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KCM2 VS Bijuu Mode In Naruto: Which Is Stronger?

KCM2 VS Bijuu Mode In Naruto: Which Is Stronger?

Watching Anime and reading Manga are things we all have done at least once in our life. Watching anime and reading mangas are the hobbies that can convert our long boring day into a short fun day one really enjoys.

Some of you might be familiar with the famous anime and manga series Naruto. Actually, Naruto is a famous manga series and its anime has brought a revolution in the world of animation with popularity all across the globe.

Its manga is written by Masashi Kishimoto and published by Shueisha with a total of 72 versions. Its anime series mainly compromised of two parts. The first part which is named ‘Naruto‘ includes 220 episodes in total. Whereas, the second part named “Naruto: Shippuden” has 500 episodes.

Many of you might know that character named ‘Naruto Uzumaki‘ was the titular protagonist in the series. Naruto Uzumaki was an energetic ninja who wanted to become Hokage, the leader of Konohagakure, who holds a monster called the Nine-Tails in his body.

The majority of people are familiar with Naruto Uzumaki but very few have proper knowledge of his various transformations.

Biju Mode and KCM2 are among Naruto Uzumaki’s famous transformations and few of you might be familiar with them and the differences between them.

KCM2 or Kurma Chakra 2 is a transformation of Naruto when has access to all nine tails and can even cooperate with him in anything. Whereas, the bijuu mode is a transformation of Naruto Uzumaki when he turns into Kurama and becomes a beast with a hundred percent cooperation of Kurama.

This is just one difference between KCM2 and Bijuu mode. To know more about their differences and facts read till the end as I will be covering all.

What is KCM2 in Naruto?

KCM2 or Kurama Chakra 2 is a transformation in which Naruto Uzumaki has access to all nine tails and is allowed to collaborate with him in everything. In simple words, Kurama and Naruto work together and are able to share power much more efficiently.

During this state, thick lines appear on Naruto’s cheeks which indicates his complete control over his power. KCM2 was first introduced in A New Seal (Chapter 499 or Episode 247) after the Kurama Chakra Mode 1.5 and Kurama Chakra Mode 1.

Basically, Kurama commonly known as Nine tails or nine-tailed beast was a monster used as a tool for war. It appears in various Anime, Manga, Novels, Games, and Movies, and Naruto has access to his nine tails during KCM2 but half of the tails during this time are sealed inside the Minato.

During this transformation, golden Chakra manifests in the form of a large cloak and black markings are also much prominent. Naruto’s speed is scaled at massively hypersonic and his destructive power is scaled at mountain range Level after the transformation.

It means that Naruto becomes faster than other tailed beasts and his destructive power has the capability to destroy Obito’s mask with his Rasengan.

Naruto can also selectively create parts of Kurama’s avatar by KCM2 transformation.

Naruto in one of his modes
KCM2 transformation is also combined with Sage mode.

What is Bijuu mode in Naruto?

Bijuu mode transformation is a unique power possessed by all Jinchuriki in the Naruto series. In this transformation, All Jinchuriki have sealed tailed beasts in them and can utilize to get asistantance in combats and gain physical effectiveness.

The Jinchuriki envelop themselves in the overlay of their tailed beast’s chakra to greatly increase their physical effectiveness with a hundred percent cooperation of the tailed beasts. Tailed beasts are 10 massive creatures made of pure Chakra and are also known as bijuu, therefore the mode is known as bijuu mode.

Having tailed beasts sealed within, all Jinchuriki can summon them to assist them in battles. Tailed beasts are summoned in battles either to receive an extra amount of Chakra supply or to transform into full beasts with extraordinary power,

These are all bijuu or tailed beasts that are sealed in all Jinchuriki:

  • One-Tails ‘Shukaku
  • Two-Tails ‘Matatabi’
  • Three-Tails ‘Isobu’
  • Four-Tails ‘Son Goku’
  • Five-Tails ‘Kokuo’
  • Six-Tails ‘Saiken’
  • Seven-Tails ‘Chomei’
  • Eight-Tails ‘Gyuki’
  • Nine-Tails ‘Kurama’
  • The Ten-Tails ‘Juubi’

Naruto Uzumaki’s bijuu mode is a little different compared to the others as he turns into a chakra in bright yellow and black stripes instead of turning into a full beast.

You can watch this video for a better understanding of the bijuu mode.

What is the difference between KCM2 and Bijuu mode in Naruto?

In KCM2 and Bijuu mode both transformations involve nine tail beasts, you might be a bit confused and might think of both as the same.

Although both tailed beasts are involved in both transformations involve tailed beasts, they are not the same and both share some differences between them. A table for better understanding:

KCM2Bijuu mode
Introduction in mangaChapter 499Volume #53, Naruto Chapter #499
Introduction in animeEpisode 247Naruto Shippūden Episode #247
Used byNaruto UzumakiJinchūriki including Naruto Uzumaki
Key distinctions between KCM2 and Bijuu mode in Naruto

KCM (Kurama chakra) 2 is used by Naruto Uzumaki in order to gain access to all nine tails and to collaborate with him. Naruto and Kurama work together and share power more effectively in KCM2 transformation. Whereas, the bijuu mode is used by all jinchūriki including Naruto Uzumaki. In this mode, all jinchūriki have sealed tailed beasts in them and jinchūriki can use these beasts to assist them in battles.

Tailed beasts are summoned in battles either to receive an extra amount of Chakra supply or to transform into full beasts with extraordinary power.

Biju mode is just an adaption to KCM2 adding on Tailed beast Bomb and Kurama’s Embodyment Of Chakra.

What is the difference between Bijuu and Jinchuriki?

In Naruto, bijuu means tailed beasts—the ten massive beasts made of pure chakra. Whereas, the literal meaning of jinchuriki is “the power of human sacrifice”.

Jinchuriki are humans that have tailed beasts sealed within them.

All jinchuriki have their tailed beasts which they can summon for assistance in battles or receive an extra amount of chakra supply. Jinchuriki can also summon tailed beasts to get extraordinary powers.

KCM2 vs. Bijuu mode: Which is more powerful?

As you are done with the differences, you might be thinking about which of the mode is more powerful?

As KCM2 and bijuu mode both are powerful in their way, it gets a bit difficult to answer it.

KCM2 is only by used Naruto Uzumaki and the only mode that involves the cooperation of the Nine-Tailed ‘Kurama’. Whereas, the bijuu mode is used by all jinchūriki including Naruto Uzumaki and it requires the assistance of all tailed beasts.

As bijuu mode involves the power of all nine tailed beasts and it’s used widely by all jinchūriki, it can be said that the bijuu mode is more powerful than KCM2.

What is KCM2 plus sage mode?

In this form, Naruto Uzumaki receives senjutsu combined with his overall power of KCM2 making him at least ten times more powerful.

This happens as sage mode enhances the curse mark’s ability (incomplete version of sage mode) to multiply the user’s power by 10x. This version of KCM2 also causes orange pigmentation in his eyes indicating the combination of Sage mode with his KCM2.

In short, KCM2 plus sage mode is the combination of sage mode and KCM2 which can increase Naruto Uzumaki‘s power to a great extent.

What form of Naruto would it take to beat Hokage Minato?

Although there are many forms of Naruto, I think that it would take KCM1 of Naruto to beat Hokage Minato as it is as fast as Hokage Minato.

In this form, Naruto is capable to create clones that can further use sage mode. Minato simply does not have the stamina to fight them.

Wrapping Up

Anime series and manga series are great sources of entertainment and are watched or read by many people belonging to different age groups.

Most heroes or key characters have any special ability, mode, or transformation which can enhance their powers or strength.

Whether the mode or transformation be KCM2 or bijuu mode, having proper knowledge of these helps you expect what will happen next.

KCM2 and bijuu mode are two modes in the Naruto manga and anime series. Although they have similarities but are different from each other.

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