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HP Envy vs. HP Pavilion Series (Detailed Difference)

HP Envy vs. HP Pavilion Series (Detailed Difference)

HP company is well-known for creating and introducing fantastic laptops in the market for years. Each series of laptops it has manufactured received a lot of success. They are attractive and have great designs as well as proper hardware and software.

Here we are introducing the two best series: HP Envy and Pavilion. Both have fulfilled the professional needs of working individuals and the educational requirements of students. Their performance is up to mark.

The biggest distinction between the HP Envy and HP Pavilion is the superior build quality of the HP Envy. In contrast hand, HP Pavilion laptops are slightly but not significantly less expensive because they are manufactured using cost-effective components.

HP Envy Laptops

A series of premium consumer-focused laptops, desktop PCs, and printers called HP Envy is produced and offered by HP Inc. They first debuted as a premium variation of the HP Pavilion range. These laptops were released 13 years ago, in 2009.

HP Envy Laptop
Laptop and Other Gadgets

Envy Desktop Models

  • The Envy H8, Envy 700, Envy H9, Envy Phoenix 800, Envy Phoenix 860, and Envy Phoenix H9 are just a few of the different series available for Envy PCs.
  • Numerous elements set different models apart from one another. They, therefore, cover a wide range, from mainstream to gamer-focused ones.
  • The Envy 32, Envy 34 Curved, and Envy 27 All-in-One PCs are part of this range.

Envy Notebook Models

  • The Envy 4 TouchSmart, Envy 4, and Envy 6 Ultrabooks are part of the early 2013 Envy portfolio.
  • The latest models include Envy X2, Envy 13, Envy 14, and Envy x360.

Envy Printer Models

  • The HP Envy brand includes numerous all-in-one printers, such as the Envy 100, Envy 110, Envy 120, Envy 4500, Envy 4520, and Envy 5530.
  • Over 50 versions of HP’s Envy printers are available, and the company continues to release new variants.

HP Pavilion Series

It is a brand of laptops and desktops designed for consumers. HP Inc. (Hewlett-Packard) first released it in 1995. The Home and Home Office product line uses the term for desktop computers and laptops.

HP Pavilion Laptop

The Pavilion series is an all-rounder and solve different issues. It is a strong category for people who seek to master several facets of daily life. Having multiple features make this class good in the laptop industry.

History of First Pavilion Computer

Technically speaking, the HP Pavilion 5030, the company’s second multimedia PC created especially for the home market, was introduced in 1995 as the first PC in the HP Pavilion range.

The first was referred to as the HP Multimedia PC, and it had model numbers 6100, 6140S, and 6170S. Later, The Pavilion rose to prominence as a design.

Pavilion Desktop Models

There are around 30 customizable desktops offered by HP, of which 5 are ordinary HP Pavilions, 4 are Slim lines, 6 are High-Performance Editions(HPE), 5 of which are “Phoenix” HPE Gaming versions, and 5 of which are Touchsmart, 5 are All-In-One models. These laptops gained popularity in the market.

Pavilion Notebook Models

Only in the US can HP Pavilion laptops be customized. Other nations offer a wide range of various models with various settings.

Some Pavilion machines that HP produced have Compaq Presario branding up until 2013.

Difference Between HP Envy and Pavilion Series

Several features set them apart from each other. The hardware and software of both categories are the primary criteria that create noticeable differences between them.

HP Envy Laptop and Pavilion Laptop
Laptops on the Table

Even though both are good to buy, they have pros and cons. Let’s spill the beans of the information to you.

Quality and Durability

The laptops of the Envy series have more detailing and are manufactured with anodized. Computers from HP Envy use the most recent Intel processors, which makes them speedier. The laptop’s graphic card offers fantastic gaming and video editing experiences and bumps due to sudden hits.

HP Pavilion notebooks have elegant designs. However, you may face dent issues on their screens with the black bezel of plastic (but not every time). If you want advanced features and durability, go for Envy laptops. Similarly, they are an excellent choice for both professional and personal use.

In contrast, the pavilion is the greatest computer to buy if a person wants a multipurpose laptop to create documents, play games, and watch exciting content.

Keyboard Size

The full-sized keyboard on the HP Envy has a backlighting option, and the brightness can be changed depending on the situation. The touchpad uses Windows precision drivers, which are incredibly responsive and precise.

The keyboard for the HP Envy line also precisely responds to repeated scrolls, clicks, and snaps. On the other hand, HP Pavilion computers have wired keyboards and mice, which makes them different from the envy series.

Core Internal and External Features

The ones from HP Envy have laptop graphic cards that are fantastic for gaming and video editing. For people who use computers professionally, the HP Envy line is ideal. Because of its sturdy construction, people can take it wherever they go.

Gaming enthusiasts looking for a reasonably priced laptop for general use can choose HP Pavilion PCs.The HD display on the HP Pavilion boasts a 108p resolution, making it ideal for entertaining.

Design and Affordability

The Envy series is known for its sleek design and high-performance specs. If you’re looking for an HP laptop that looks as good as it performs, then the Envy series is a great option. However, these laptops have a higher price tag than the Pavilion series.

The Pavilion series is a more affordable option from HP. These laptops still offer decent performance specs, but they’re less powerful than the Envy series. However, the Pavilion series is a great choice if you’re on a budget.

Size and Traditional Features

  • The HP Envy line of laptops can be broadly divided into two main categories: Traditional clamshell laptops (HP Envy) and 2-in-1 laptops (HP Envy x360).
  • Clamshell laptops are the more traditional laptop form factor, where the screen is attached to the keyboard base. 2-in-1 laptops, on the other hand, include a hinge that enables a 360-degree rotation of the screen, effectively turning the laptop into a large tablet.
  • The traditional clamshell HP Envy laptops arrive in four major size choices: 13, 14, 15, and 17 inches. As you might expect, each laptop’s features will vary depending on the size you choose.
  • The HP Pavilion series is available in 13, 14, and 15-inch sizes, with a variety of Intel Core and AMD Ryzen processors.
  • You can also get an FHD or HD display, an IPS display, up to 1TB of SSD storage, a backlit keyboard, a keyboard with a numeric keypad (on the 15-inch variants), an HD webcam, dual array microphone, dual speakers, microSD card reader, and a variety of connectors including USB-C, USB-A, and HDMI 2.0.

Let’s see a quick overview of the differences in the table below; nothing will be left after that.

 FeaturesHP Envy LaptopsHP Pavilion Laptops
Screen DisplayHave accurate and vibrant colorsIt has three distinct screen resolutions
QualityStrong qualityMade from affordable components, therefore it could be more durable.
Keyboard FeaturesIt has multi-click, multi-scroll, and multi-snap operations.Capable of handling keyboards features but lacks accuracy
Battery LifeThe battery life of these laptops is 4-6 hoursThe battery life of these laptops is 7-9 hours
Core PurposeYou can utilize them for both personal and professional useExcellent for personal use
PerformanceUse internal processorsUtilize previous-generation CPUs for affordability
HP Envy Laptop vs. Pavilion Laptop

When to Select Pavilion Laptops?

If you’re looking for an HP laptop that emphasizes entertainment and gaming, you should opt for a Pavilion model. These laptops are designed to provide a great gaming experience and be productive.

So, a Pavilion laptop is perfect if you plan on playing games as much as you work. Moreover, dual speakers, displays with a small bezel, and display resolutions come in a wide range.

When to Buy Envy Laptops?

The HP Pavilion series is great for casual use, but the HP Envy is the way to go if you need a dedicated work laptop.

With its lightweight options and privacy features, the Envy laptop is perfect for those who can bring their work with them on the go. Its selection of productivity-friendly ports makes it even more ideal for work use.

Watch this video to know more about their differences


  • This article has covered significant differences between the two HP laptop series, which will help you pick the right one when buying. The HP Envy’s improved build quality sets it apart from the HP Pavilion.
  • On the other hand, because they are made using inexpensive components, HP Pavilion laptops are somewhat, but not dramatically, less expensive.
  • This article presents all the information you need to buy a laptop according to your requirements. Always choose the most affordable and suitable laptop to avoid obstacles and interruptions in your task.

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