by two teams which have nine players per team; a pitcher tosses (pitches) a hard, fist-sized, leather-covered ball toward a batter on the opposite team in this game.

Just two different ball-throwing techniques, the curveball and slide mostly depend on the thrower’s hand shape and size.

There are many people that enjoy this game. It offers games for around six months. Because there are 82 games in the NBA and only 16 in the NFL per season, it is not necessarily necessary to be consistently good at your sport.

Baseball is a laid-back and easygoing sport, unlike other sports that smack you in the face with time restrictions where the quarters or periods stick to 15-minute intervals.

Keep reading to know more about baseball and the key differences between a slider and a curveball.

What Is Baseball?

Home plate, first base, second base, and third base make up the four corners of the diamond-shaped field on which baseball is played.

In playing baseball, the goal is to score more runs than your rival; you have to sprint around four bases after hitting the ball as far as you can to complete a run.

The game’s formats have been in use up until the present day and date back to 1744. The United States, Canada, and Japan are the primary markets for this game.

Two teams compete in it and each team comprises nine players. The game consists of nine innings and each one is divided into two halves.

The players on one team alternately come to bat in the top half of the inning and attempt to score runs while the opposite side plays on the field and aims to stop the other team from scoring.

Baseball is a team sport.

Some Rules Of Playing Baseball

A pitcher, catcher, first baseman, second baseman, shortstop, third baseman, and three outfielders in left field, center field, and right field make up the positions on the fielding team.

In the nine innings that make up a game, each side gets to bat once. After 9 innings, if the score is still tied, an additional inning will be played until a winner is determined.

A batting order cannot be changed after it has been decided upon. Players that step in for another player are permitted, but they must bat in the same order as the person they are replacing.

A batter can receive three strikes before being struck out. When a batter swings for a ball and misses, it is termed a strike.

Let’s look at some common player statistics:

Player StatisticsDescription
Batting AveragePer at-bat average base hits
Games PlayedHow many games the player has participated in?
At BatsThe player’s actual amount of battering opportunities, not including walks or sacrifices
RunsHow many times a batter has advanced to home plate?
HitsThe total number of times, excluding walks and sacrifices, that a hitter has reached a base safely
Doubles How many hits it took for the hitter to reach second base?
TriplesThe number of hits that caused a batter to reach third base.
Home RunThe total quantity of hits that led to a home run.
Strike OutHow many times a batter has missed swinging on three pitches?
It’s better to understand how a slider is thrown to better learn its works.

What Is A Curveball?

Due to the spin that the pitcher adds when he throws the ball toward home plate, curveballs curve downhill.

According to Briggs, the rotation of the seams produces a “whirlpool” of air to form around the ball, which lowers the pressure on one side.

The breaking pitch with the most movement of all pitches is the curveball. It is meant to keep batters off balance and is thrown slower and with a greater overall break than a slider.

A batter expecting a fastball will swing too early and over the top of the curveball when the pitcher throws it appropriately.

A professional starter’s arsenal must include a breaking pitch like a curveball because it throws hitters off-balance and prevents them from committing to preparing only for a fastball.

What Is A Slider?

A slider is a breaking pitch that is typically thrown faster than a curveball and with less overall movement. It breaks more quickly and sharply than the majority of other breaking pitches.

When thrown correctly, this sharp breaking pitch bursts devastatingly down and away from the hitter. Before the batter swings and the ball leaves the strike zone, the slider seems to be a fastball.

The slider is only the second-most ineffective pitch in baseball, trailing the splitter’s 19.4 average whiff rate.

It is thrown quickly, like a fastball. The Slider’s devastating break is caused by the pressure of the fingers, the grip, and the hand angle on the release.

Pitch TypeWhiff Rate
Average Whiff Rate by Pitch Type
It’s better to understand how a slider is thrown to better learn its works.

Difference Between A Curveball And A Slider

Although the number of pitches in a baseball may seem like a lot to remember, each pitcher only employs a portion of them.

Pedro Martinez, for instance, uses a fastball, curveball, circle-changeup, and occasionally a slider. Before the game, do some research on the pitcher.

A curveball breaks downward as opposed to its cousin pitch, the slider, which “slides” laterally or from side to side when thrown in baseball.

When throwing a curveball, the pitcher releases the ball with a downward pull, causing the ball to plummet from the peak of its flight to the catcher. A particular grip and finger pressure on the ball provides the slider with a strong lateral spin.

According to research, the curveball and slider are the pitches that put the throwing arm under the most strain.

There is no need to avoid any breaking pitch, as they are all less stressful than the fastball when thrown properly, despite the fact that many parents are frightened of the slider if they are going to let their son pitch at all.

You are throwing a slider if your arm slot is low-3/4 or sidearm. To apply the proper downward-breaking topspin to the ball, you must get over the top of it.

You can select either if your arm slot is 3/4 or over the top. Sliders are best thrown by pitchers with tight wrists and quick, direct arm movements.

Curveballs are better received by pitchers with somewhat more windmill-like arm motions and looser wrists.

Other Sports You Can Play


Cricket is a popular sport in South Asia.

Cricket is a sport in which two teams, each with 11 players, compete against one another. It is essentially a one-on-one fight between a single bowler and a single batter, assisted by a team of fielders.

It originated in England and is now popular in nations like South Africa, Australia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, and the West Indies. Competitive cricket is a bat-and-ball game in its most basic form.

In order to prevent the opponent from scoring, one team will bowl and field the ball while the other take turns batting and scoring runs.

Scoring as many runs as you can against the opposition is the main goal of playing cricket.


Football is one of the sports that is loved and watched the most all around the world.

In football, two teams compete against one another to place their spherical ball in the opposing team’s goal.

In a 90-minute game, the purpose of football is to score more goals than your opponent; the game is divided into two 45-minute halves.

On the pitch, each team typically has 11 players in various positions. The primary goal of every position is to prevent the opposing team from scoring their goal.

It’s a strategic game that demands grit and talent. In an effort to ultimately score a goal for themselves, players also tackle and contend with opposing teams for the ball.


  • Baseball is a sport in which two teams each have nine players and is played on a large field using a bat and ball. In order to score, players must hit the ball and sprint around four bases. It consists of white natural horsehide, cowhide, or synthetic composite leather covering a rubber or cork center that has been wrapped in yarn.
  • A pitch can also be distinguished by the spin of the ball, the point of release, and the grip. But it could be a bit much for a casual fan, and I don’t illustrate or talk about any of the last three things.
  • A breaking pitch with a lot more movement, thrown slower, and overhaul breaks is a curveball. When done correctly, the batter will swing a little earlier than usual in anticipation of a fastball and miss the pitch. This deters the batter from taking fastball preparation, in particular.
  • The slider, on the other hand, is a breaking pitch, which presents a little bit of a challenge for the hitter. It is thrown with less movement than a curveball but faster than a fastball. A fastball and curveball combination release method is used during the delivery.
  • It is more deceiving than a curveball since it is thrown faster with spin while still having a fastball’s tight appearance.

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