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What Is The Difference Between The Powers Of A Still Force Conduit/user, And The Ability Of Speed Steal, By Speed Force Conduits/users? (Answered)

What Is The Difference Between The Powers Of A Still Force Conduit/user, And The Ability Of Speed Steal, By Speed Force Conduits/users? (Answered)

The Still Force can be used to slow down or even stop the aging process of the conduit, siphon energy from other people, or even physically manifest its power.

When harnessed to its full potential, the Still Force is capable of stopping the universe from growing, as Grodd previously demonstrated.

In contrast to Speed Steal, which allows a speedster to absorb someone’s kinetic energy to enhance their own speed, rendering them motionless, a conduit of still force connected to that source can either delay or speed up its own aging process as well as that of others.

Yet, the Still Force is capable of more than just physically slowing down objects.

Continue reading to learn what they are and how Speed Steel can help you tell them apart. Let’s begin!

What Is A Still Force?

The Still Force is an energy field that everyone using it has the ability to invalidate, revealing the potential to stimulate and accelerate the power of entropy.

Actually, Still Force is all about velocity/speed. The entire universe is in motion. The entire universe is expanding and moving. Your body’s subatomic particles vibrate at particular frequencies.

The Still Force user has the ability to slow down the aging process, take life energy from others, and mold energy into physical objects.

Surprisingly well, the American television program “Flash” touches on the idea of Still Force.
It demonstrates how the relationship between energy and speed affects, among other things, the longevity and character of speed.

What Is A Speed Force?

One of the Seven Forces of the Universe, the Speed Force is a cosmic force based on speed and motion. Being the actual cosmic force that advances space and time, it is the image of reality in motion.

Speed can be controlled by a human but in the comic world, it’s limitless.

It enables speedsters to perform other clever tricks and move at speeds that would otherwise be impossible due to the laws of physics. The Speed Force is the cosmic force that moves time forward in the Post-Flashpoint continuity.

When it first appeared in The Flash mythos in 1994, The Speed Force was one of the most fascinating and immediately alluring components.

That sounds very wonderful to be able to access an elemental force that allows one to sprint so quickly they can occasionally outrun relativity until they become stuck. The Speed Force functions until it doesn’t in both the comic books and the television series.

In the show, fallen Speedsters like Reverse-Flash may get imprisoned in a sort of Limbo. The concept is similar yet slightly different in comics.

What does Speed Force in movies look like?

Difference Between The Powers Of A Still Force Conduit/User, And The Ability Of Speed Steal, By Speed Force Conduits/Users

The Still Force is inherently the antithesis of the Speed Force; whereas the Speed Force is built on speed and forward movement, the Still Force is based on reversion and perpetuation.

In contrast to Still Force, which is about speed, Speed Force is all about manipulating time to produce the illusion of speed.

It shows how motion permeates the entire cosmos. The entire universe is expanding and moving. Your body’s subatomic particles vibrate at particular frequencies.

The Still Force user has the ability to slow down the aging process, take life energy from others, and mold energy into physical objects.

The Speed Force is one type of energy, while the Still Force is another. Because of this, users of both can negate one other’s abilities.

Who the user can direct more energy from each of their distinct power sources often determines how the conflict will end.

Users of the Speed Force have the ability to take another person’s speed and add it to their own. Yet, they can also impart their speed to another person.

Speed cannot be stolen by a person like the Turtle. He can, however, slow down both people and things.

What Is The Relationship Between Speed Force And Barry Allan From ‘Flash’?

American TV Show: The Flash

An American television program called Flash centers on a superhero with the superpower of speed. Barry, the main character, is believed by the audience to have created Speed Force in order to gain power.

Barry Allen is more like the speed force’s battery than its creator. Barry releases Speed Force energy with each step.

However, it has no meaning. Barry’s issue is that he spends too much time thinking about the science of the speed force, which makes him more methodical and, thus, slower than Wally.

Wally, on the other hand, is a mainstay of the Speed Force since he has a spiritual connection to it. Wally has such a strong belief in the speed force that he repeatedly places his faith in it rather than attempting to understand it.

Can Superman Access The Speed Of Force?

Superman hasn’t used the speed force in a main-continuity story, as far as I can remember. Clark, however, channeled the speed force in the Smallville comic book by donning a speed force suit.

That’s the closest Superman has ever been to using the speed force, in my opinion.
Superboy Prime was kept imprisoned in the speed force by several Flashes until he managed to escape, despite not using the speed force.

Wally is equipped with amazing superhuman speed. He could go 7,000 miles in 6.25 seconds and even surpass the speed of light to the point where he entered the Speed Force. He is quicker than Shazam and Superman.

It’s common knowledge that Red Tornado can access speed force. Although being a creation of man, he qualifies for entry into the speed force because he is sentient.

He is capable of moving so quickly that he can produce tornadoes, something that other speedsters can also do. Despite his lack of humanity, he could be a good addition to the Speed Force roster.

Let’s look at the table below to see some of the heroes and villains that are connected to the speed force.

Heroes/Villains (Comics and TV Shows)Presence
Max MercuryFlash #76
Iris and Jai WestKid Flash
Daniel WestFlash #0
The GodspeedThe Flash: Rebirth #1
Some famous heroes and villains use the speed force phenomenon.

Different Kinds Of Forces

Electric Force

Due to their electric charges, particles can be repelled by or attracted to electrostatic forces.

Electric forces
Electric forces are present with charges; positive and negative.

Non-contact forces are kind to which this force belongs. Considering that the motion is effective without the charges coming into contact. An electric field is a region that can sense a charge’s charge while it is present.

The French physicist Charles-Augustin de Coulomb, who first characterized the force in 1785, is the name-bearer of this force, which is also known as the Coulomb force or Coulomb interaction.

Magnetic Force

The force that a magnet lays on exact materials like iron, steel, nickel, and cobalt is known as a magnetic force. This force can act at a distance, making it a sort of non-contact force.

Magnetic Force
The magnetic force is correlated to electric force since both of them deal with electrical charges.

We have seen that there are two stages that can be thought about when two charges interact. The electric field E is created by the charge Q, the field’s source, with vE = Q r / (40) r2.

The magnetic strength is weakest in the middle whereas it is the strongest at its poles. A magnet also applies a magnetic force to other magnets.


  • Speed Force is all about manipulating energy to create the illusion of speed, while Still Force is all about speed and is a cosmic force based on entropy and inertia.
  • The Speed Force, one of the seven cosmic forces of the universe, is the extraterrestrial energy source that fuels all DC speedsters and gives motion to the multiverse (now known as the omniverse).
  • Example: Flash Superhero and Wally generate enough Speed Force energy to play havoc with the fabric of the multiverse.
  • The Still Force can initiate or speed up entropy in comics. The aging processes of both the conduit and those it is connected to can be slowed or accelerated. It also gives users the ability to drain the life energy from other people and living things, making it difficult to stop them.

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