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I’ll Miss You VS You Will Be Missed (Know It All)

I’ll Miss You VS You Will Be Missed (Know It All)

Words have a huge impact on our relationships with other people and saying it in a certain tune makes a huge difference in how people understand and perceive things.

Telling someone that you miss them can either be taken for granted or it could be something that will be with that person for a long time. Either way, there are several ways and tunes you can express your feeling about missing someone.

Generally, saying I will miss you is nothing but an expression of your feeling of the need for someone’s presence when they are not there. And saying You will be missed means that a bunch of people at a party or a gathering will miss a certain individual.

It all depends on who is speaking, what the circumstances are, and what the tune is. Let us know more about it, let us know it all! Keep on reading for more details on the differences between I’ll miss you and You will be missed.

What does it mean when someone says “I’ll miss you”?

When someone says I’ll miss you they mean that a certain individual will miss a certain individual. It’s more of a personal thing to tell someone the importance of their presence and what it means when they are not around.

This phase is mostly used in romantic or friendly intimated situations. When someone close to your heart is parting from you for a certain period of time and you know that the time you both spend together is valuable.

Here are a few examples of “I’ll miss you” to let you know the meaning of this sentence.

  • I will miss you all the time.
  • Mama, I will miss you when I’ll be at school.
  • I will miss you even in the middle of the day.
  • I will miss you, I hope you understand what you mean to me.

One does not just simply tell someone I’ll miss you. There is always a feeling of compassion and intimacy behind these words.

Check out this video to learn more about how you tell someone I will miss you.

How to tell someone “I miss you”

What does “You will be missed” mean?

You will be missed can either mean that a party of people miss a person in a particular situation. This saying is also said at the ending note on someone’s departure. You may also find videos on Youtube saying You will be missed at a memorable video of a departed celebrity.

I do not say in any way that “You will be missed” is any less personal or it is not as meaningful as “I will miss you”, but I believe that the latter has more sentimental values attached to it.

Take a look at a few examples to understand a little bit more about this phrase.

  • After your resignation, lunches would not be the same, you will be missed.
  • It would have been better if you could have joined us at the party, you will be missed!
  • I know studies are everything to you and you have to leave but you will be missed here at school.
  • I liked you a lot, you will be missed.

I have tried my best to put down these examples by also mentioning the situations with it so that you will understand more than how this saying is used in a conversation and in what circumstances.

Telling someone that they will be missed is more formal in my opinion but this is not a rule of thumb.

A person in the stands with a sign that says "gonna miss this"
Loud and Clear

Is I’ll miss you the same as I miss you and I missed you?

I will miss you is not exactly the same as telling someone I miss you and I missed you.

You say “I will miss you” when the person you feel a strong emotional attachment to is leaving and you are letting them know how important they and their presence are to you by telling them they will be missed.

Telling someone “I miss you” is when you are letting someone who is already away from you know that you miss their presence and long to be with them.

“I missed you”, on the other hand, is used when the person comes back after being away for so long.

A picture of a person holding a phone typing in "I miss you"
Tell it today

How do you respond to “You will be missed”?

Responding to someone who tells you that “You will be missed” entirely depends on the person who said that to you. If it is your boss or a co-worker you’re not close to, you thank them. If it is a close friend, you say that they will be missed also.

Personally, I try to respond genuinely no matter who it is I’m talking to.

If someone tells me that I will be missed, I either tell them that they will be missed too or politely thank them with a smile and a nod. I hope I never sound mean or impolite when I thank someone for their expression but I truly believe that one must be clear enough to express their feelings.

Here are some ways you can respond to someone’s You will be missed according to your situation.

Telling them straight that you reciprocate their feelingsI will miss you too.
When you do not feel the same.Thank you. (With a smile)
When you need to know more about it. What is that you are going to miss about me?
Your response to someone’s “You will be missed”


Expression of your feeling is very important in any relationship or even in the minimum of your human interaction. It tells so much about how much alive you are from the inside.

I genuinely believe in telling someone how you feel about them and that too at the right time. It can be full long paragraphs of words or just an I will miss you or you will be missed.

Telling someone I will miss you is more personal than You will be missed. I think telling someone You will be missed is formal and generally said at the end of an office tenure or at the end of your high school. When you are not sure you are going to be in contact.

No matter what you are saying, try to be genuine, and polite. Use your tone wisely because that makes a huge deal in letting people know what you genuinely mean. And also, say things at the right time and the right moment because that too is the core of a healthy relationship.

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