Awesome vs. ‘Awsome’: Common Spelling Mistakes Clarified

Medieval, typo, artistic, or just shoptalk, the predicament of Awesome and Awsome is the main discussion among people, or is it just confusion? Continue reading to know the reality behind both of them and find out whether it’s just a mistake or something else.

Many people agree that Awsome is just an unintentional mistake or just a funny spelling of Awesome. On the other hand, Awesome is the most widely used adjective that expresses someone’s extraordinary wonder or excitement about something.

Let’s continue reading and find out more about their differences!

What's the difference between awesome and awsome
You might be wondering what’s the difference between awesome and Awsome?

What’s the Meaning of Awesome and Awsome?

Whenever you doubt whether such spelling is correct or not, the best way to find out is to look in the most dependable resources such as a thesaurus or Merriam Webster, Oxford Language, and Cambridge. They will clearly explain their meaning with correct spelling and tell you when, why, and how to use such words.

Awesome is most commonly used both formal and informal as an adjective. It has many definitions, such as “inducing or causing awe,” “expressing admiration, reverence or fear,” and “very impressive.”

Merriam Webster is the most common source that most people rely on. It defines the adjective awesome as inspiring awe and informal words that mean extraordinary or terrific. However, it also means expressing amazement.

Now let’s see another relevant source which is Oxford Language. It defines awesome as “extremely daunting or impressive,” and in an informal way, it means “extremely excellent or good.”

However, the search for the word Awsome doesn’t give broader research in the dictionary. Both Cambridge and Merriam Webster give a blank query and explain that the word isn’t included in the dictionary.

Although some of the sources suggest that the use of such a word (Awsome) can be tracked down to Olde English and Scots language, it (scot language) is a group of languages spoken in Scotland, which is full of idioms and idiomatic expressions.

However, Cambridge tells us that the word Awsome is just a typical misspelling of the word Awesome, described as “feelings of great admiration, fear or respect” and something really good.

Sign saying Awesome
The word Awesome is used to describe expressions of a person such as astonished or excited.

Where Does the Word Awesome Come From?

An origin or source from where the word comes is Etymology. In that case, Awesome is a combination of two words; awe and some. Both of them are from the English language. A suffix “Some follow the word “Awe.” That’s why “Awsome” won’t be considered a correct word as “Aw” is not a word.

Awful is a word in a negative context, which is the opposite of the word Awesome. But like Awesome, Awful word is also a combination of awe and full.

When to Use Awesome and Awsome?

The word Awsome shouldn’t be used since there’s no proper meaning for such a word. And most people considered this a spelling mistake.

The word Awsome is primarily found in collaborative websites, message boards, social media comments, and informal communities.

How to Use the Correct One?

You can use the word Awesome in many ways, from friendly chats to formal communications. For example:

  • The lake’s view was awesome (provoking awe: adjective).
  • This is an awesome way to admire the scenery (extraordinary: adjective).
  • Visiting that city was awesome (excellent: adjective).
  • This trip is going to be awesome (terrific: adjective).

As you can see, the word Awesome has many meanings and can be used as formal or colloquial to express a lot of joy or emotions and excitement, and beauty. This word describes the most and best incredible time of your life.

Comparison of Awesome and Awsome

English (Wikipedia awesome)English (Wikipedia awesome)
Adjective (en adjective) Adjective (en adjective)
1846, Robert Mackenzie Daniel, The Young Baronet
The landlord nodded gravely, then spoke aloud:— “I was out last night; it was indeed an awsome time.
Causing awe and terror; inspiring wonder or excitement.
The waterfall in the middle of the rainforest was an awesome sight.
The tsunami’s devastating force was awesome.
(colloquial) Excellent, exciting, remarkable.
That was awesome!
Awesome, dude!
1825, Scotland, the Scots magazine “Aye Sibbie it was an awsome sight” quoth Archy.The ancientest meaning of “awesome” is “something which provokes awe,” but the word is also a widespread shoptalk manner in English, initially from America. As the recent meaning of awesome” has become relatively antiquated in extensive use, the phrase “awe-inspiring is now commonly tried for the same purpose.
Difference between awesome and awsome
Awesome used in a sentence
Example of Awesome used in a sentence

Other Examples of Awesome Used in Sentences

The waterfall inside the rainforest was awesome scenery.The speaker describes the view of a waterfall in the rainforest as a beautiful sight.
The tsunami was awesome in its disastrous power.In this sentence, awesome is used to describe the destructive power of the tsunami.
He is awesome for cheering up his team after they lost.The speaker describes him as a cool guy for cheering up his teammates after they lost.
Going to Chicago was an awesome experience for the tourists.The speaker describes that people had lots of fun during the Chicago trip.
Examples of Awesome and its explanation

Check out this video to know more about the word “Awesome”

Awesome explanation

Final Thoughts

The word Awesome is used to express excitement, astonishment, and awe. It’s made from two words Awe and Some. This word can be used differently, each of them representing a different meaning.

On the other hand, the word Awsome isn’t included in any dictionary, and if you search, they tell you that your spelling is incorrect. However, it was used in 1846 by Robert Mackenzie Daniel in a sentence. So, this word isn’t used anywhere in the world.

But in my opinion, this word is not used now and has no meaning. So if you say Awsome or type Awsome while chatting, people will assume it’s just a spelling mistake.

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