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Fortnite Weapon Rarity: A Detailed Breakdown

Fortnite Weapon Rarity: A Detailed Breakdown

The rarity system in Fortnite is used to gauge a weapon’s potency. The color of a gun can indicate its rarity, which ranges widely. Crafting makes your weapons’ rarity even more important than before.

It might be unclear to mark each unique rarity, especially if you haven’t played in recent seasons. There are seven different rarities that a weapon can be in Chapter 2, Season 6.

In this article, we’ll explain each gun’s color in Fortnite and how picking the right color can help you win more matches and stay alive longer.

What Do the Fortnite Weapon Colors Mean?

What Do the Fortnite Weapon Colors Mean?
What Do the Fortnite Weapon Colors Mean?

Weapons and other items can be found everywhere in Fortnite, including chests, llamas, and even airdrops. The solid background of the weapons suggests a lot of things.

The colors of the weapon or item indicate its strength and precision. It goes from the worst to the best in grey, green, blue, purple, and gold. The most precious and potent material is gold.

We must first comprehend how Fortnite has used the colors. In Fortnite, not all colors are created equally because the gun’s power changes as the color change.

Common: White

The most prevalent weapon type in the game is white. This is a gun’s base model with the least damage and no extras. These weapons are plentiful and are worth dropping for almost anything else on the map.

You will encounter dozens of them. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use any White weapons or that you won’t succeed in killing people with them; it just means that this particular class of weapon is the weakest one available for any particular firearm.

armed soldier
In Fortnite, not all colors are created equally because the gun’s power changes as the color change.

Uncommon: Green

Although green weapons are an improvement over white ones, you will still encounter them in most games. These are the first colors of weapons to have different subtypes and tend to deal more damage than white weapons.

Uncommon weapons are worth paying closer attention to because their differences can reveal a lot about the weapon’s stopping power, rate of fire, and even the range at which it is most effective.

Rare: Blue

If you’re looking for one of these weapons, you can usually find at least one on a map. However, it would help if you avoided being ambushed while looking.

Once more, while not as much damage as weapons in higher tiers, this type typically deals more damage. The best rarity tier for most of the game’s weapons is usually rare, with variants typically being capped at higher rarities.

If you are fortunate enough to come across a Rare gun in the game, you have something that can survive the majority of battles.

Epic: Purple

Even though epic weapons are rare, they are truly game-changers. You won’t necessarily find an Epic weapon during every round, but these are generally the best that the average player can hope to find in a match.

Since they have the power to make or break your game, these weapons are more than worth a fight.

Legendary: Gold

These are the best of the best weapons, to put it simply. You will be able to deal more damage than anyone else on the map if you successfully locate a legendary weapon.

However, it’s possible to play through dozens of games without coming across a legendary weapon, and pursuing one is rarely worthwhile.

Instead, attempt to obtain a powerful weapon at a lower level and try to kill opponents as they advance toward greater rewards. But if you’re fortunate, you might be able to use a legendary weapon to change the course of a game.


Beginner’s Guide To Weapons In Fortnite!

Here is a list of every weapon rarity currently available in Fortnite.


The most basic and fragile weapons are grey. They are also the most prevalent, as their name suggests.
In Fortnite, the Green Common Assault Rifle can frequently be discovered on the ground and in chests.

It gains one hit point in damage from mid-range and achieves better accuracy. The reload time of the standard AR is another significant improvement. Reload times get shorter as color-enhanced ARs get better. Even so.

Although 1 second might not seem like much, it matters in a gunfight. The green AR is a great weapon at the start of battles because it can damage enemies at long and medium ranges.

When the necessary materials are gathered, the required materials can also be upgraded to a better blue AR.


The game’s most prevalent firearm is the uncommon (Assault Rifle), which is conveniently located in chests and on the ground. It deals a fair amount of damage to players and is frequently kept by them for the first few minutes before being traded out.

These are more respectable than common weapons because they are green. In the early game, upgrading or crafting from these is beneficial.

The drawback is that when fired quickly, they frequently are wildly inaccurate. Early on, use the unusual assault rifle to protect yourself from opponents at a medium distance.

We strongly advise you to fire this gun in short bursts. Holding the button down will result in inaccurate spraying. When tapped quickly, it will show to be more accurate.


The best game right now is the Rare (blue) assault rifle. This gun outperforms most mid-range weapons thanks to its increased damage of 33.1 and faster reload time of 2.0 seconds.

The standard is rare weapons, and you should work to acquire these blue ones. They deal decent amounts of damage, and some weapons, like the Mechanical and Primal Bows, are only found in rare quantities.

Only Rare Makeshift Weapons are available in Chapter 2 of Season 6.


It’s difficult to find purple epic weapons in chests, but if you’re lucky, you might be able to pull them out. Epic weapons are typically dropped in supply drops. NPCs such as the Spire Guardians can drop these or challenge other NPCs when defeated.

Typically, end-game players have a tonne of epic weapons at their disposal. It also enables players to add a stealth element to their gameplay by hiding behind walls and bushes at medium range.


The Legendary SCAR is the game’s top weapon. These are the strongest weapons you could find in a typical game. They are orange, and upgrading an epic gun is the quickest way to acquire them. Although they are uncommon, you might find them in chests.

It is a weapon that should always be carried due to its accuracy at both medium and long ranges. It rips through the wood, brick, and metal and deals 36.0 damage per hit to players.

With the suppressor attached, the silenced version loses only 3 points, making it equally effective. Like the epic version, the silenced gold gun is excellent for taking down golf carts, airplanes, helicopters, or boats.

You shouldn’t pass up this opportunity to buy a gun. The ideal firearm for all ranges is the legendary or “gold” SCAR.


Raz at The Spire is an example of an NPC boss who frequently uses gold mythic weapons. Even though they are more difficult to find, they are stronger than their legendary variants.

Only a few Mythic weapons are available in the game at any given time, and only one is allowed per match. If you can defeat the boss, you’ll have a huge advantage.


Only particular NPCs can sell exotics for bars. The NPC has as many of them as the players can afford. They are light blue. The peculiar effects they can have are what make them exotic.

Exotic weapons are typically modified versions of vaulted weapons that aren’t normally accessible during the season.


How To Identify Weapons In Fortnite That Are Different Rarities?

This part is very simple. To finish the quest, you must mark one weapon from each of the seven rarities. Move your crosshairs over the gun to keep it, then click your Ping button.

The middle mouse button is used by default on a PC. It’s still on the D-Pad on the controller. Drop the weapon and mark it if it is already in your inventory.

Drawing the rarer weapons is the most difficult part of this quest, so keep an eye out for marking opportunities in the final circles.


  • A color-based system is used to gauge the power and precision of the weapons in Fortnite.
  • These weapons are frequently discovered on the ground or in chests.
  • The guns in Fortnite are ranked from worst to best according to their rarity.
  • Grey is a common color, followed by green, blue, and purple/gold, the rarest color in the game.
  • Due to their superior strength and accuracy, gold and purple guns are the most sought-after in the game.

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