For Me’ vs. ‘To Me’: Clarifying Their Meanings

English as we all know is an extensively spoken language with its learners increasing day by day. Having the status of an international language, one who can speak or write English can easily converse with people from all around the world. People belonging from any part of the world have are knowledge of the English language.

While speaking or writing English many people do the mistake of using words for describing their thoughts, ideas, and experiences it completely changes the meaning of what you are trying to converse.

To me and for me are two quite similar words or phrases used to describe thoughts, ideas, and experiences. Although both are similar but are not the same.

When used at the start of the sentence, the word to me contains personal intention or means someone benefits you in some way. Whereas when the word for me in starting of the sentence is more of your personal thoughts on something.

This is just one difference between me and me, to know in-depth differences, correct usage and much more read till the end as I will cover all.

For Me: What does it mean?

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For me is used to reflect your personal thoughts or opinions on topics that are unimportant to you.

For which is a preposition and me are two different words used next to each other in a sentence. The meanings of the word for me vary depending on their placement in a sentence.

When for me is used at the starting of the sentence it mostly indicates what are your personal thoughts or views regarding anything which not important to you. However, your views can also be positive or negative.

Here is a simple example for your clarification: For me, it is boring to watch political analysis.”

When the word for me is used in the middle indicates that either something is important or trivial, good, or bad for you. Take a look at some examples I have for you below.

“It is good for me to keep an eye on my competitor.”

“It is annoying for me to study all day.”

The word for me is also used at the end of the sentence to ask someone to you by doing something for you.

Take this one as an example: “Can you buy that ticket for me?”

Other words that can be used instead of the for me:

  • Me
  • Myself
  • Personally

To Me: What does it imply?

To and me are also two different words used next to each other in a single sentence. The word to me has various meanings depending on the sentence but most commonly it is used to request or ask someone to pass or bring anything to you.

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It’s used to ask someone to pass something on to you or bring something to you.

These are a few examples of using to me in a sentence:

  • “Please pass the dish to me.”
  • “Can you bring that bag to me?”

The word to me also means that you are the one who cares about the subject which is mentioned. A simple example of this is the one below.

“Her happiness means a lot to me.”

When expressing opinions using the word to me, is actually the direction of how you feel about anything. Take this one as an example: To me, I wasn’t hurt by the fight but his words hurt a lot.”

The word to me is logical to use and senses more what something means to you rather than what something does to you.

The word to me also indicates your relationship with a person or thing. An example for your clarification would be this: “That picture is very special to me.”

Is For Me and To Me the same?

As for me and to me are similar by spelling and pronunciation you might be thinking that are both words the same?

Although both of the words seem and sound alike, they are not the same as they have different meanings and usage. The table below represents major differences between for me and to me.

For MeTo Me
Type of useMostly emotionalLogical
UsageCommonly usedNot much used
Usage purpose To express an opinion on a thing that is trivial to you, to indicate how important is something for you, to ask someone to perform a task for you.To describe what something means to you,
Used to indicate your relationship with something or someone, or
to request someone to bring or pass something to you.
Key distinctions between for me and to me

It is mainly the preposition for and me that creates differences between for me and to me. Check this video out for a more comprehensive discussion about their distinction.

A video about the differences between for me and to me for your better understanding.

Important To Me vs. Important For Me: Which is correct?

Now in some cases, the usage of the word for me and to me becomes a bit tricky. The usage of to me and for me, with the word important added to the sentence, can easily confuse a new learner and he might end up getting stuck on the question—which one is correct?

Both phrases important to me and important for me are correct but there is a slight difference in their usage and meanings.

So first let’s talk about the meaning and usage of the phrase important to me.

When I say that is important to me—it means, that thing is of value to me. Whereas important for me means, that it is of value to me. It is used when you want to mention something that is important for you to do by action.

Take a look at this example: “Kindly gather information about that plant. It is important to me.”

The word to in these types of sentences is usually used when followed by pronouns.

Whereas important for me means, that it is of value to me. It is used when you want to mention something that is important for you to do by action.

The word important for me is followed by the first form of the verb. In some cases, the word important for me also describes any reason behind the action.

This Means A Lot To Me vs. This Means To Me: What is grammatically correct?

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The word this at the beginning of the statement denotes the discussion of a single item.

Words to me and for me are used in many phrases but in some phrases, their usage confuses many people either natives or new learners.

This means a lot for me and this means a lot to me are phrases that make us think about whether for me or to me is correct to use with it.

The word this at the starting of the phrase indicates that any singular thing is being discussed. The singular form of the verb mean would be means. Consequently, the correct phrase would be this means a lot to me.

The phrase this means a lot to me may imply that the specific thing is very important or precious to you. The phrase this means a lot for me sounds odd and is grammatically incorrect to use.


Words play an important role in building your personality and image.

Usage of wrong words can make your message sound confusing and sometimes the situation can be more terrible. Having Knowledge of words and phrases can prevent you from their wrong usage.

For me and to me are two different phrases with distinct meanings and usage.

For me and to me must only be used as phrases in a sentence and they must not become your state of mind in life. Only focusing on your benefit result in being a selfish person.

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