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Emotional Depth: Love vs. Madly in Love – Explained

Emotional Depth: Love vs. Madly in Love – Explained

Love and respect are the most critical bricks for the foundation of a strong and forever relationship. Every human craves love; for instance, children need love from their parents and vice versa.

Similarly, a husband and a wife require love and care from each other. And, of course, there are many other relations in the world.

Love is a great feeling. It gives immense pleasure once a person starts falling for someone. However, there are several levels of emotions. Sometimes, only a slight infatuation feels like love, but that’s not always the case. Additionally, it can also happen when you have a crush on someone.

Relating to the above lines, the aim of this article is to differentiate between two confusing terms: “love” and being “madly in love”. These two terms have some similarities, but at the same time, they differ in some aspects.

“Love” is an emotion while “madly in love” is a descriptive phrase about the level of infatuation or love a person feels. The former is about the feelings of a person while the latter describes how intense those feelings are.

However, they are not fake but real feelings; so, let’s jump right into the subject.

What Is The Meaning Of Love?

Love is an emotion. It’s something above just friendship or knowing each other.

It’s a language that can only be listened to and felt by the heart. When you fall in love with anyone, you start remembering minor details.

For example, what are the likes and dislikes of that particular person? Similarly, you start missing them in their absence and respect their presence.

Love is in the air
Love is in the air

Loving someone entails enjoying their sense of humor and their personality. Spending as much time with someone shows that you are in love.

When someone is absent, you miss them because you love them. When you feel like you are in love, try to show from your actions because actions speak louder than words.

Sometimes love gives you heartbreaks. If you love someone, their departure might hurt.

You might break down in tears at the slightest mention of their name. I know how damaging it is to love someone who decides they do not want you in their life any longer and that’s why you must be strong.

What Does “Madly in Love” Mean?

Being madly in love is a whole different level of craziness.

It doesn’t matter how far you have come in the journey of love; this madness can make you vulnerable. In this case, you don’t want to let go of your partner at any cost. However, if you are a mature person, you can take your relationship smoothly.

Being madly in love
Madly in love: a sort of craziness

It’s challenging as two individuals are competing for a chance. It involves wanting a future and picturing that future being shared with them.

It includes fighting, distance, and sacrifice. It is based on compromises, giving time to each other, and playing an active part in difficult times. Since it’s an initial level of madness, any big mistake can destroy belief.

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“Love” vs. Being “Madly in Love”

Now, let’s understand the actual meaning of love through the following examples. It will clear all your doubts regarding love.

Just feel it because maybe this happened to you at any point in life or if not yet, then one day it will. Picture the following scenario in your mind to grasp the concept of love and madly in love.

“Your partner decided to leave after a fight. Knowing that you’ll miss her, you oppose her leaving. You don’t have to let her go by any means. You apologize to her for your behavior. You text her and do everything to cheer her up and change her mood. You say to her that you won’t do it again.”

You know what? “You are in love right now.”

Now, suppose,

“Your partner decided to leave after a fight. Knowing that you’ll miss her, you oppose her leaving. You don’t have to let her go by any means. You apologize for your behavior. You do everything to cheer her up and change her mood. You say to her that you won’t do it again. But still, she decides to leave, so you also insist and leave with her. After that, you suddenly take her to her preferred restaurant as a surprise. Because you don’t want to wait for a second.”

You know what? “You are madly in love right now.”

Differences Between “Love” and “Madly in Love”

Notably, there are some disparities between these terminologies, which the following table figures out.

 FeaturesLoveMadly in love
Level of crazinessWhen you fall for someone, you can vanish their tiny details from your mind.When you are madly in love with someone, there isn’t any chance of forgetting the little details about them.
Past MemoriesYou can let go of the past and be able to find new love. So, it’s easier to replace.You cannot let go of the past and won’t believe you will find love like that.
BehaviorYou don’t just want that person with whom you fall in love. Instead, you want the best for that person. Their happiness matters to you. You need them to be a part of your life in any way. Therefore, you are strong enough to let them go.You have an incredible desire to consume someone you are madly in love with in any way possible.
EmotionsYour emotions fluctuate and settle in this state. You learn to let go of the steady high and to ride the rarer waves when they occur.Simply being madly in love makes you feel high, and you don’t want to come down from such a height.
DesireKnowing that you have everything you need is only one aspect of being in love; another is the desire to continue fostering your relationship indefinitely.You always want to build a higher level of relationship and constantly yearn for more. You always aim to reach some goal at this stage of love.
Craziness and CareWhen you love someone, you care for that person more than you think. But sometimes, people fail to understand how much they love the other person until life compels them to recall because they are so busy caring for that person’s happiness.Madly falling in love is much easier than real love. At this stage, your body and brain produce chemicals that make you feel like the other person is the best. When the feel-good chemicals wear off, you are left perplexed and lost.  
“Love” vs. “Madly in Love”

Signs of “Being in Love” with Someone

Below are some sure signs that demonstrate your feelings of being in love with a person:

  • You can’t resist staring at that person; you always want to look at them.
  • Feeling out of your thoughts when you fall in love with someone is normal. So it’s another sign.
  • You are constantly busy thinking about that particular person. It’s because your brain releases phenylethylamine, a chemical that mimics the brain chemistry of a person in love.
  • When you fall in love, you’ll find that the other person’s happiness becomes essential to you.
  • Your patience level shall be tested. You will no longer react the same to the person you are falling for as compared to ordinary people.
  • Falling in love can be traumatic. If falling doesn’t upset you as much anymore, it may strongly indicate that you’re in love.
  • If you see that you frequently try new things that your partner likes, you might have caught the love bug.
  • Your heart will start beating faster when you think about the person you love. One of the best indicators you’re in love is having a solid connection to your lover.
  • Falling in love can make you feel ill and cause you to exhibit bodily signs like nervousness comparable to anxiety or stress.
  • If you get to know someone, you’ll probably notice the subtle details that set them apart from other people. You find these little things most attractive if you love them.

Some Indicators of Being “Madly in Love” With Someone

Indicators of being madly in love
Indicators of being “madly in love”

Below are some indicators that you are madly in love with someone:

  • Your cell phone becomes your new companion. You start eagerly waiting for the response of that person on anything.
  • You can’t just stop blushing when someone speaks your lover’s name in front of you.
  • You start taking extra time to dress when you meet that person.
  • You’re always looking for their behaviors and indicators that they’ve also developed feelings for you.
The video shows some indicators when someone is “madly in love” with you


  • Love is life, and without love, no one can survive. It’s a pure feeling, and God has created our hearts to feel for each other and fill them with love. I consider that it is the only form of magic that humans possess. So there is little to no chance of hate feeling during love.
  • However, an exceptional level of understanding is necessary at each love stage. No partnership can endure without a complete comprehension of and respect for each other’s time, possessions, and feelings. Some relations are pretty delicate and require the highest level of care.
  • “Madly in love” relates to the intensity of a person’s feelings of infatuation or love, whereas “love” is an emotion.
  • Being in love and madly loving are two different levels of infatuation, described and differentiated thoroughly in this article. Both have compromises, fights, and romance, but each one requires understanding.

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