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Hoppean VS Anarcho-Capitalism: Know The Difference

Hoppean VS Anarcho-Capitalism: Know The Difference

Different political scientists come up with different political theories from time to time. The main motive of these theories is to bring a positive change in the current world.

The main difference between hoppean and anarcho-capitalism is that Anarcho-capitalism is more culturally neutral than Hoppeanism, which is more conservative. Moreover, Hoppean anarcho-capitalism is right-wing and conservative in concept compared to anarcho-capitalism, which tilts more towards liberalism.

Let’s discuss these concepts in detail.

What Is Capitalism?

According to popular understanding, capitalism involves private actors owning and controlling property according to their interests.

Market prices are set freely by demand and supply in a way that serves society’s long-term interests. Profit is the essence of capitalism.

Each party has a stake in the outcome of voluntary exchange, but neither can achieve what he or she wants without considering the other.

Economies that rely on capitalism allow for capital assets such as factories, mines, and railroads to be privately owned and controlled, labor to be purchased for money wages, capital gains to accrue to private owners, and prices to accommodate competing uses of capital and labor.

What Is Anarchism?

 As a concept, anarchism refers to a way of thinking and living without government intervention. 

During the early 20th century, anarchist thought developed in the West and spread to other parts of the world. Anarchism, anarchist, and anarchy are all terms derived from the Greek root “Anarchos,” meaning “without authority”.

A society like this attains harmony not through submission to law or obedience to authority, but by establishing free agreements among the various groups.

The purpose of these groups is not only to produce and consume goods but also to satisfy the endless variety of needs and aspirations of civilized humans.

As a political theory, anarchism rejects authority and power as justifiable. Individual liberty, often conceived as freedom from dominance, is the building block of anarchism, which is typically grounded in moral beliefs about freedom.

What Is Liberalism?

Liberalism is a political ideology that promotes individual rights, liberty, consent of the governed, and equality before the law as principles of politics and morality.

An image of people protesting.
Peaceful protest is a legal right of the citizens

A defining feature of modern democracy is liberal ideology, exemplified by the use of the term “liberal democracy to describe countries with free and fair elections, the rule of law, and civil liberties protected.

According to liberalism, securing the rights of individuals to life, liberty, and property is the highest objective of government. As a result, liberals believe a just political system must be based on the well-being of the individual.

You can consider it as a political doctrine that protects the rights of its citizen. While liberals typically believe that government is necessary to protect individuals, they also recognize that government itself poses a threat to liberty.

So, they struggle to keep the government in check to avoid giving absolute power to the government to prevent the exploitation of its citizens.

What Is Anarcho-Capitalism?

Anarcho-capitalism (also known as ancap) is a political philosophy and economic theory that advocates statelessness instead of centralized governments.

Anarcho-capitalism aims to break up centralized states and replace them with stateless societies

This system endorses private property, non-aggression principles, free markets, and right-libertarian interpretations of self-ownership. Additionally, it includes control over private property as part of the self. 

Anarcho-capitalists would still have private property, but it would be enforced by private defense agencies or insurance companies, which would operate competitively in a market and do the job of law enforcement and courts.  

What Is Hoppean Anarcho-Capitalism?

Hoppeanism or Hoppean anarcho-capitalism is a modified version of anarcho-capitalism. Hoppean views are more aggressive and non-democratic regarding capitalism and states.

Although Hoppeanism is also a form of anarcho-capitalism, it is way more conservative as it emphasizes social conservatism and tends to pose extremist behavior toward the idea of democracy and even government. Hans Hermann Hoppe developed it.

Know The Difference; Anarcho-Capitalism And Hoppean Anarcho-Capitalism

Hoppeanism is a sub-discipline of Anarcho-capitalism. However, it is pretty different from anarcho-capitalism in various ways. Here is a table listing the differences between both ideologies.

Hoppen Anarcho-CapitalismAnarcho-Capitalism
Hoppeanism is conservative.Anarcho-capitalism is neutral.
It shows intense hatred towards democracy.It expresses its dislike of democracy but is not so strong.
It advocates government but a tiny one.This ideology is against the setup of any government.
Hoppeanism doesn’t give equal rights to the dwellers of its society.Anarcho-capitalism advocates a free society with equal rights for everyone.
It strongly resents liberal ideas like homosexuality or the right to free speech.This ideology is tilted more towards liberalism rather than conservatism.
Hoppeanism Vs Ancap

Here is a short video clip showing the comparison between left-wing and right-wing ancap.

Hoppeanism VS Anarcho-Capitalism.

Is Anarcho-capitalism Left Or, Right?

Anarcho-capitalism is usually considered a far-left, anti-capitalist movement in its social and individualistic forms.

It supports libertarian socialist economic theories like collectivism, communism, individualism, mutualism, and syndicalism.

Why Is Anarcho-Capitalism Not Anarchism?

Capitalism and the state are inextricably intertwined, so anarcho-capitalism can’t be anarchism.

Further, capitalism has domineering hierarchical structures like employer-employee relationships.

Do Liberalists Believe In Anarchy?

An image of liberals protesting for their rights.
Liberals protesting for their rights

Liberals believe in anarchy as the root of the theory of liberalism is also based on anarchism. This theory was developed keeping in mind that states are based on anarchy, and people need liberation and proper rights.

Who Is Known As First Modern Anarchist?

The first modern anarchist was Pierre Joseph Proudhon (1809-1865). He was the one who laid the foundation of anarchism during the mid-nineteenth century.

What Do Anarcho-Capitalists Believe?

The anarcho-capitalists believe workers should own their means of production and allocate the product of their labor within a free market.

Capital and property owners will make these decisions, regardless of what individuals need.

Do Anarchists Believe In Money?

An image of a stack of coins.
Capitalism goes hand in hand with Anarchism

Money is fundamentally quantitative instead of qualitative to anarcho-communists. According to them, production should be qualitative, and consumption should be a matter of self-determination without others assigning arbitrary values to labor, goods, and services.

Is Anarchy A Chaos?

Anarchy, a society without hierarchies, is often negatively referred to as chaos or societal collapse. However, this is not what anarchists mean by anarchy. It just means a society with no government and hierarchy.

Is It Legal To Be An Anarchist?

Anarchism says there should be no government, laws, police, or anything else. There’s nothing illegal about having that belief, and most anarchists in the US advocate non-violent, non-criminal change.

Do Anarchists Believe In Socialism?

Anarchists historically considered themselves socialists. Therefore many anarchists today view anarcho-capitalism as a form of capitalism rather than anarchism.

Final Takeaway

Ancap and Hoppeanism are different sides of the same ideology with a few differences.

  • Hoppeanism is socially conservative, while anarcho-capitalism is neutral and tilted towards liberalism.
  • The ideology of hoppean ancap is clearly against democracy, whereas anarcho-capitalism resents democracy but doesn’t promote any hatred towards it among the masses.
  • Anarcho-capitalism is an advocate of the free market along with every sort of freedom to its masses. However, hoppean anarcho-capitalism doesn’t give many rights to its followers and adheres to social conservatism.

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