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Different Types of Alcoholic Drinks (Comparison)

Different Types of Alcoholic Drinks (Comparison)

Alcohol-based drinks are generally referred to as alcoholic drinks. A majority of alcoholic drinks are intoxicating, especially if they have high alcohol per volume. This article will cover different types of alcoholic drinks and their components.

For a quick answer:

  • Malt is the main ingredient of beer (Barley wheat, barley, etc.). Brewing is the word that describes the method used to create beer. The most common method involves the process of brewing malted barley.
  • Fruits are among the principal components of wines (majorly the grapes). The fermentation process of juices from fruit is used in the wine production method (Crushed grapes)
  • Liquor is an alcoholic drink that is made of plants or grains, such as vodka, rum whisky, gin, or whiskey, and then distilled into spirits.
  • The spirit of Brandy is made mostly by distilling wine.
  • A spirit that is distilled by fermenting grain mash (wheat or barley.) and matured in oak barrels for a specific duration is whiskey.
  • Rum is a distilled alcoholic drink that is made out of Molasses (Sugarcane juice)
  • Vodka is a distilled, alcoholic beverage made by fermenting grain mash which is then distilled (Wheat barley, wheat, and potatoes too)
  • Bourbon: It’s a type of American whiskey, where the primary ingredient must contain a minimum of 51 percent maize to be considered authentic.
  • Stout is a kind of beer made by the fermentation process of a highly caramelized malt high in the vessel for fermentation.
  • Scotch whisky is a type of whiskey produced and matured within Scotland over a minimum of three years inside oak barrels.
  • Feni is a beverage that is produced in Goa the state of Goa, it is a distilled alcoholic beverage that is derived from fermented Cashew as well as Toddy the juice of palms.
  • Champagne is a type of sparkling wine, which is a product that originated in the Champagne region of France. It is produced through the second fermentation in wine that leads to carbonation.
  • Tequila is an alcoholic distilled drink that originated in Mexico and is made using Agave fruits that have been fermented (similar to Pineapple).
  • Gin is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grains Mash and Juniper berries. It is a tonic.

For more information about this topic, have a quick look at this video.

The difference between multiple alcoholic drinks

Every alcoholic beverage is different from the rest due to the ingredients used and the process of manufacturing. It’s a huge topic. Let’s try to cover the majority of them under the headings below.

What are the different types of alcoholic drinks?

There are many types of alcoholic drinks. The most popular ones are beer, whiskey, vodka, and wine.


A bottle of vodka
Vodka has an ABV range of 40% to 95%

In the past, vodka was produced from potatoes or cereal grains through fermentation. Certain brands produce vodka using sugar or fruits as well. Vodka is among the most well-known and desired drinks. It can be consumed in its entirety or made into cocktails such as Cosmopolitan, Bloody Mary, and Martini.


Whiskey is a distilled alcoholic drink. It is made by fermenting grain mash such as rye, barley wheat, corn, and barley. Whiskey is made by charring white oak in order to create a unique type of taste. After whiskey has been bottled out of the casks, it stops maturing. Whiskey that is good quality contains around 40% alcohol.


Although there is a possibility to create a brandy with all kinds of fruit, the most sought-after method of making them is the early grapes. Mostly used as a drink to enjoy after dinner the brandy is comprised of 35 percent to 60% alcohol. To preserve the brandy, it can be stored inside wooden barrels or exposed to coloring with caramel.


A glass of vermouth
Vermouth is often a key ingredient in a lot of popular drinks like cocktails and Martini.

We can define vermouth as an aromatized type of wine. To enhance the flavor of wine vermouth is infused with elements like barks, roots, spices, seeds, herbs, and flowers. In order to enhance the flavor, brandy is added to the recipe. Vermouth comes in two varieties: dry and sweet.


The production of Cognac is not an easy process since it must meet certain standards. It is a type of brandy that is made with a specific kind made from Ugni Blanc grapes. It is twice distilled in copper pots and then matured for at least 2 years inside French oak barrels that originate from the French districts of Troncais as well as Limousin.


The primary ingredients to make beer are hops, water as well as yeast, and barley. The steps to make beer involves extracting sugar from barley before fermentation with yeast. Other grains like rye rice, wheat and maize are also utilized to make beer.

Port wine

Port wine is extremely sweet, this is because it is basically residual sugar. A wine that is fortified produced in Portugal using a traditional method. The grape varieties used in its production comprise Tinta Roriz, Touriga Nacional, Tinta Barroca, Tinta Cao as well as Touriga Francesa.


Rum is an adored alcohol drink. The steps to make rum is to distill the byproducts from sugarcane and sugarcane juice. Then, the liquid is matured in barrels.


A person pouring gin into a champagne glass
The name gin comes from the French name genièvre.

It is an alcoholic drink that is similar to vodka. Gin is the name that originates directly from Juniper berries. The components that make it are cinnamon, juniper coriander, and coriander as well as citrus peel, almond along with alcohol that is neutral to grain.


Non-alcoholic cider, also known as soft cider the juice of an apple that is served raw without filtering. The yeasts found naturally in apple juice convert sugars from the apple into alcohol and carbon dioxide. A few examples of cider-related rinks include perry (made using apples) as well as rhubarb, quince, and cider.

What’s the difference between rum and brandy?

Brandy is mostly made from grape juices, fruit juices, or wine. Rum is made from sugarcane juice.

In terms of origins, brandy found its origin in the past of Greece and Rome and rum discovered its origins within the Caribbean.

Rum is an alcohol-based drink that is popular in certain occasions. In contrast, many people like to drink brandy following dinner.

The first distillation of Brandy took place around the time of the 16th century the first distillation of rum took place in the 17th century.

The alcohol content of the brandy is believed to be between 35% and 60%. Rum’s alcohol content is estimated to be 37.5%-80 percent.

Have a look at this table for a quick comparison

Parameter of ComparisonBrandyRum
DefinitionIt is an alcoholic beverage that is fermented. Its main ingredient is the mash of fruit or wine. The sequence of procedures to ferment and distill it is executed.It is an alcohol-based drink that has as its primary ingredient which is the juice of sugarcane. It is produced by fermenting and distilling sugarcane juice.
Alcohol content35% to 60% of the alcohol content is found in brandy. It contains between 35% and 60% alcohol.37.5%-80 percent of the alcohol content is found in rum.
OriginIt’s old Greece along with Rome from which the brandy was derived.The Caribbean is the location where rum’s roots are located.
Main ingredientThe primary ingredient in brandy is wine or fruit mashing.The primary ingredient in rum is sugarcane juice.
First distillationThe first distillation of Brandy took place in the 16th century.The first time that Rum was distilled was in the 17th century.
Comparison Table Between Brandy and Rum

Which drink can get me drunk the fastest?

Drinks like vodka and brandy can get you drunk the fastest.

You can have a look at the alcohol concentration or ABV (Alcohol by volume) of the drink to see which drink contains the most alcohol. Drinks like beer usually sit around 4-5% of ABV meanwhile vodka can range from 40-95% ABV, which is extremely high.

The rate at which you take your shots also factors in how fast you get drunk. If you take shot after shot, chances are you’ll get drunk really fast, even if you’re just having beer. Not eating or drinking water can also hasten the insobriety process. Note that by doing this, you’ll also experience a really strong hangover the next day, which isn’t ideal if you have work. It’s better to pace yourself.


A glass of whiskey with ice
The cons of alcohol outweigh the pros.

For some, the difference between alcoholic drinks does not matter. However, for some, it’s important for them to know the difference, even if they offer the same degree of insobriety. Many people believe that alcohol-based drinks are harmful however, there are some benefits these drinks can provide.

A variety of studies have shown that minimal consumption of alcohol can help improve the heart health of a person.

They can also help to feel warmer, particularly in the winter. The drinks transfer warm blood of the body to the skin’s surface and consequently, one feels warm for a short period of time at the very least. 

Both of these drinks are beneficial in relieving tension and stabilizing blood pressure, which gives this sense of relaxation.

Despite the very few benefits these drinks offer, know that drinking them in excess could cause harm to the body. So, they must be taken in moderation. For one thing drinking heavily is not good in any way.

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