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Bikini Line VS Full Bikini VS Brazilian Wax

Bikini Line VS Full Bikini VS Brazilian Wax

Waxing or shaving? The debate of which one is better than the other is going for ages. Shaving is fine if you have no time in hand or you do not want to feel the pain waxing brings.

Waxing so far has been people’s choice most of the time because of its lasting time and smoother results.

But what if you want to get waxing done in a very specific and very sensitive area? Like around your bikini? The experience will surely be painful but the results will make you go to the spa for getting it done more than ever.

There are three kinds of waxing that can be done around your bikini: Bikini line, full bikini, and Brazilian wax.

  • A bikini line means that you want to get the hair wax that is showing out from your swim suit.
  • Full bikini means getting in-depth waxing from the bikini line which leaves a more prominent triangle than what you get from the bikini line.
  • A Brazilian wax is something that cleans your pubic bone entirely. This waxing covers every hair that even comes around the anus and vagina. Some experts even use tweezers to get the tiniest hair removed.

Let’s get into the differences between a bikini line, full bikini, and Brazilian wax to get a better understanding of what should be done and what not!

What is the difference between a Brazilian and a full bikini wax?

I have already gone through the meaning of Brazilian and full bikini wax. I am not going to bore you with another few sentences elaborating more about what these waxes mean.

  • Where the Brazilian wax cleans it all up, full bikini wax still leaves either a pattern or triangle at the pubic bone.
  • Getting Brazilian wax gives you an option of Hollywood wax and French wax. And for a full bikini wax, you can also just get the bikini line done.
  • Brazilian wax is not that popular in people because it requires more time and of course more pain. A full bikini wax is done quickly and traumatizes your skin-less, so, people prefer this method more.
  • Brazilian wax leaves your skin soft and smooth, while full bikini wax still has hairs on your pubic area.

Both of these waxing methods have benefits on their own, it’s just your preference that makes it great!

What is the difference between bikini line and full bikini?

The bikini line comes under full waxing. I know the example that I am going to give you here may sound weird but I am sure it will clear your concept.

You go to a parlor to get arms waxed, right? Now, it is up to you that you wax them in full or just half of your arm. This is exactly what you can do with a bikini line and a full bikini wax. you can either just get the edges of the jungle wiped away, or you can you a little deep until you get your desired shape of triangle or stripes.

A person with a leaf covering their pubes
Brazilian Wax

What does a full Brazilian wax include?

A full Brazilian wax includes it all!

Starting from the hair on your pubic bone to your inner and upper thigh, around your genitals and anus, and not to forget the backside (buttocks).

A full Brazilian wax is your way to become all clean and neat for keeping your hygiene in check. Also, experts advise Brazilian wax because the amount of hair growth and the thickness of the hair dramatically drop!

So, if you were shaving your hair every two days, be sure that it will take more than a week for proper hair growth in the waxed area but of course, I can not say this for everyone. Every person and their hair growth story is different.

Also, ingrown hair is relatively less for a wax user as compared to someone who shaves the hair off.

What should I do before my first Brazilian wax?

First and foremost, check if you have any medical condition which will heighten your chance of getting an infection.

Then make sure you have enough hair on your pubic bone that can be waxed. People often visit parlors with very little hair that are not long enough to stick on the waxing paper.

It is very important to do all necessary pre-requisites before getting a Brazilian wax. This method of waxing has turned out to be infectious for people with poor immunity. This may sound surprising to you but that is how it is.

Before booking an appointment, be sure you are not expecting to have periods that day because nobody likes a bloody show happening in front of everybody, and let’s be honest, it’s just gross.

Also, start exfoliating your skin a week before, do it twice or thrice. Exfoliating that area makes it easy for the hair to exit.

Creams that have retinoids in them must be avoided at least 5 days before you are planning to get your Brazilian wax done.

Know what underwear should you be wearing while getting your wax done.

I am sure your expert is going to numb that area with a numbing cream but for your own peace of mind, make sure to ask if the place you are choosing uses a numbing cream or not. In case they are not using a numbing cream, take one yourself and thank me later.

See what this expert has to say about the things you are supposed to do before stepping into your wax appointment.

For the first-timers of Brazilian waxing

Which is better a bikini, a full bikini, or a Brazilian wax?

Well, that all depends on your preference or the purpose behind your waxing. If you are going to a beach and you do not want to go through the traumatic pain a Brazilian wax can give you, you can sure get done just with a bikini line and you will look all neat and clean.

If you need a more deeper and defined triangle, a full bikini wax is the right choice for you. And if you or your partner likes it all clean from front to back, or you are into hygiene and all, go for the Brazilian wax.

No matter what you are going to get done, bikini line, full bikini, and Brazilian wax, it is always better than shaving or a hair removal cream. Waxing takes out the hair from deep inside and leaves the skin smooth and hair growth gets slow with time.

A person laying down in a bikini


Waxing may be a traumatically painful and scary experience for people that even thinking about getting it done makes them anxious but it is also an effective way of making your hair grow less with time.

A bikini line, a full bikini, and Brazilian wax are different from each other in many ways but the purpose served is the same, removing your hair from your pube. Now it depends on you what kind of wax are you choosing to get done with.

Always wear loose clothes after getting your wax done and do not forget the pain killer to beat the unbearable pain. Also, avoid beaches and sexual activities for a few days until you feel that you are at your best. A few days of precautions spear you from pain.

If after a day or two you still feel pain and it is increasing rather than fading away, consult a dermatologist.

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