What Is The Difference Between Echo Dot’s 3rd Generation And Echo Dot’s 4th Generation? (Explored)

Since modernization took place, almost every aspect of people’s lives is now depending on modern tech and supplies, and human capabilities are now getting minimized.

We have explored more of the universe than we possibly could have just because of modern tech, but that doesn’t mean that we need technology in every aspect of our life.

Both the Echo Dot 3rd generation and the Echo Dot 4th generation are Amazon smart speakers with comparable features. The Echo Dot 4th generation is noticeably better than the 3rd generation in terms of sound quality, ability to function as a smart home hub, and more functionality, but it also costs more.

There are many benefits that mobile and modern gadgets have given us, but they also come at a cost, a cost to our health, outdoor activities, and the cost of us spending time with our loved ones. There are different opinions about whether it’s a blessing or not.

Are We Dependent on Modern Technology?

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Modern technologies are affecting our lives.

Many things came with this age, like modern air-conditioned cars with automatic transmissions and automatic windows. This was something car manufacturers had never thought of before.

Oftentimes, we are depending on manufactured things that make us seem not as reliable as before. If someone decides that they will avoid technology and will live their lives as the previous generation did and do not want any modern tech involved in their lives, they might end up being avoided by the whole world.

A person who is avoiding all the modern gadgets might end up using them because he has no other choice as almost every single aspect of our lives depends on them. There are so few things that depend on manual methods; the hardships farmers are doing just to grow a crop can be done in a matter of seconds with the help of automatic farming tools.

Is the Recent Automation Affecting Our Lives?

In modern times, people are now depending on things that they made themselves. Patients are now relying on ventilators just to breathe, which is a life-saving invention through which a patient might get another life or a second chance.

A survey tells us that in the upcoming generation, people might forget how to walk properly just because of the ease we have spread, and access to anything more than a limit is bad and causes harm to ourselves.

If we want something from a shop just two blocks away, we still deliver it home because why not? If we have an option, we will avail it and that is why people become dependent on things that may not be healthy in the long run.

Echo dot speaker
Echo Dot Speaker

Echo Dot 3rd Generation

The Echo Dot 3rd generation is a smart speaker which has Alexa installed and can perform simple tasks on voice commands of the house owner. It works based on a smart AI algorithm installed in it and can talk to you like a real human with a sense of humor.

It can open doors, turn on the lights and fans, can change the temperature of the air conditioner, play music and even control the stove just to prevent burning. The main idea behind this invention was to minimize human resources and test the limits of AI robots.

It is a great invention for older adults or paralyzed or disabled people and can ease their lives. They don’t have to call someone just to turn on the fan or light, they simply give commands to Alexa, and she does it for them.

The Echo Dot 3rd generation is the cheapest way to let Alexa in your house, and it is affordable for every middle class. But the access is limited to some devices only as the speaker is small and does not have much of memory, but if you are on a budget, then it is a great deal you can have. 

Echo dot 3rd generation
Echo Dot 3rd Generation

Echo Dot 4th Generation Speaker

The Echo Dot 4th generation works on the same pattern as the 3rd does, but it has more memory and a vast access to things that you can connect to Alexa as it has more memory to process all commands, and the sound quality is also very great, and the vibration because of the loud songs is also minimized which make it a better deal. The new facelift gives it a decent look which is a plus point.

Echo dot 4th generation
Echo Dot 4th Generation

Are There Any Disadvantages of the Echo Dot?

The speaker quality is not very impressive, and if you are an audiophile, you might have to get a new pair of speakers because the sound of an echo dot might never get up to your standards.

The mobile application of echo dot can be slow and buggy and needs some attention, but these are just small things that can be fixed to stay within the budget.

Echo Dot 3rd Generation vs. Echo Dot 4th Generation

FeaturesEcho Dot 3rd GenerationEcho Dot 4th Generation
ShapeThe sides of the Echo Dot 3rd generation is tiny, puck-shaped speaker covered in fabric.The fourth version of the Echo Dot is more spherical than the third generation, which has a rounder shape.
Price comparisonThe Echo Dot 3rd generation is still a fantastic option if you’re searching for an affordable smart speaker.The Echo Dot 4th generation is an upgrade from the 3rd generation, it is relatively little more expensive than the 3rd generation, but it is worth the money since it has a lot of updates and features.
Sound qualityThe sound quality in the Echo Dot 3rd generation is compromised and it is not what you expect in the specific price budget. If the owner is an audiophile then he should immediately upgrade it.The Echo Dot 4th generation provides a decent sound that is warm and polite on eardrums and reduces vibrations which is why it is called the decent sound system which comes along with a bunch of other specifications.
Further QualitiesThe third-generation Echo Dot comes with a built-in smart home hub that enables you to manage your smart home appliances without the need for a separate hub.With its integrated Zigbee hub, the Echo Dot 4th generation can directly operate Zigbee-enabled devices without the use of an additional hub or bridge.
Comparison Between Echo Dot 3rd Generation and Echo Dot 4th Generation
Should you upgrade your Echo Dot 3 to 4?

Is it Worth Upgrading From 3rd Generation to 4th?

It is worth upgrading because you can get more memory and more options that you can get Alexa to operate. The design is modern and the quality of sound is also improved. This can be obtained while just adding a bit more money to it.

What Can an Echo Dot Speaker Do?

An Echo Dot speaker is a speaker which allows Alexa to install in it and enables it to take commands and perform them accordingly.

It can play music with good sound, and the basic versions are not very expensive. You can get one for under 50$, which is the cheapest way to let Alexa be in your house.

It operates on voice commands and can do limited things you feed in it like wake you up on time, play music, open doors, and set temperatures.


  • Echo Dot 3rd generation is the best deal that you can find in the current market if you want to test Alexa with a good experience and without breaking the bank.
  • Echo Dot 4th generation is a worthy upgrade that a person chooses and gets a bunch of other advanced settings which you cannot experience on the Dot 3rd generation.
  • The sound quality of the Echo 3rd generation is not a great one and needs an upgrade whether it is aftermarket or not. But still, it is an excellent deal as it allows you to gain exposure with Alexa.
  • These small details have been addressed in the 4th generation, making it a necessary upgrade as you can get more options on Alexa and more memory with better sound quality and fewer vibrations.

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