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Do You Know The Difference Between Being A Playboy Playmate and A Bunny? (Find Out)

Do You Know The Difference Between Being A Playboy Playmate and A Bunny? (Find Out)

Over the years, more than 25,000 Bunnies have worked at Playboy Clubs worldwide, beginning with the Bunnies at the first Playboy Club in Chicago in 1960 and continuing to the present day.

On the other hand, Bunnies can make excellent playmates in particular situations.

There’s a difference between a Playboy Bunny and a Playboy Playmate. People who don’t know much about Playboy or its history think Playmates are Bunnies. They tend to use both the terms synonymously without any hesitation. Well, that’s not the case.

A Playboy Bunny is hired only as a hostess to serve the guests. She does cocktails play pool games with the guests. She can serve as a waitress, coat check, cigarette seller, and many more, depending on the place of work.

While Playboy Playmate is a woman featured in the magazine (representing a particular month) in a pictorial with the iconic “Centerfold.”Playmates can dress up like bunnies on certain occasions, but they don’t serve the guests. Their costume is just for appearance.

Let’s explore the different aspects of both roles to understand their differences.

What Is The Origin Of Playboy?

Let’s talk about the origin of Playboy magazine and Playboy club.

Playboy was an American magazine that featured nudity and sexually-oriented material for women in an appealing format. Its founder was Hugh Hefner, and its first issue was published in 1953.

Apart from erotic photos, Playboy also had articles from the general and fiction genres. Playboy magazine never compromised on the quality of its content. The most certain content of this magazine was playboy philosophy articulated by Hefner himself.

It was a chain of nightclubs and resorts operated by the Playboy Enterprises, first established in 1960 in Chicago, where the Playboy Bunnies served as the waitresses. But all these clubs were closed down permanently in 2019.

What Is A Playboy Playmate?

A Playboy Playmate is a woman featured in the Playboy magazine, especially its centerfold.

These Playmates often appear on special occasions, wearing Playboy Bunny costumes. However, they don’t fulfill the duties of the bunnies.

Those Playboy Playmates can also work as Playboy Bunnies, but it isn’t imperative. Whether these women are attached to the club, the Playboy Playmate title is forever.

What Is Playboy Bunny?

The Playboy Bunny is a woman who works in a Playboy Club wearing a bunny costume.

These women wear a custom-fitted costume that includes a bodysuit, collar, cuffs, bunny ears, bunny tails, bow tie, stocking, and shoes.

The Playboy Bunnies can work as waitresses, coat checkers, doorpeople, photographers, and even cigarette sellers. These Bunnies often play pool games with customers to keep them occupied.

Image of a women posing as a club bunny.
Bunnies are one of the most crucial attractions for guests in the club.

One thing worth mentioning is that they are off-limit for customers. They can work in a relaxed environment without any worries of harassment.

Difference Between A Playboy Bunny And A Playboy Playmate ?

The Playboy Playmate and Playboy Bunny are two different things. Here is a table for you to understand these differences easily.

Playboy PlaymatePlayboy Bunny
A woman featured in the centerfold of Playboy magazine.A woman working as a waitress or hostess to serve the guests
This title is forever.It lasts only until you’re an employee of the Playboy club.
She can also work as a Bunny if she’s interested.She can also become a Playboy Playmate if she’s interested.
A simple table to distinguish between the two

Here is a short video clip about the difference between Playboy Bunny and Playboy Playmate.

Is Playboy Bunny Or Playmate A Lifetime Title?

Playboy Playmate’s title is for a lifetime, while The title of Bunny is not forever.

If you’ve worked as a Playboy Playmate, even for a month, you’ll be recognized as Playmate forever. There is no concept of ‘Ex’ in it.

The title of Bunny is yours as long as you’re serving as a Bunny a playboy club. After quitting your job, you’re no longer called a Playboy Bunny.

Do You Get Paid To Be A Playboy Bunny Or A Playmate?

The salary for both of these jobs is pretty handsome.

The Playboy, a Playmate, gets a good salary package depending on the type of photoshoot and the possible use of her pictures if the Playmate is also working as a Playboy Bunny, her salary increases.

However, the Playboy Bunny’s salary is not as good as a Playboy Playmate’s. Her salary also depends on the type of job assigned to her.

What Do You Have To Do To Become A Playboy Bunny Or Playmate?

You need to be confident, physically fit and have a positive attitude to be a Playboy Bunny or Playmate.

Playboy Bunnies And Playmates are very carefully and thoroughly selected. On an average basis, only 8 out of 100 girls are set to become a part of the Playboy universe.

The Playboy club is very selective about the selection criteria of their Bunnies and Playmates. You’ve to go through several initial and then final tests to get selected. The panel of the Playboy team interviews every candidate exclusively. Even after selection, you’ve to go through the training of 8 weeks.

Bottom Line

Once a Playmate, always a Playmate. Several Playmates have been active for years, appearing in numerous photoshoots and attending special Playboy events as brand ambassadors, frequently donning the Bunny outfit.

The Playboy Bunny and the Playboy Playmate are women’s roles in a Playboy club and magazine.

The Playboy Playmate is a woman who works as a model for Playboy magazine. She is the month’s featured image and appears mainly on the centerfold pages. She’ll be called Playboy Playmate forever, even after quitting her job.

In contrast to the Playboy Playmate, the Playboy Bunny is a woman who works in a Playboy club. She wears a bunny costume and does different jobs in the club. These jobs range from serving cocktails to playing pool games with the guests. However, they are strictly off-limit and are well guarded to ensure their safety.

Both of these jobs are interchangeable. If a Playmate wants to work as a Playboy Bunny, she can do that and vice versa. These jobs are pretty well-paid and also require a perfectly groomed candidate.

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