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Difference Between “Doc” And “Docx” (Facts Explained)

Difference Between “Doc” And “Docx” (Facts Explained)

In the past, a typewriter was the most common tool for making simple documents. The typewriter did not support images and special publishing techniques. In today’s world, word processing is a process in which we use computers to create text documents.

It consists of creating, editing, formatting text, and adding graphics to the papers. You can save and print copies as well. Word processing is one of the most widely used applications of computers.

Different word-processing applications are available, but Microsoft word is among the most popular writing software. Other word applications are also widely used, for example, Open Office Writer, Word Perfect, and Google Drive documents.

The primary distinction between the two file types is that a DOCX file is actually a zip file with all the XML files linked with the document, but a DOC file saves your work in a binary file that includes all the necessary formatting and other pertinent data.

These documents enable users to create a wide variety of documents, such as reports, letters, memos, newsletters, brochures, etc., apart from typing. The word processor enables you to add content like pictures, tables, and charts. You can also add decorative items such as borders and clip art.

Examples of Word Processing Software

There are various word processing software available:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Google Docs
  • Open Office Writer
  • Word Perfect
  • Focus Writer
  • LibreOffice Writer
  • AbiWord
  • Polaris Docs
  • WPS Word
  • Write Monkey
  • Dropbox Paper
  • Scribus
  • Lotus Word Pro
  • Apple Work
  • Note Pad
  • Work Pages

But the most popular and widely used software is Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is the most commonly used application software for making documents and other professional and personal papers. It has almost 270 million active users.

It was developed by Charles Simonyi (an employee of Microsoft) and released on 25 October 1983.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Word is one of the streams of Microsoft Office. It is integrated software with several interrelated programs, which include Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access (a database management system), Microsoft PowerPoint (a presentation package), etc.

Each program allows the user to solve various everyday computer-related tasks. Microsoft Office will enable users to work with programs with the same basic structure and interface. It allows users to share information quickly and easily between different programs.

There are six main programs of MS Office which are:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Access
  • Publisher
  • One note
Microsoft Files
Microsoft Files

MS Word

It is a word-processing application with advanced features for making personal and professional documents. It also helps to write and organize documents more efficiently and allows you to add color and use tables, and various bullet forms.

Here are some key features of MS Word

  • Creating text documents
  • Editing and formatting
  • Different features and tools
  • Detect grammatical errors
  • Designs
  • Page layout
  • References
  • Review
  • Chan
  • Create a custom tab
  • Quick part
  • Quick selection method

These are the features that make the documents more visually interactive and appealing.

MS Word Types

Recent versions of MS word support the formation, creation, and opening of files in Doc and Docx format.

These files contain a variety of document content, like text, images, and shapes. These files are commonly used by authors, academics, researchers, office documents, and personal records.

What is a “Doc” File?

DOC format is the first version of MS Word 1.0; it was launched by Microsoft word in 1983 and was used till 2003.

It is a binary file format registered with Microsoft, the most popular word application. That contains all the related formatting information, including images, hyperlinks, alignments, plain text, graph charts, embedded objects, link pages, and many others.

When you generate a document in word, you can select to save it in DOC file format, which can close and open again for further editing.

After editing, you can print and save it as another file, such as a PDF or Dot document. Doc has frequently been used on many platforms for a long time. But after the launch of the Docx format, the use of Doc has become infrequent. 

How to Open a Doc File?

You can open it with Microsoft Word on Windows and macOS. Word is the best application to open Doc files because it fully supports the formatting of documents. The word processor is also available for iOS and Android devices.

You can also open Doc files with other word applications, but they are not fully supported sometime; it’s lost or maybe altered. Some word processors that support Doc files include Corel Word Perfect, Apple Pages (Mac), and Apache OpenOffice Writer. You can also open DOC files on web programs like Google Docs. It is a free web application that fully supports and allows to upload of Doc files.

Doc stands for Microsoft Word Document or Word Pad Documents.

Doc File
Doc File

What is a “Docx” File?

Docx file is a Microsoft Word document that typically contains text; the new version of Doc came out as Docx from the original official Microsoft Word file format. Docx is an upgraded format from the previous Microsoft word format.

Docx was released in 2007. The structure of this format is a change from the plain binary formation. It is one of the most common document file types appropriate when sharing with others.

Most people use the Docx file format; therefore, it is easy to open and add to a file. Due to its editing capability, Docx is an ideal format for generating documents.

Docx file is used for everything from Resume to cover letters, newsletters, reports, documentation, and more. It also has a wide range of objects, styles, rich formatting, and images.

Here are some main features of Docx.

1. Fast input

Typing becomes faster since there is no connected mechanical carriage movement.

2. Editing functions

 Any editing, such as spelling corrections, insert delete, and bullets, are quickly done.

3. Permanent storage

 Documents are saved permanently.

4. Formatting

Entered text can be created in any form and style, inserting drawings, graphs, and columns, into documents.

5. Delete errors

You can easily remove errors from a paragraph or lines.

6. Thesaurus

 We can use synonyms in our paragraphs. And exchange words with similar meanings words.

7. Spell checker

 It quickly corrects spelling mistakes and gives alternative words.

8. Header and footer

It is text or a graphic, such as a page number, a company logo, or a date. It is typically mentioned at the top or bottom of the documents.

9. Links

Docx allows you to add a link address or web address in documents.

10. Search and replace

 You can search for a specific word and replace it with another word.

Differences Between “Doc” and “Docx” File Format

            Doc File Format         Docx File Format
  The primary difference is that Doc is the old version of MS word.        Docx is a new and advanced version of MS word. Docx is based on the XML format.
It was released in 1983 and used till 2003The Docx format was launched with MS word 2007 and is still the file format
In Doc, documents are saved in a binary file that contains all the related formatting and other appropriate dataDocx is well-organized and generates smaller and comparatively less corruptible files. Docx has many different and innovative features.
Docs have limited features, including home, insert designs, page layout, and referencesIt has advanced features, including images, links, bullets, table design, insert, draw, and design.
It can be opened in a new version in the form of a compatible moodDocx files are opened in the old version very quickly
Doc vs. Docx

Which is a Better Option?

Docx is the better option. It is smaller, lighter, and easier to open, save, and transfer. However, the Doc format is not entirely deceased; Many software tools still support it.

  • The future of MS Word (Docx): Recent new features of Docx include.
  • Translator: Word can now translate a sentence into any other language using the Microsoft translator tool.
  • Learning tool: This feature helps you to make your documents easy to read, improve, and focus page color so the page can be scanned with less eye draining. It is also enhanced recognition and pronunciation.
  • Digital pen: The latest word version lets you draw with your fingers or a digital pen for easy explanation and note-taking. 
  • Icons: Word now has a library of icons and 3D images, which makes your documents attractive and much more appealing.
Differences Between Doc and Docx


  • Doc and Docx are both Microsoft Word applications. These contain a variety of document content.
  • A Doc is the older version of Microsoft, released in 1983. 
  • The significant difference between Doc and Docx applications is that documents are stored in a binary file but held in Docx format, and documents are stored in a zip file.
  • Docx is much more efficient than Doc; it is lighter and smaller in size. The file size of Doc is greater than Docx.
  • Doc has limited features, but Docx has so many features. Docx is a modern file format that is more flexible than the Doc file format.
  • The nature of Doc is proprietary, but Docs is an open standard.
  • Docx is more secure and efficient than Doc. Doc has limited options as compared to Docx.
  • In Docx, the letter X signifies the term XML. Docx is the advanced version of the Doc file.

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