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Difference Between An Oblong And An Oval (Check The Differences)

Difference Between An Oblong And An Oval (Check The Differences)

Usually, people can mistakenly use the terms “oblong” and “oval” to refer to a similar thing. Despite the fact that these two terms are used to describe the outline of a figure, as well as the shape of one’s face, they have distinct characteristics. Both oval and oblong faces are adjectives often used to describe shapes or outlines.

While oval is determined as having the common form, shape, and outline of an egg, I define oblong as an elongated shape from the square or circular form.

A shape that has one of its shorter sides that is noticeably longer than the other is oblong. The short sides of an oval, on the other hand, are both equal in length.

So, we can better understand the difference, let’s discuss the definition of each term and understand its characteristics.  

Facts About an Oblong

  • Oblong can be used simultaneously as an adjective and as a noun. 
  • As an adjective, oblong means degrees from a square, circular, or spherical form elongation in a particular dimension.
  • Oblong defines an object that is much longer than being wider. In other words, an oblong is an object that is longer than other objects belonging to the same family. 
  • As a noun, oblong is defined as a rectangular object or flat object with an unequal adjacent side. 
  • In math, oblong numbers (also called rectangular numbers) are numbers with dots that can be placed in columns and rows in a rectangular formation, each row containing one more dot than each other column. 

Examples of Oblong Shape

There are some examples of an oblong shape.

Various Leaves

A basic leaf with parallel sides and rounded ends. Simple leaf type. a leaf that has not been cut into sections.

For example, coffee berry leaves, sweet chestnut, holm oak, and Portugal laurel.

Oblong shape leaf
Oblong-shaped Leaves

Oblong Face

An oblong face is narrow and long. The forehead, jawline, and cheekbone are approximately equal in width.

These faces are elongated and diminished and don’t have rounded checks. A person having these facial features can also have a big forehead and a pointed chin. 

Some celebrities with oblong faces include Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Winslet, Michael Parkinson, Tom Cruise, and Russell Crowe.

Oblong face
Oblong Face

As Table Cloth

 An oblong is as effective as a rectangle shape, only with rounded corners.

The only benefit is that the rounded corner will fold down cleanly around each other to fit cleanly around the table at a uniform length. 

In Maths

 Oblong numbers (also called rectangular numbers) are the number of dots that could be planted in rows and columns in a rectangular arrangement, each row congaing one more dot than each column. 

Origin of an Oblong Shape

The word oblong comes from “oblongus,” a classical Latin word for elongated. It combines the adjective “longus,” which means long, with the prefix “ob,” which has a few potentials.

An ancient Roman would have used oblongus to describe something that’s greater in length than width.

The first recorded use of the word oblong was as an adjective in the mid-15th century. The first use of oblong was as a noun. 

Facts About an Oval

An oval is an elongated shape that is round and contains no sides or corners. It is quite similar to a circle; however, it looks more stretched out and is not curved evenly. The term oval is not properly defined in geometry, and it usually describes curves.

Many specific curves are frequently named ovals or oval shapes; in general, we use this term to talk about any plane curve that is similar to the outline of an egg. 

  • A geometric figure with a closed shape and planar curve is an oval.
  • It has one flat, curved face. 
  • An oval shape has no corners or vertical, like a square for an instance.
  • There is no fixed distance from the center point. 
  • It has no straight sides.
Oval shape
Oval Shape

Examples of Oval

There are some examples of oval shapes:

Egg Shape

Eggs are the perfect example of an oval shape. In reality, the word “oval” is initially derived from “ovum” which itself means “egg.”

A Cricket Ground

A round cricket field is considered the perfect field, but mostly a cricket pitch is slightly oval. Its diameter lies between 137m and 150m. Adelaide’s oval cricket ground is oval. 

Americal Football

American football is another example of an oval-shaped object.

American football differs from other sports balls. It has a reason, it makes the ball more manageable, and aerodynamic, and the pointed ends make it easier to catch it with a single hand. 

Human Eye

The human eye is the perfect example of an oval shape.

The Earth’s Orbit Around Sun

It is not perfectly round. It is slightly oval-shaped or elliptical.

The Earth orbits the sun in an expanded circular or oval pattern rather than a complete circle. This orbit is referred to as “elliptical.”


Watermelon is a large fruit, mostly available in an oval shape. The watermelon is a huge fruit with a maximum diameter of 25-30 cm and a maximum weight of 15-20 kg.

Its shape is oval or spherical, and its smooth, dark-green rind occasionally sports errant pale-green patches.


Mirror for dark, room oval mirror can create a soothing and captivating atmosphere. They will also improve vision in areas where there is not much natural light.

Oval Faces

Oval faces are proportionally balanced on the vertical plane and are longer than they are wide. People with oval faces mostly have a round jawline and chin.

The forehead is usually the largest part of an oval face. Their faces are narrower than they are long. The widest parts of their faces are the cheekbones.

Oval face
Oval Face

Oval Shape Pills

These are commonly available because it is easy to swallow them. 


The oval track would be over very quickly, and drivers go around the track many times during the entire race. The oval track lets the audience get a good view of the entire race, which makes sure the seats are fully booked at every race.

Solar System

All eight planets in our solar system rotate around the sun in elliptical orbits. 


They are present in the earth’s crust in random forms; they can be reshaped into different forms using the artificial method. The gems present in oval shape are considerably liked and mostly desired.

Ice Cream

Most popsicles are available in oval shapes.

Origin of Oval Shape

People first used the term “oval” in the 1950s; the medieval Latin oval is egg-shaped.

In geometry, a Cartesian oval is a plane curve consisting of a point that has the same linear combination of distance from two fixed points. The French mathematician René Descartes, who employed these curves in optics, gave them their name.

Oval vs. Oblong Faces

Difference Between Oval and Oblong

The term oval is from a Latin word that is pronounced ovum, meaning egg. The Latin term for elongated, oblongus, is where the word “oblong” originates.
Synonyms: egg, ovoid, ovate, elliptical, obovate  Synonyms: elongated, long, extensive, outstretched, extended, lengthy
Smooth-looking, simple, convex, closed, and plane curves; have no straight lines and corners An oblong is a shape with two long and two short sides and all angles are right angles.
Eggs are the perfect example of an oval shape.California coffee berry leaves are the perfect example of an oblong shape.
Have an axis of regularity, but this is not required.An oblong is defined by its length. They are about thrice as long as they are wide.
Oval vs. Oblong


  • The term oblong is occasionally used incorrectly to define an elongated oval. Oblong has two long sides and two short sizes; on the other hand, the oval has no corners, and no side. It has a perfect curve shape. 
  • An oval has both of its short sizes equal in length. The oval shape has one flat face. Another method to define an oval form is to compare it to a smooshed circle, which is a circle that has been lengthened in some way.
  • In geometry, an oblong is a rectangle with different next doors to sides. Oblong is a general but useful term for describing the shape of things such as leave.
  • An oval face shape combination of square and round, an oblong face is similar to a square-shaped face but longer than they are wide. 
  • An oblong usually refers to shapes that are extended or stretched versions of the original form. Since an oval is the largest spherical form, it can be considered an oblong-shaped object. But they are different from each other when viewed according to their size and width.
  • An oval is shaped like a circle that is compressed so that it is like an egg. The oval shape is one of the most inspiring when it comes to brilliance and sparkle, and then describes something which is not perfectly long. Oblong is a more suitable term.
  • Hence, the discussion ends on this point that an oval and an oblong are two different types of shapes. They have their dimensions and features. 

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