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Disabling a Discord Account VS. Deleting A Discord Account – What’s The Difference?

Disabling a Discord Account VS. Deleting A Discord Account – What’s The Difference?

In this era of social media you must be aware of Discord. But if you are one of those people who still haven’t learned about this platform I’d suggest you to tag along. The 2021 stats shows Discord has improved its user experience by ensuring the safety of its users. More than 60% of identity cases were reported in the year. The best part is the action rate against these crimes was 57%. 

You might have wondered how a deleted account differs from a disabled account if you’ve ever used Discord.

Here’s a short answer: disabling a Discord means you’ve got 14 days to enable it again. After this time period, you won’t be able to recover it. On the other hand, a deleted account will be permanently gone after a month. And there won’t be any way to get it back. 

A disabled account and an active account look the same. Your data including name, chats, and profile picture will be there. However, it will show your status as “offline”. 

Sometimes, it’s not you who has disabled your Discord. If you’re not following community guidelines, that forum might ban/disable you from the forum. 

This article discusses what TOS you should follow in order to run your account smoothly. So, stick around till the end of the article. 

Let’s get into it…

What Is Discord?

Using it, you can chat, call, or do video calls with more than millions of other users. This forum is equally valuable for all kinds of users who need a community to share their personal or professional day-to-day life.

As you probably know, increased screen time in kids is a rising issue since the COVID outbreak. On top of that, it seems out of the question to keep a check on your children. According to the stats of 2020, 70% of parents in the U.S. want to watch their children’s activities on the internet.

With that being said, let me assure you that Discord has your back. No one under 13 is allowed to be on the forum. If the platform suspects a user aged below 13, it immediately bans the account. 

A complete parents guide to Discord

Is Discord Only Suitable For Gamers?

When Discord was created, its primary purpose was to cater the interests of gamers. But now everyone with an interest in arts, anime, or other stuff can spend valuable time using discord servers. 

Let me tell you that you can’t escape gaming on the servers, even related to arts or anime. People will talk mostly about games in the other genres. 

Since the community is quite large, you can always engage with people who share common interests. Additionally, it’s up to you whether you wish to be a part of gaming servers or other servers. 

Is Discord only for gamers?
Everyone with interests in any niche can use Discord

Discord Account And Safety 

It is a safe platform so far. The forum will have quite fewer scammers because no one with a fake identity will be able to join. To ensure users’ safety, everyone has to follow the security measures. 

It gives you an option to change the settings to restrict others from sending you direct messages. Moreover, you can decide who can add you as a friend. If you keep control, there’s nothing as secure as Discord. 

Is There Any Fee To Use Discord?

The basic features of Discord won’t charge you any fee. Those features include chatting, calling, and creating your own communities. There’s also a limit of 8 MB files that you can share on the platform

If you want to send larger files, you need to subscribe to Nitro (paid feature). This might be the common issue you may face while using the platform without paying any subscription fee. 

Everything You Need To Know About Discord Streamer Mode

Streamer mode of Discord
What Is Streamer Mode of Discord? Is there any fee to use it?

Discord offers many modes, one of which is the Streamer mode. While you’re streaming in front of a large number of people, this mode will hide your friends’ messages from popping up on the screen. 

Moreover, you can hide your personal information such as your email address.

During your live sessions:

  • You won’t be able to receive invitation links 
  • No one can join your session unless you give them permission
  • It mutes any type of sound 
  • No notification will appear on the screen

You can simply enable this mode in settings. 

Terms Of Service (TOS) Of Discord

Here are TOS of the platform:

  • Your minimum age should be 13
  • If your country allows you to use the platform, you can use it on the responsibility of your parents.
  • The platform has the right to remove or add the features
  • If you lose the email or phone number you used to create the account, there’s no way to restore the account
  • You’re not allowed to harm the platform or other users on the platform
  • Don’t do anything that’s not legal

Can Violating The TOS Get You Banned From Discord?

If you’re violating the TOS in any way, your account will get banned and you’ll never be able to recover it again. They simply log you out and notify you through an email. 

If you’re participating in political debates and sharing your political views, it might be one of the reasons behind your disabled account. Threatening or harassing someone will also get you removed from the platform. 

Additionally, you should never share content related to animal cruelty or the one that may scare others. 

Terms and service of Discord
You should never talk about harming others

Having alt accounts attached to your main account may also get all your accounts banned. So, it’s never a smart idea to keep your accounts interlinked. 

Disabled Discord Account Vs Deleted Discord Account

This table shows how a deleted account is distinct from a disabled account:

Disabled DiscordDeleted Discord
You’ve a right to disable your Discord whenever you wantYou can delete your Discord account anytime you wish
You can enable it within 14 daysYou can get it back within a month
After 14 days your account gets deleted permanentlyAfter a month you won’t able to get it back
Your profile picture doesn’t get removedYour profile picture will get removed
It will appear in the servers like other active accountsIt won’t appear anywhere
Your data will be in the databaseYou’ll lose your record including friends and groups in case of not having backup
If your account gets banned by the platform, you’ll lose it forever
Table compares disabled account and deleted account of Discord

How Does A Disabled Discord Account Look Like? 

If you disable your Discord account, it will look like other active accounts. Your profile and name will remain the same. It’s worth noting that it will get deleted permanently after the span of 14 days. 

No one would be able to tell whether or not your account has gotten disabled. The only difference one could notice is that you’ll appear offline. 


If you’re spending too much time on Discord, and want to focus on other things in life, you have the option of disabling it for 14 days. 

If you wish to rejoin the forum within this period, you can log in any time.

However, deleting it will delete your personal information and chats. You can log in to your deleted account within 30 days, but you can’t recover your data in case of having no backup.

Sometimes, not following the TOS also gets you banned from the platform. Therefore, it’s really essential to not do anything that goes against community guidelines. 

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