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What Is The Difference Between A Wife And A Mistress? (Elaborated)

What Is The Difference Between A Wife And A Mistress? (Elaborated)

According to the General Social Survey, 13 percent of women and 20 percent of men have cheated on their partners. These stats indicate that women are less likely to cheat in a relationship. 

Unfortunately, the issue of infidelity is not limited to any specific culture or religion; in fact, it is widespread. You probably wonder what the main reason is behind this huge percentage of the American population cheating on their partners.

According to an article from Psychology Today, falling out of love is the main cause of infidelity.

There are several key differences between a wife and a mistress. 

The mistress does not live with her husband. This means that he is not responsible for her actions. A married man can love his mistress and give her money and intimacy, but the mistress cannot expect the same level of loyalty from him. In addition, she cannot visit his home and family when she wants.

On the other hand, a wife spends all of her time making the home and caring for the children. There is social acceptance of the relationship between the husband and wife.

This article discusses the relationship between a husband and a mistress in-depth. There’s also a discussion about how a wife should communicate with a mistress. So, let’s dive into it!


When a man and a woman are bound in a legal relationship of marriage, the female is known as the wife. The title remains with the woman until the relationship stays legal.


A woman who’s involved in adultery with a married man is known as a mistress. There’s no legal relationship between a man and his mistress; it’s rather a controversial relationship.

Difference Between Wife and Mistress

A woman who’s legally bound in a relationshipA woman who’s in an intimate relationship with a married man outside of marriage
There are so many responsibilities on a wife from raising the children and making the home A mistress doesn’t have any such responsibilities
Wife vs. Mistress

The Relationship Between a Husband and a Mistress

A relationship between a husband and a mistress is not without its risks. While many men love their wives and feel a strong sense of loyalty, an affair can help them rekindle the passion and excitement that were once common in their relationships. 

A man may feel that his wife doesn’t understand his needs or wants, and he feels lonely. A mistress can provide this need by giving a man the companionship and understanding he craves. Having an affair can also give a man a sense of independence that he can’t get from his wife.

Here is a video of a woman meeting her husband’s mistress for the first time

Why Do Men Cheat? 

Here are the main reasons why men might cheat on their wives:

  • Their partner does not give them enough physical attention
  • They become so mean and don’t think about anyone else except themselves 
  • Taking revenge on their cheating wife
  • It pushes them to cheat when there are many options available 
  • As a result of their wife not giving enough attention to home, they cheat on her
  • They do not know how to stay committed
  • They are narcissists 
Why do Men cheat?
A Couple Watching the Scenery

How Should a Wife Deal with A Mistress? 

The first step in dealing with a mistress is communication.

The married woman needs to talk openly to her husband about the situation and gather support from family and friends. Then she must do everything she can to win her husband back.

A mistress will try to hide the relationship or even make excuses to cover their true intentions. If the relationship is fueled by love, the mistress may try to prolong the affair for years. Eventually, both parties will realize they are in the wrong relationship. 

In the United States and many parts of Europe, a husband-and-mistress relationship is considered socially unacceptable. However, in the early twenty-first century, the social stigma surrounding such relationships declined.

Gender roles and traditional definitions of relationships are being scrutinized more. More men and women are living together without marriage and having relationships on nonsexual terms. 

Life of a Mistress

1No one wants to be friends with a mistress
2A mistress will cause problems for the wife and children of the person she is having an affair with
3No one in his family or circle of friends will ever want to meet the mistress
4It’s less likely that he’ll leave his wife for his mistress
5The mistress will always be his second or maybe last priority
6He’ll never want to have kids with his mistress
7There is a high probability that she will always be lied to
8He won’t accompany her on holidays 
9He will be celebrating his birthday, valentines day, and festivities with his family 
10He won’t allow her to post any picture with him on her social media sites
11There will never be a time when he loves her more than his children
Situations a Mistress Might Have to Deal With

Signs of Cheating: Can a Man Love and Still Cheat on You?

If your partner seems to be using the phone more often or has changed their passwords, they may be cheating. They also may be working longer hours or changing their outside behavior.

The best way to figure out if your partner is cheating is to trust your instinct. However, you should also keep in mind that these signs don’t always indicate infidelity.

A communication breakdown is one of the first signs of cheating. A cheater will often use deflection to hide their feelings.

For example, a cheater will make excuses to avoid spending time with their partner, such as pretending to work late. You may also notice sudden changes in bedtime routines. A cheater might prefer messaging their mistress during the night rather than kissing their partner.

Signs of Cheating - Can a Man Love and Still Cheat You?
Love is in the air

Men who are cheating often try to keep the affair a secret, claiming that it is only for the sake of their reputation. They want to protect their reputation, so they’re unlikely to regret their actions. If your partner apologizes more than once, he’s showing more interest in your relationship.

When your partner is cheating, he’ll try to avoid spending time with you, often to make you feel guilty. This means that he’s actively spending time with other people instead of you. The more time your partner spends away from you, the more likely it is that your partner is cheating.


  • A wife and a mistress play different roles in a man’s life. Both have legal and social consequences.
  • Husband-mistress relationships often arise from passion and fulfilling emotional needs.
  • Infidelity can result from feeling neglected. It can also arise from seeking revenge or having narcissistic traits.
  • Dealing with a mistress requires open communication and support from family and friends.
  • Social views on such relationships have changed with reduced stigma in some places.
  • Life as a mistress is tough. Because it involves secrecy, low priority, and no long-term commitment.
  • Signs of cheating include changes in behavior.
  • Another sign is spending less time with a partner.
  • Wives are usually sympathized with. Whereas, mistresses often face judgment and negativity.

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