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Libertarian, Republican & Democrat: Differences

Libertarian, Republican & Democrat: Differences

Many of you might restrict Philosophy to the halls of academia. Not merely a subject to study but in reality, philosophy was considered an art of living. It is a practice with the aim to suffer and remake the self according to wisdom.

It’s a transformation or conversion of one way of living and a quest for wisdom. In simple words, it is a self-transformation to make philosophy a way of life.

Although philosophy is hard to understand, it enhances your ability to think logically as well as improves the ability to analyze and solve various problems.

There are seven major categories of philosophy: axiology, metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, political philosophy, aesthetics, and logic. These seven types of philosophy will help you comprehend how human thought has evolved through time.

Specifically talking about political philosophy, it sets standards of judgment and defines constructive purposes for the use of public power and is defined as one of the most important intellectual disciplines.

Political philosophy is very vast and is further distributed into many ideologies and philosophies that are based on certain objectives and beliefs. A Libertarian, Democrat, and Republican are supporters of political ideology or vision of Libertarianism, Democracy, and Republicanism.

Libertarian belief or ideology strongly opposes government interference in their personal, family, and business decisions. On the other hand, the role of government in republican tradition is to protect our tradition and rights. Whereas, the democrat’s vision of government is to ensure that communities had the basic requirements of sanitation, infrastructure, and educational facilities.

These are just a few differences and facts between Republic, libertarian, and Democrats. To know more read till the end as I will cover all differences and facts about all of them.

What is a Libertarian?

Volunteers giving a cup to an elderly person
Based on this belief, only a person has the ability to make decisions and is accountable for his actions.

A libertarian is a supporter or advocate of the political philosophy of Libertarianism.

Libertarianism is a political philosophy that advocates only minimal state intervention in the lives of citizens as well as in the freehand market. In libertarianism, only an individual makes choices and he is responsible for his actions.

Libertarian thought emphasizes the dignity of every individual which encompasses both rights and responsibilities.

Principles of Libertarianism

A libertarian believes that all individuals are free to pursue their lives as long as they respect the equal rights of others.

According to libertarian belief, the order in society arises out of the actions of millions of individuals who coordinate activities with those of others to achieve any objective or purpose. They support this claim by presenting the fact that the language, law, money, and markets all are important institutions of human society and all were developed spontaneously without the involvement of any central direction.

And the rule of law in libertarianism means that individuals are governed by generally applicable legal rules that are spontaneously developed.

In libertarianism, individuals form a government to protect the rights of others. But the government is considered a dangerous institution as libertarians antipathy are opposers of concentrated power.

Libertarians believe in a limited form of government with power divided through a written constitution. Writing a constitution limits the powers that the people delegate to the government.

What is a Democrat?

One who advocates or supports democracy is referred to as a democrat.

Two arms reaching out to eachother
This belief advocates respect and equality for every member of society.

For those who are unaware of that democracy is a form of government in which people have the right to decide and deliberate legislation or can choose governing officials to do so.

In simple words, democracy is the rule of the majority and nowadays this terminology is used to describe western, modern, or developed countries or to describe a majority rule.

Beliefs of a Democrat

Democrat vision of a state is where everyone shares equal or at least a comfortable amount of resources, wealth, and opportunity.

Two people holding the LGBT flag up
They promote equality and respect, especially for the members of the community like the LGBT.

A democrat thinks of what is good for the nation whether it be the middle class, women, minorities, the young, students, those hungry, homeless, or rich in the nation.

Democrats support a progressive taxation structure to provide services and reduce economic inequalities by ensuring that wealthy people pay more taxes.

Democrats want to feed hungry people a meal and want them to come back to him for another one. Democrats believe that the government should expand in order to ensure that communities had basic requirements of infrastructure, sanitation, and educational facilities.

Democratic platforms and democrats promote equal opportunities, disability rights, social programs, labor unions, work safety regulations, criminal injustice reforms, and environmental protection regulations.

Democrats tend to support :

  • LGBT community
  • Abortion rights
  • Pathways to citizenship for undocumented immigrants
  • LGBT community
  • Abortion rights

What is a Republican?

Two people shaking hands
This ideology gives an opportunity for a man to become independent of himself.

A republican is an advocate or supporter of the political ideology of Republicanism.

Republicanism is a political ideology centered on citizenship in a state-organized republic that lay emphasis on liberty and the civic virtue practiced by citizens.

Republicanism always stands in opposition to dictatorship, monarchy, oligarchy, aristocracy, and monarchy.

The first republican president of the United States was Abraham Lincoln and his mandate was to make the whole country again.

Key concepts of a Republican ideology

A republican vision is that everyone can attain or achieve success depending on how hard they work.

The proper role of a government in the republican vision is to protect our rights and traditional values.

Democrats are the critique of the republican vision as it especially favors the white people.

A Republican would teach a hungry man to fish. In simple words, a republican would provide an opportunity to become independent and enjoy self-worthy and respect.

Watch this video about the history of the US Republican party to know more about the Republicans.

What is the difference between a Libertarian, a Republican, and a Democrat?

A Libertarian, a Republican, and a Democrat are terminologies used for people who support a certain form of government or ideology.

Symbols of Democratic and Republican party.
Symbols of Democratic and Republican party

A Libertarian, a Republican, and a Democrat all support a certain ideology that is different from each other.

According to Republicans’ vision, the role of government is to protect our rights and traditions while democrats think that a government’s role is to ensure that communities had the basic requirements of sanitation, infrastructure, and educational facilities. Meanwhile, a libertarian’s vision of government is pretty different from these two as they believe in opposing government intervention in the lives of citizens and forming a government with divided powers.

Literal MeaningOne who is a supporter or advocate of DemocracyOne who is a supporter or advocate of RepublicismSupporter or advocate of Libertarianism
Role of
Is to ensure that communities had the basic requirements of sanitation, infrastructure, and educational facilitiesIs to protect the rights and traditionsProvide protection against force, fraud, theft, enforcement of contracts, and other negative liberties
Advocate A form of government in which people have the right to decide
and deliberate legislation
or can choose governing officials to do so
Citizenship in a state-organized republic that lays emphasis on liberty and the civic virtue practiced by citizensMinimal state intervention in the lives of citizens as well as in the freehand market
The key distinction between a Democrat, Republican, and a Libertarian

Are Republicans and Conservatives the same?

Although it is stated in research that most conservatives lean towards the republican party. It does mean that republicans and Conservatives have no difference between them and are the same.

Republicans believe that a state will progress by using money gained from taxation while conservatives believe that taxes must not be wasted rather should be spent less in order to gain more.

Republicans are a political party whereas Conservatives are members of the party with a more conservative view of government.

The Bottom Line

Whether talking about a democrat, republican, or libertarian—all have their own beliefs, vision, and support for a specific role of government.

All of them carry their own ideologies which they adopt by political parties and their leaders. Although the beliefs of either a democrat, republican, or libertarian might not seem progressive to you.

But in reality, these beliefs are progressive and can bring betterment to the state if analyzed from a different perspective.

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