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Joggers vs. Sweatpants: What’s the Difference? (Explained)

Joggers vs. Sweatpants: What’s the Difference? (Explained)

People often consider sweatpants or joggers as an item to wear for lazy days lounging at home. But one of the top trends in fashion right now is athletic wear. This might sound confusing, but athletic wear is a fashion option everywhere.

The fashion industry itself continues to bring out different forms of fashion. Today maximizing comfort while being able to wear the same thing almost everywhere is our main priority.

Despite their standard features, there are a lot of things that are needed to be unfolded when it comes to both joggers and sweatpants. Both of these aren’t limited to pyjamas or athletic wear as they have the potential to become everyday or even smart casual wear.

This article will explain the similarities and differences between joggers and sweatpants and how to wear each look to its best advantage. Let’s dive into the art of fashion.

What Are Joggers?

Man wearing Black Joggers sitting on concrete floor.
Stylish and Detailed Black Joggers

Joggers pants, often called Joggers, are designed for athletic purposes. They offer lightweight and allow you to move more whenever you hit the gym.

Due to being lightweight, they’re super comfortable and provide extra room for breathability.

Here are some of the main features offered by joggers

  • Elasticized or cuffed ankles
  • Front pockets
  • A tapered cut/fit with relaxed hips that becomes slimmer down the legs
  • Full leg length
  • Fabric: usually a cotton/polyester blend

Joggers are made of clothing materials like cotton, polyester, and fleece and come in a wide range of colours, including extra detailing. As the activewear industry progresses, we are introduced to something new daily. Ultra Stretch Active Joggers are one of the many new introductions to the market.

On Uniqlo’s website, they are referred to as their masterpiece as these joggers are made of spring-like material. They use polyester yarn and have 50% more stretch and spring, making them jump right back into place.

What Are Sweatpants?

A couple wearing pair of sweatpants standing in a cute pose.
A couple wearing different coloured sweatpants

We now have a pretty solid understanding of joggers, but what are sweatpants?

Sweatpants are thick and loose-fitting trousers that are suitable for leisure wear. They provide comfort and are everything you would want in a cold climate.

Sweatpants provide more warmth to the legs and encourage heat retention. Their thick material increases the amount of sweat while exercising, which has many health benefits, especially weight loss.

Sweatpants are made of cotton, cotton blend, fleece, and wool. In terms of their colours, sweatpants don’t offer much as they come in neutral colours only.

Here are some of the main features of sweatpants:

  • A drawstring waist 
  • Flared or boot cut fit
  • Full or Capri leg length
  • Fabric: Cotton/polyester blend

What’s the Difference Between Joggers and Sweatpants?

A person wearing very detailed and unique joggers.
A picture showcasing graphic joggers

Joggers and sweatpants can be called style forms, but their comfort and efficiency are separate from pants or jeans. Many people overlook the hidden details that separate the joggers and sweatpants.

DesignDrawstring waist, front pockets, and cuffed anklesSide pockets, elastic waist, and open ankles
FitA relaxed but tapered fitA loose but comfortable fit
FabricThinner cotton/polyester mix fabricThicker fabric, cotton/polyester blend, some with possible fleece lining
BreathabilityMore breathableLess breathable
WarmthNot as warmWarmer than joggers
Moisture AbsorptionYesYes
UsesMostly sporty, casually wearable, and more fashionable than sweatpantsMainly athletic, it can be worn casually
CostGenerally inexpensive, cost varies by brandGenerally inexpensive, cost varies by brand
Ease of CareLow upkeep, machine washable, and tumble dryableLow maintenance, machine washable, and dryer safe
Joggers Vs Sweatpants

Let’s discuss some major ones in detail to understand the vital differences better.


The main difference between the two is their fabric. Although they’re made of very similar materials, they have some differences in fabric. Joggers are best for hot climates as they are light, allowing you to be more mobile with them. On the other hand, Sweatpants are ideal for cold climates making you more comfortable and providing the necessary warmth.


Another thing that separates joggers from sweatpants is their option to be worn as a fashion statement. Joggers have a tapered fit which makes them ideal for some formal and casual outfits. On the contrary, Sweatpants aren’t that much of a great choice to wear on a date. Sweatpants are designed with comfort as their main priority and deliver it very well. They’re relaxed and have a loose fit throughout the bottom.


In terms of design, they’re a few significant differences that make it easier to set the two apart. Firstly joggers are fitted at the ankles. The ankles are either elasticized or cuffed, making them tighter. However, sweatpants aren’t fitted at the ankles. They’re open at the end and cover much of your shoe area.

Secondly, Joggers offer pockets on the front and a drawstring waist. The drawstring can be placed inside or outside of the waistband. Sweatpants don’t have pockets on their front but provide pockets on the side. Most sweatpants include an elastic waistband or sometimes even a drawstring.

Moisture Absorption

Both Joggers and sweatpants can absorb moisture. As the two can be worn for athletic purposes, moisture-wicking is a must-have feature.

The ability to remove moisture largely depends on the type of material used. Both of them will have more potential to remove moisture from the body more effectively if they include more polyester than cotton.


Joggers and sweatpants are both very cost-efficient as their material isn’t an expensive fabric. Primary materials used for both of these are cotton and polyester; neither is an expensive material.

However, joggers are more stylish than sweatpants, and more brands offer expensive joggers. The cost for the two comes down to what brand you are going for. Joggers and sweatpants are durable because of fabrics built to last, even if you pay a little bit more for them.

Now that we have covered all the significant differences let’s discuss how to choose the two.

Things to Look for When Choosing Sweatpants

A picture showcasing a closeup shot of black and white sweatpants.
Black and White Sweatpants and its material

To get the perfect sweatpants, you must consider how you will style them. Are you considering them for the gym? Trying to add them to your outfits? Or just wearing them as casual attire? The answer to these will give you the perfect idea of what you want from sweatpants.

Another major thing to remember is your climatic condition. Although sweatpants are 100% cotton, their weight is what you need to consider carefully. Choosing heavy-weight sweatpants wouldn’t be wise if your climatic conditions are tropical. However, sweatpants will deliver all you are looking for if you are in a cold climate.

Things to Look for When Choosing Joggers

Joggers aren’t that different from sweatpants. You need to look for similar things when choosing a perfect pair of joggers. When choosing joggers, it is best to go for something that provides structure to your silhouette and flatters your frame. One way to choose the right pair is to look for online reviews for fabric and quality. Badly made joggers can wear out after a few washes.

Style Tips for Joggers And Sweatpants

Excellent tips to style joggers the right way

Many people didn’t consider active wear as fashion until celebrities like Sylvester Stone and Bruce Lee showcased athletic wear and sweats. These can make you stand out if you know the right styling tips.

Simplicity Is Key

Suppose you want to look good while wearing joggers or sweatpants, you need to style them with something not very casual. Consider choosing simple yet clean outfits.

Instead of wearing baggy clothes, try to wear some good slim-fit tees, a good-looking polo, or even a stylish button-down, as these are some worthy options. On top of that, to make things even better, try to add another layer of clothing. A lovely detailed jacket or a plain coat will take your outfit to another level.

Go for the Right Color Scheme

Most sweatpants are in neutral colours, so it’s best to match them with a similar-looking top. Shirts with bright colours and patterns aren’t the best choice. Joggers are available in a wide variety, with many colour options.

Remember, black goes well with almost everything if you can’t decide what colour to choose.

Change the Shoe Game

In terms of the overall outfit, shoes play a significant role but instead of wearing casual sneakers, consider wearing some pair of heels, pumps, or some nice, and if the weather’s cold, style them up with your favourite pair of boots. The right shoes will tie everything together. 


A picture of a man jogging while wearing a fitted pair of grey joggers and a hoodie.
Jogging while wearing grey joggers
  • Athletic wear as fashion is a big part of people’s lives. Fashion has been incorporated in many forms, and now it’s time to consider athletic wear as a proper outfit in your closet.
  • Joggers and Sweatpants are both great for their style options. Both offer different colours and different designs.
  • What set’s both of them apart is their fabric and especially their weight. Joggers are more suitable for tropical areas, whereas sweatpants are favourable in cold climates.
  • When styling both, you must look into what expresses your sense of fashion. Joggers and sweatpants can make you stand out. It would be best if you had the right tips.
  • All and all, joggers and sweatpants are both excellent choices to go for. People often use them interchangeably, but they both offer something unique.

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