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When He Says You’re Pretty VS You’re Cute

When He Says You’re Pretty VS You’re Cute

No matter if you are in high school, getting your professional degree, working in an office, or staying at home a buying compliment you is always a THING! A thing you cannot brush off your head just like that.

If you will ask a guy about the meaning of the comments they make on a girl they will answer it casually with a little laughter if I may add.

On a contrary, a girl will always and always get into the depth of the situation. Girls are known to read into the situation a lot and sometimes they get hurt in the process.

There is no major difference when a guy says you are pretty and when he says you are cute. They both basically mean that he finds you attractive in some way. However, pretty is often used to describe someone who is conventionally attractive, and cute usually refers to a person’s innocence.

Today, let’s make a comparison of a guy’s perspective and a girl’s perspective. Shall we?

What does it mean when a guy compliments you?

a girl looking up at the sun with her hand on her forehead

When a guy compliments you it means that he likes you and what to get your attention. Guys know it well that a girl just cannot let go of a compliment a guy makes and especially the one who she has an eye for.

Guys rarely take out time from their life to involve themselves with someone if they do not want them to be involved. So, it is for sure that a guy complimenting you is a sign of his attention towards you.

Well, a girl will not just listen to a guy complimenting her but will go into deep waters to know what it means.

According to a girl, the guy may be complimenting her to fool around with her to get more than JUST A DATE! He could want some work done and the complimenting is in the process. And maybe just maybe the guy actually likes her.

Difference between You’re pretty vs You’re Cute

Is pretty and cute the same thing?

Is pretty and cute the same thing? No, they are not.

The word pretty emphasizes more on the good-looking side of a person. It will not be wrong if I will say that pretty can be interchangeably used with beautiful. The word cute indicates innocence and kindness in a person. Using the word adorable as a substitute for this word can not be wrong. The word CUTE is mostly used for babies.

Following are the dictionary meaning of both these words and a sentence to make you understand this word even more.

PrettyConventionally beautifulThe girl in the black dress is pretty and attractive.
CuteAttractive in a youthful way.The girl in the white dress is cute and naughty.
Meaning and sentences on Pretty and Cute.

When a guy says that you are pretty, he means that you are a delight to look at. And when he says that you are cute he means that you are fun to be around or he feels pleasant with your company.

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What does pretty cute mean?

Pretty cute generally just means cute. The addition of “pretty” does not add any other meaning to the word.

While pretty and cute have different meanings when used separately, using them together gives these words a different context. Using pretty with any word makes that thing normal. I think I have not put it correctly.

Look at these sentences and you will know what am I trying to say.

  • These are pretty huge walls.
  • The book was pretty interesting.
  • Ya, that girl is pretty cute.
  • It is pretty awesome.

Saying someone is pretty cute does not mean that the person is the utmost example of cuteness. It just means that you are fairly or somewhat cute.

If a guy has ever said to you that you are pretty cute and now you think it was nothing but just a statement he made, do not be upset, maybe he meant it in a different way.

How is pretty different from beautiful?

Beautiful is a synonym for pretty. They both mean the same thing and are used to describe someone or something that is conventionally attractive.

When someone compliments you by saying you are beautiful, it pretty much means that you are pretty in appearance.

Some people associate beauty with what a person has inside and out. But according to me, being beautiful means your features match with the figure the society accepts as beauty.

The standard of beauty variates in different regions of the world. In some countries, ladies with a big butt are considered beautiful, while in some regions slimmer girls are the statement of beauty. The same goes for the complexion, the beauty standard changes from skin tone in different countries of the world.

The standard of someone being pretty is the same. One must look pleasant to the eyes and you are pretty!

It is thought that when a guy says that you are pretty he is flirting. I am not saying that it is the ultimate rule. Maybe your guy is a one-girl dude and loves to use the word pretty instead of beautiful, but that is a general consideration.

Also, it is understood that if a guy describes you as beautiful he is into you with all his heart and soul. Now again, that is not something that is written somewhere, and going against it will take the guy to the courtroom. But this is a general belief.

The above-stated considerations mostly come from the girl gang. But if you will ask a guy, it will be rare that a guy thinks too much before saying someone pretty or beautiful. They do not open a dictionary every time they talk to a girl. a guy feels like saying something they say it. END GAME!

A conventionally attractive girl

What is the highest compliment a guy could give?

In all fairness, no one can answer this for you because every girl likes to be treated differently. Some girls like their man to be rough and tough and treat them that way while others like to be treated politely.

Some girls like guys to talk more about the inner beauty and the goodness of the world and everything. While there are girls who like to go straight on point. And guys have a way of sensing what a girl likes to hear and when.

Those guys who do not have a clue what to say to a girl have a hard time in life. But do not worry, here are some very good compliments you can make to impress your girl.

Check out this video and take the first step.

Compliment her right!

Summing it up!

Figuring out what a guy had said to you and why is a major deal since forever and as far as I know, it is not going to end up any time soon.

While girls tend to read into it a little more than guys. Guys are more casual about their compliments and comments but not all the time.

For a guy, a girl can be youthful and adorable so he can call her cute and if she is apparently attractive he can compliment her with being pretty.

A guy can also confuse with calling someone pretty but would actually mean that she is beautiful, Confused much? Done that, been there! Just try to live in the moment most of the time and let the rest be handled by either fate or your best friend.

On an ending note, anything stated in the article is about the general perception and how things work around the world most of the time. Hope this whole discussion will help you with your future interactions.

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