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Gladiator/Roman vs. German Rottweilers: A Detailed Analysis of Breeds

Gladiator/Roman vs. German Rottweilers: A Detailed Analysis of Breeds

Apart from being almost identical with almost the same color of fur, they are different in many ways, from their height to width, and they are different as they are from different countries.

The Gladiator/Roman is a Roman due to its place of birth, and a German Rottweiler is a German because its place of birth is Germany.

Mostly Gladiator Roman Rottweiler is known for being an oversized dog and whereas the German rottweiler, it’s a bit taller and heavier than the roman rottweiler, due to being oversized it has many names. 

German Rottweiler was known as Metzgerhund, which means Rottweil butcher’s dogs and Roman Rottweiler is also known with different names such as Gladiator Rottweilers, Colossal Rottweilers, and Rottweiler Kings.

For more info and the difference between them, stick with me as I will guide you through. 

A standard Rottweiler enjoying the forest
A standard Rottweiler enjoying the forest

What is a Rottweiler? 

Rottweiler being a domestic dog, contemplated as a medium to large or large, these dogs were also known as Rottweiler Metzgerhund (Rottweil butcher’s dogs) in German and in Roman they were called Gladiator and many other names. 

A Rottweiler was used to herd livestock and would cart butchered meat to the markets. These were the main uses of a Rottweiler. Until the mid-19th century, this was the time when railways were replaced by driving.

They’re still used as herd stock in different parts of the world, they are also used as search and rescue dogs, guard dogs, and police dogs nowadays. 

What is A Gladiator/Roman Rottweiler 

Just to be clear, the Roman Rottweiler isn’t a breed or variety. The Roman Rottweiler is a kind of re-creation of the original rottweiler, who was a sort of flock guarding kind of rottweiler.

Who fought in battles with the Romans and crossed the Alps while guarding and herding cattle. Compared to the shorter standard Rottweiler, it is a bigger dog. 

About Roman Rottweiler 

A Roman Rottweiler is normally a basic Rottweiler, but they are more Mastiff-type in appearance and temperament. being larger to very larger by having a noble, impressive, heavy, robust, massive, powerful body. The head is a little wide, strong, and heavy with a wrinkly face. 

The skull is big and large. The back skull is also wide. The bottom lips are pendulous and have well-developed, thick lips with moderate to big flutters, where the teeth form a scissor type of formation.

Almond-shaped, deeply set, expressive, widely spaced, and dark eyes. Ears are a type of pendant or triangular type with thick ear leather and soft fur. Unless a color other than black is used as the base color, the nose is wide and black. For example, a red coat would have a red nose, while a blue coat would have a blue nose.

The mouth is dark with 42 teeth. These teeth are strong and wide. with a strong neck that is well-muscled, mildly arched, and sports a dewlap. The chest is broad and deep, with an oval-shaped fore-chest that is well-pronounced and well-sprung, Hindquarters are strong and well-muscled. compact and well-arched front foot.

When agitated or active, the tail curls over the back if it is left natural rather than docked, leaving one or two vertebrae. Dewclaws can be removed, but double or back dewclaws are frequently present at birth. The coat is long, thick, and can be smooth or plush, but it is not preferred. 

When acting as a flock guardian, a Rottie should have a thick, luxurious coat. Other colors are acceptable in the Roman Rottweiler but aren’t preferred. The coat color is black/tan, black/rust, black/dark rust, and black/mahogany, and it can also come in red/tan, blue/tan, or black. The Rottie trots with a robust rear drive and a strong front drive. It moves across the ground with ease. 

A Roman rottweiler having a bath on the beach
A Roman Rottweiler having a bath on the beach

What is a German Rottweiler? 

Well, a rottweiler is considered a German rottweiler if it is born in Germany, so generally, all the rottweilers born in Germany are German rottweilers.

Besides their birthplace Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler-Klub (ADRK) has strict standards in that place, these dogs are very good companion dogs, guide dogs, security dogs, family dogs, and working dogs. 

They’re mild, calm, and sharp-minded without ever getting into a violent mood and hurting others. ADRK, being strict, doesn’t register rottweilers with docking tails as rottweilers. Tail docking is basically when the owner cuts or snips the tail of a rottweiler or any other dog. 

The German Rottweiler features triangular ears, almond-shaped eyes, and a muscular neck. However, compared to the American Rottweiler, it has a wider body and nose.

According to ADRK guidelines, coats in the hues black and mahogany, black and rust, and black and tan are permissible. 

About German Rottweiler  

The German Rottweiler is a very powerful and strong dog. They’ll protect their owner or the family who adopted them from any threat. They are also known as fighter dogs.

The German Rottweiler is a sharp and smart dog with a calm temperament. These dogs are good playmates for the kids. They will accept other dogs if socialized at a very young age. 

This breed has collaborated with the police, military, and customs because of its high intelligence. Because of its size, the dog reacts well to training, which should begin at a young age.

Early socialization and tough, persistent training are essential for German Rottweiler puppies to develop into friends and watchdogs.

If this doesn’t take place, kids may develop into violent bullies who are prejudiced toward everything and everyone they come into contact with. 

Although they have a strong, intimidating appearance, they are prone to health issues. They have cancer, parvovirus, von Willebrand disease, hypothyroidism, eye problems, hip dysplasia, and elbow dysplasia.

Given that the parents have undergone extensive testing and selection, German Rottweilers are ideal for owners who desire a dog free of congenital disorders. Additionally, it is appropriate for individuals seeking a powerful, stockier, and superior working dog. 

German rottweiler breeding standards are strictly enforced by the ADRK. The club does not register the parent dogs’ puppies if they fail a breed suitability test. The standard prevents birth defects in puppies and guarantees that only the greatest rottweilers can procreate. 

Mostly Rottweiler looks like canines, this is a canine
Mostly Rottweiler looks like canines, this is a canine

A Full-on Difference Between German Rottweiler and Roman Rottweiler 

At a glance, you would see no difference at all, but actually, they’re different from each other in many ways.

Roman Rottweilers aren’t known as a breed of a rottweiler, they are known as a type of rottweiler, but initially, these huge mastiff-like canines were bred in Germany, which makes them German rottweilers. 

Some of these American Rottweilers are bred in America while having German ancestry. Roman Rottweilers are sometimes a combination of mastiff and rottweiler. Initially, they were used as herding breeds by the Romans, and hence they got the name “Roman rottweiler.” 

Though the Roman rottweilers are socialized at a young age and are smart and clever dogs, who want to learn something new, sometimes they could be stubborn. To be successful train them for a specific time. 

German rottweilers are also known for being smart and trainable dogs. For this reason, they’re used as worker/service dogs, even though rottweilers are a little stubborn, German rottweilers are straighter forward and are eager to learn. 

The Roman Rottweiler is bigger than the German Rottweiler in terms of size. The German and the Roman Rottweilers look quite similar to one another.

The Roman Rottweiler, however, gets away with a lot more in terms of appearance because they are not recognized as a breed by the government. German Rottweilers have uniform coat colors, although off-colors are not recognized as pure breeds. 

A full-on difference between a German and American Rottweiler

Comparison of a German rottweiler and a Roman rottweiler

German rottweilerRoman rottweiler
24 – 27 inches24 – 30 inches
77 to 130 lbs.85 to 130 lbs.
Short, straight, CoarseShort, Thick
Black/Mahogany, Black/Rust, Black/TanMultiple Color Combos
Energetic, ObedientIndependent, Courageous, Protective
comparison of both the German and Roman rottweiler


  • Both of these dogs are a brilliant breed, as both are strong and smart equally and easily trainable, mostly these dogs have a main use which is being a worker/service dog. 
  • They are socialized at a young age and they both are easily trainable but the Roman rottweiler is a little stubborn sometimes whereas the German rottweiler is straightforward. 
  • In addition to being working dogs, these dogs make wonderful companions for families since they will watch after their loved ones. 

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