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How Do I Tell The Gender Of My Kitten? (Difference Revealed)

How Do I Tell The Gender Of My Kitten? (Difference Revealed)

Animals possess a special place in the hearts of humans; but among other animals, the most usual pets are cats and dogs. Cats are adorable, but they can’t protect their owner if any tragedy falls upon them. Cats have attained a special and soft corner in the hearts of every human being.

Cats are known as adorable and peaceful animals whom people admire and do not hesitate to keep as pets. Even the stray cat which wanders across the streets is also successful in bringing people’s attention to itself. No matter how cruel or dangerous you are, a cute kitten and a baby will always win your cruelty and make a soft corner in your heart. This fact is also proven by various movies.

After the cats, there comes a kitten; the kittens are usually known as the most adorable creatures living on this planet. The kittens are very sensitive and are usually the center of attention of the house owner. The dogs are a winner at this point; they will risk their lives to save the life of their owner.

Lift the kitten’s tail; the opening just underneath the tail is the anus. Below the anus is the crotch opening, which is round in shape in males and is a vertical-shaped slit in females.

Most people find it very difficult to identify the gender of their kitten, and they keep struggling to find it. The identification of a kitten is very necessary in order to give it the best quality food and attention according to its gender.

How to Determine the Gender of a Kitten?

A kitten is a young cat. After being born, kittens display primary altricial and are totally reliant on their mother cats for the sake of survival.

They normally keep their eyes closed for seven to ten days. After two weeks, kittens build quickly and begin to explore the world that lies outside their nest.

A male kitten
A Male Kitten
  • Most of the animals have a very similar way of determining their genders; the same way goes for the kitten. Lift the kitten’s tail. The opening just underneath the tail is the anus.
  • Below the anus is the crotch opening, which is round in shape in males and is a vertical-shaped slit in females. In kittens of similar age, the distance between the anus and the crotch opening is greater in the male than the female.
  • If the kitten is female, the owner can easily find out by lifting the tail of the newly born kitten with a towel or soft cloth gently and peacefully to avoid any injuries.
  • After lifting the tail, you can easily see a small hole which is called the anus, near the foundation of the kitten’s tail with a line directly under it which we call the vulva. There is a little bit of furry area between these two because of the less distance between them.
  • If the kitten is male, then follow the same procedure and lift the tail of the kitten carefully, and you will find the small hole near the foundation of the tail b tortoiseshells and Calicut. You will also find the second round shape hole called the scrotum, which will be located a little further down than the female kitten.
  • Due to the gap between the anus and scrotum in male kittens, there is space left that is furry at the time, but as the kitten grows, it will become much easier to identify them as male or female.

Difference Between Male and Female Kittens

Male KittenFemale Kitten
Physical changesThe male kittens have a large gap between their opening and the anus which is covered in furThe female kittens have a little bit of space between the scrotum and the anus which is also covered in fur. As the kitten grows the difference becomes visible.
Color coatsThe male kittens are often found in basic two colors orange and white. Most of the male kittens are found in these colorsThe female kittens are mostly of many colors besides orange and white. The female kittens are Tortoiseshells and calicos colored
BehaviorThe behavior of the male kitten is entirely different from the female as the male kitten likes to go out and is very confidentThe female kitten is the opposite of the male kitten as female kittens like to stay close to the owner and be the center of attention
Male vs. Female Kittens

Relationship Between the Kitten’s Gender and Its Skin Tone

Carlene Strandell, Director and Founder of Smitten With Kittens, which is a nonprofit-based organization running foster-based kitten rescue working in different parts of the world, said that the coat color of the kitten helps determine the gender of the kitten. Cats with three colored coats such as are more likely to be female and are found in the majority.

Tortoise shells and calicos are almost always female because these color patterns are usually caused by gender-based genes. The males are noticed to be more of the color orange tabby or white.

Female Kitten
A Female Kitten

Newly Born Kitten Vaccination

When the kittens are born, they need several vaccines to avoid any contagious diseases throughout their lifetime.

You have to take care of the kittens just like you take care of any human baby. Kittens require a lot of attention and a couple of visits to doctors’ clinics because many of the kittens are unhealthy and can gain deadly diseases.

The Behavior of the Kitten

When the kittens start to turn into a cat, their behavior changes, through which you can easily tell the gender of your kitten.

The tom cats are more likely to mourn as they will approach the female with which they want to mate, and the male cats are more likely to be aggressive, restless, and playful.

Female kittens are the opposite of male cats. As they reach the age of six to four months, they will be mourning for attention, and they like to sit in the center of the gatherings as they are the center of attention.

Many owners claim that the male kittens are more confident and outgoing as they like to play and make new friends, while the female kittens are more of introvert cats as they like to stay close to their owner and they don’t appreciate many friends.

But just like the humans are all different even the twins who look identical have different habits and taste preferences. You can never predict what your kitten might turn into. It can be a confident, outgoing cat or a sticky center of attention.

A month old kitten
A Month-old Kitten

Some Interesting Facts About Kittens

Kittens are considered one of the cutest baby animals in the world, but they are sensitive at the same time. The mother cat is very sensitive about her kittens and does not like strangers touching them as she fears the tragedy. However, the mother cat feels safe around known people and lets the kittens play around them.

The owners of the kittens are also very vigilant about the activities of the kittens and take special care of them as they are more likely to injure themselves. The kittens possess significant importance in the house; whether you are cruel or aggressive, a baby and a kitten will more likely be successful in melting your heart.

The mother cat does not allow her kittens to go outside the house without the owner as the big birds, like black night or eagles, like to feed on them.

The kittens are sensitive to direct hot sunlight as it can damage the vision of the newly born kitten; just like humans, the newly born baby is not taken out on a very hot day because of the scorching sun rays.

Have a look at this video to know more about kittens.


  • The male kittens have a little bit of a gap between their scrotum and anus, which is covered in a thick layer of fur. In comparison, the female kittens have more gap in between, which is also covered in a thin layer of fur.
  • The gender of the kitten can also be identified by the color coat of the kitten.
  • The orange or white colored cats are more likely to be female, and the tortoiseshells and calicos color represents the female kitten.
  • This theory is usually accurate because the color theme comes from the gender gene.

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