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Expensive VS Cheap Laptop Cooling Pads (Discussion)

Expensive VS Cheap Laptop Cooling Pads (Discussion)

The laptop is an ultimate need of the modern technology world as this invention can ease human tasks efficiently. Every technology comes with a period and has a life span. There is no electronic device that works for a lifetime without any error. But, when there is a problem, there is a solution also.

And so is the case with laptops. When there is insufficient ventilation under the laptop it starts to get heated. Due to improper cooling conditions, the dust gets in which results in clogging up the fan of the laptop. Hence it affects the performance of the laptop.

A laptop being used on a blanket or thighs can produce a huge amount of heat because ventilation doesn’t take place and can be at risk to damage the motherboard as well. A heated laptop base can cause potential injury to the skin as well.

For this problem, cooling pads are introduced to save the laptop from excessive heat as it damages the laptop’s inner components.

Cooling pads are a safe heaven for old and gaming laptops mostly as a new laptop’s processor works fine and can survive on its own depending on its usage. Without cooling pads, gaming laptops can go through a lot of damage due to a rise in temperature.

They also save human skin from heat burns as well.

In terms of money, there are two types of cooling pads available:

  • cheap cooling pad
  • expensive cooling pad

The is no major difference between these two besides in prices. The expensive one comes with an RGB fan and speed controller button while the cheap one also has an RGB fan with a simple design but in my opinion, it doesn’t cause any major difference to a laptop.

To have more clarity, I will discuss cooling pads and their usage more. So in case you’ve any questions in mind, keep reading.

Let’s start!

How Do Cooling Pads Work?

Cooling pads are designed as fans to improve the performance of a heated laptop by pushing cold air inside it.

They are placed under the laptop to provide a way for air to pass through with the help of cooling pad fans, thus, saving the hardware from heat effects.

But still, it is not a reliable or permanent solution for a heated laptop.

Check out the following video for more clarity.

This is how the cooling pad works!

Are Cooling Pads Worth Buying?

Cooling pads are worth giving a shot if you use your laptop for gaming and high demanding tasks that raise the laptop’s temperature. But, for the normal usage of new laptops, cooling pads are not encouraged as they tend to push heat to the motherboard. This, in turn, results in more damage to a laptop.

Laptops usually have a life span of 4 to 5 years then it starts showing you problems like heating or damage to the inner components. This leads to a permanent problem of laptops producing heat, for which laptop cooling pads came into existence.

However, cooling pads provide only a temporary solution. If you do normal cleaning or service of the laptop once a week or month, then it wouldn’t need a cooling pad.

Modern laptops are already coming with a built-in cooling system so the job can be done by the laptop itself.

Do Cheap Cooling Pads Work?

Yes! Cheap cooling pads work in the same way as expensive ones. They help in reducing the temperature of the laptop.

Though, they are of simple design and don’t have a speed controlling button fan.

All cooling pads, be the cheap or expensive ones have to be used at a certain angle to allow the airflow. So, one should know that angle to cool down the laptop temperature.

Do Cooling Pads Drain Battery?

a fully charged laptop
The full battery makes a person happy!

No! Cheap cooling pads don’t drain the battery as you would expect. It gets the laptop to power its fan, allowing your CPU to become cooler. This will drain less power.

It aims to reduce the amount of heat produced by the CPU to help it run smoothly.

But, if you are using it for high-power gaming laptops then, you’ll see a rise in power consumption regardless of cheap or expensive cooling pads. This is because online games heat a laptop a bit more than offline games.

The Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Cooling Pads

The only difference between a cheap cooling pad and an expensive cooling pad is their prices and their looks and design.

An expensive cooling pad will generally look “cooler”, no pun intended, than a cheap one. By that I mean it’ll have RGB lights and everything.

Some will come with more buttons to toy with the cooling pad or more fans, but more or less an expensive cooling pad is just as good as a cheap one.

In fact, personally, I think you shouldn’t spend all that much on a cooling pad. Just focus on getting one that does the job, which is to help cool down your laptop.

Which Brand Is Best For Cooling Pad?

There are three best cooling pad brands that stand out among other cooling brands due to their features and ability to secure the motherboard, processor, and other inner components of a laptop from being warmed.

Here take a look at their names and specifications to have more explanation about them.

BrandKootek Cooling Pad Chill Mat 5Havit HV- F2056 Slim Portable Cooling PadAicheson Laptop Cooling Pad
Number of Fans535
Dimensions15.04 x 11.89 x 1.5 inches14.96 x 1.18 x 11.02 inches16.5 x 11.5 x 1.1 inches
Weight2.55 pounds1.54 pounds1.76 pounds
Adjustable Height6 levels2 levels4 levels
Brands Specifications

Kootek Cooling Pad Chill Mat 5

This item is best in terms of noise reduction as its fans are quiet so you can work with peace of mind and a calm environment.

It has a feature of three operating modes of fans to either turn on one fan, 3 fans, or all 5 fans. This totally depends on you to choose!

It also comes with an on/off button to control fans according to the laptop’s heating situation. It has an option of dual USB for the connection of more devices at a time.

6 levels of adjustable height is a plus point to use it more comfortably. It can be adjusted according to one’s desire and with minimum to zero chances of your body experiencing fatigue.

Havit HV-F2056 Slim Portable Cooling Pad

This cooling pad creates a quiet smooth environment to work. The pad prevents overheating of the processor while you enjoy playing online, except in some instances.

This one has only two adjustable height settings which I think might be a bit hectic for a person to use while watching or typing.

It doesn’t have a normal turn on/off button for fans so all fans would on together and you cannot control its speed.

Aicheson Laptop Cooling Pad 5

The design of the fan in this cooling pad is attractive as it has one big fan in the center while 4 small fans are placed on the side for the pathway of air.

It doesn’t have a switch button but a fan switch wheel to reduce or raise the speed of the fans. The fan doesn’t consume the laptop power and can drop the temperature by 5 to 10 degrees.

The cooling pad has an extra USB slot that can be used for phone charging as well.


a lady working on laptop
A smoothly working laptop is a life saver!

From the discussion above, we can summarize that:

  • It is never a race of cheap vs expensive cooling pads, all cooling pads work fine if you know the dynamics of your laptop.
  • Cheap cooling pads are also worth it if it has several fans your laptop needs for ventilation.
  • Even expensive cooling pads have some drawbacks, putting huge money doesn’t mean the laptop would be heat-free. Choose wisely!
  • Normal and timely cleaning of a laptop is suggested to avoid the use of a cooling pad as no matter, the cooling pad is not a reliable option because it sends voltage to the motherboard which could be dangerous in the long run.
  • Avoid using the laptop on a blanket or thighs as it can decrease the life of a laptop.

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