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What’s the Difference Between Cute, Pretty, & Hot

What’s the Difference Between Cute, Pretty, & Hot

There are many adjectives that are associated with a human’s physical appearance. A human’s physical appearance is considered the outward phenotype (In genetics, the phenotype is a collection of observable characteristics and traits of an organism). There are countless variations in human phenotype, however, society diminishes the variability to certain categories.

It’s said that the features of human physical appearance, specifically the ones that are regarded as significant for physical attractiveness, are believed by anthropologists to influence personality as well as the development of social relations. Humans are said to be acutely sensitive to their physical appearance, some differences in appearance can be related to genetics and others may be the result of age, lifestyle, or disease, while several others may be the result of personal adornment.

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Moreover, some people linked many differences in physical with ethnicity, for instance, the skeletal shape or elongated stride.

Every distinct culture has different degrees of emphasis on the human physical appearance as well as its significance to social status.

In many cultures, adjectives like cute, pretty, and hot are used to refer to certain characteristics of a woman’s physical appearance. All three of these adjectives are neutral, however, they have been allocated to certain characteristics.

Cute is an adjective, however, it has been associated with women and infants. Cute is used when one has a child-like face structure, moreover, it’s also used when one, specifically women or infants, is behaving childishly.

Pretty is interchangeably used with beautiful as it’s referred to a woman or child when they look attractive or pleasing, but in a subtle way without being beautiful.

Hot is a slang that is used to refer to sexual attractiveness.

The differences between cute, pretty, and hot are that cute and pretty are solely used for women or children, while hot can be used for women as well as men. Moreover, cute and pretty are mostly associated with a woman or child’s facial characteristics, whereas hot is associated with the features of one’s body.

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What does hot mean?

a bunch of people
Hot associated with sexual attractiveness. Perceived “hotness” differs among people.

“Hot” is a slang term that is solely associated with sexual attractiveness. Sexual attraction is based on the sexual desire or the attribute of arousing such interest.

Furthermore, sexual attractiveness is a person’s potential to attract people sexually. Hot can be referred to as an individual’s aesthetics, movements, voice, or smell. It’s used to refer to the attributes that are linked with sexual attractiveness.

Characteristics that are considered ‘hot’ can play a part in physical attraction to someone, however, there are many other factors.

Other than physical characteristics, there are attributes that may be ‘hot’ to some people, like intelligence and honesty.

Every individual has a preference and where physical characteristics may be ‘hot’ to some people, other people may be attracted to intelligence.

What does pretty mean?

a girl looking up
Pretty is synonymous with beautiful.

Pretty is similar to beautiful as pretty is defined as being attractive, but in a subtle way without being beautiful.

There are several other adjectives that can be used instead of pretty, it is common as it’s used even when it isn’t called for. However, people get the idea when someone uses pretty.

Here are some meanings of pretty.

  • Pleasant or gratifying to the sight and other senses; attractive, especially of women and children, however less strikingly compared to something beautiful or handsome.
  • (Of objects and things) nice-looking or appealing.
  • (Often derogatory) Fine-looking; solely superficially attractive.
  • Cunning; clever and skillful.
  • Moderately large; considerable.
  • (Of actions and thoughts) excellent, commendable, pleasing; fitting, or proper.
  • (ironically) Awkward, unpleasant.

Pretty can be used in a number of situations, thus it has many meanings rather than just one.

Here are some examples:

  • She looks pretty.
  • This table is quite pretty.
  • Wow, your house looks pretty.
  • It was a pretty good trick.
  • It is a pretty big box.

Basically, the tone of the speaker has to be taken into account as pretty can ironically be used as well.

What does cute mean?

a tiny dog
Cuteness can be associated with people as well as things that one finds attractive or charming in an adorable manner.

Cute is another adjective for adorable, cuteness on the other hand is a subjective term that describes the kind of attractiveness that is commonly associated with youth or appearance.

There is a scientific concept as well as an analytical model in ethology, first introduced by a man named Konrad Lorenz, a concept of baby schema, a collection of facial and body features which make a creature appear “cute” and it activates in people the motivation to care for it.

Moreover, it’s said that the gender of an observer can establish their perception of the difference in cuteness. In a study, it was said that women are more sensitive to differences in cuteness compared to same-aged men. This study suggests, that the reproductive hormones in women are significant in order to determine cuteness.

A physical anthropologist named Barry Bogin said the pattern of children’s growth may deliberately increase the duration of their cuteness.

It’s said that faces with “infantile facial” features, such as a rounder face, a higher forehead, bigger eyes, a smaller nose, and a smaller mouth are considered cute.

Furthermore, Mark J. Estren, Ph.D. in psychology from the University at Buffalo said, in the case of animals, cute animals are observed to get more public attention, however, Estren added that humans should be mindful of their bias toward cute animals so that the animals that aren’t considered cute can also be valued.

What makes a girl cute and what makes a girl hot?

a girl
Cuteness and hotness depends on a persons preferences.

Cute is associated with a girl’s facial features, while hot can be associated with a girl’s physical and facial features.

Here are some common attributes that make a girl hot or cute.

Cute girl attributes:

  • Appropriate dressing for her body type.
  • Innocent facial features with less makeup.
  • Wearing a fun comic book t-shirt or cartoon t-shirt.
  • Round glasses.
  • Having short height.
  • Being shy.

Hot girl attributes:

  • Dressing provocatively in order to accentuate the curves.
  • Good and funny personality.
  • Intelligence.
  • Wears skirts or dresses.
  • Sophisticated hairdo.
  • Has an accent.
  • Looks exotic and tanned.

Every person has their own preference as being funny can also be cute as well as hot.

Commonly, being shy and having a shy personality is considered cute for girls, whereas being intelligent and having curves is considered hot for girls. However, these are merely stereotypes as every individual has their own preference.

Here is a table for some of the differences between cute and hot.

Another word is adorableAnother word is attractive
Mostly used for women, children, animals, or thingsMostly used for women
The difference between cute and hot

To Conclude

a group of friends laughing
A phenotype is a collection of observable characteristics or qualities of a being.
  • Humans are quite sensitive to their physical appearance.
  • Differences in appearance may have relevance to genetics or may be the result of age, lifestyle, or disease.
  • Every culture has a different extent of emphasis on the human physical appearance and its prominence to social status.
  • Hot is a slang term that is primarily associated with sexual attractiveness.
  • Sexual attraction is about sexual desire or the quality of arousing such interest.
  • There are other qualities that are considered ‘hot’ to some people, like intelligence and honesty.
  • Pretty is defined as being attractive in a subtle way without being beautiful.
  • Pretty is used in several ways rather than just one.
  • Cuteness is a subjective term and describes a kind of attractiveness that is linked with youth or appearance.
  • A person’s gender can determine their perception of the difference in cuteness.
  • Women are more sensitive to differences in cuteness.

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