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Gmail VS Google Mail (Difference Revealed)

Gmail VS Google Mail (Difference Revealed)

Posting letters has always been a thing for people. Before telecommunication, letter writing was very common as it was the only source of communication among people but things have changed now.

Phones and then emails have taken over the world. People now rarely go for letter posting as it is a whole process that takes time while emailing is more convenient and time-saving.

Among many others, Google has a wide range of users or it might be right to say that most of the mailing accounts come under Google’s umbrella. Maybe the reason for this is android’s requirement to log in to its app store or maybe people just find it user-friendly.

Gmail and google mail are the same emailing domains with different names. There were some legal concerns in the United Kingdom due to which Gmail could not be used so instead of it, Google mail is the domain used there.

Gmail is the top-ranked mailing server across the world

Is Gmail And Google Mail The Same?

Not everyone is curious enough to notice this but people do find it interesting why google has two mailing names, do they have any difference, or are they the same?

Yes, Gmail and Google mail are the same. No matter if your ID has a written at the end of it or a, the emails sent will be received on the same portal.

When Google was up to making Gmail its trademark and was registering with this name across the globe, the company noticed that few regions like the United Kingdom, Russia, Poland, and Germany already have this name registered hence Google came up with the idea of Google mail in these regions.

Nonetheless, even with different names, any user name with or written at the end of it can be logged in each portal which makes it more understandable how Gmail and Google mail are the same.

Is Gmail Part of Google Mail?

It wouldn’t be right to say that either Gmail is a part of Google mail or Google mail is a part of Gmail because that is not how it is.

Gmail and Google mail are two different names created for some reason by Google and emails sent to either of the portals will reach the same site. Both of these mailing portals are part of Google.

Here are some fun facts that I would like you all to know. If you put a ‘dot’ in the username of the id, it would not matter to Google at all. Even with this mistake, Google will send the email to the right address. For example, if you wish to send an email to abc@gmail. com and instead of you writing the email will still be sent to

Another thing you might not know is the ‘+’ sign that you might add to a mailing account. You can add a ‘+’ and anything written after it will be ignored by the server. For example, if you want to send an email to and for some reason, you accidentally wrote, the email will still be sent to

This could help you if you’re using your personal ID for business purposes as well because if you’ll give a business acquaintance your address like, you’ll still receive your email on the same portal and you can mark the difference in flow.

Google redirects mails

Can I Change Google Mail to Gmail?

You don’t need to change a Google mail to a Gmail because Google redirects the emails of either site. But if you absolutely wish to change it then, of course, you can.

You can always go to the Google Settings then to Accounts and after that click to Switch to and Voila! Here you go, the changes are made, done, and dusted!

Here is a video tutorial that’ll help you find a way to change your Google mail to Gmail.

Changing A Google Account Email Address

When Did Google Mail Become Gmail?

Google launched Gmail on the 1st of April in 2004. The company started to register the mailing portal in different regions of the world and upon doing so Google realized that countries like Russia, Germany United Kingdom and Poland already have Gmail registered there but of course with different owners.

That is when Google came up with the idea of Google mail instead of Gmail in these specific regions. However, emails with can also be received on because both of the portals come under the umbrella of Google.

In Russia, Gmail is registered as a local mail redirecting service. In Poland, the owner of the Gmail domain is a Polish poet.

However, 2010 was the time when Google mail was converted to Gmail in the United Kingdom. And as of 2012, the issues in Germany were also resolved and the new users were able to make a Gmail account instead of a Google mail account and the rest had the option to switch.

Here is all you need to know about Gmail.

DeveloperPaul Buchheit
Launched inApril 1, 2004
Availability105 languages
Users1.5 billion
Site TypeWebmail
All you need to the about Gmail


We all know how important an email is in this fast-paced world and how many users are using Gmail and it is extremely user-friendly.

However, people are still questioning the difference between a Gmail account and a Google mail account. So, here I’m summing it all up.

  • As of this time, Google mail is only being used in Poland and Russia because the trademark was already been registered there by locals.
  • The United Kingdom and Germany were also among the countries that were using Google mail before but things are sorted their now.
  • You can switch from Google mail to Gmail but it is not necessary.
  • Sending mails on or, the system redirects the email to the correct address.
  • Nonetheless, Gmail and Google mail have no difference whatsoever.
  • Gmail and Google mail, both are a part of Google.

To read more, check out my article on vs. (What’s the difference?).

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