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Superhuman Showdown: Comparing Marvel’s Mutants and Inhumans

Superhuman Showdown: Comparing Marvel’s Mutants and Inhumans

You might be a fan of Marvel comics or the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In this case, it might become difficult for you to identify whether a character is inhuman or a mutant, as both are pretty similar.

There are several differences between a mutant and an inhuman that will help you to identify whether a character is mutant or inhuman.

All Mutants possess X-gene in them, they mostly obtain their special abilities or superpowers at times of their puberty, birth, or when they are going through emotional stress. On the other hand, Inhumans need to expose themselves to Terrigen Mist in order to obtain special abilities or superpowers.

This was one of the key differences between a mutant and an inhuman. There are many other differences between a mutant and an inhuman as well.

To know more about Mutants, Inhumans, and their differences, stick with me till the end as I will be covering all facts and differences between them.

Who are Inhumans?

For those of you who don’t know, inhumans are fictional characters appearing in comic books published in Marvel Comics.

A fiigurine of Medusa


Inhumans came into existence as a result of Alien Krees‘ experiments on Homo Sapiens. In short, Inhumans are the genes that were experimented on by Kree during the Kree Skull war.

Gain Superpowers

Inhumans use Terriggen Mist to obtain superpowers. Terragen Mist is a natural mutagen discovered by inhuman geneticist Randac. Terrigen Mist is an arising vapor from Terrigen Crystals which we’re able to alter inhuman biology and introduces mutation. When someone with latent inhuman genes inhales mist, they become meta-human. If someone with an inhuman gene is not exposed to Terrigen Mist then he/she will not gain superpowers.

After a long time period, Inhumans were able to use Terrigen mist more responsibly, by avoiding the genetic damage caused by Terrigen mist.

The inhuman family went on to form their society, which was secluded from the rest of humanity. Their society developed technology and performed experiments with mutagenic Terrigen Mist.

Place of Origin

Attlian is the home of Inhumans and its ruler is Black Bolt. Inhumans are led by Black Bolt and his Royal Family. Black Bolt has guided Inhumans during chaotic times in their history.

Life and Physical Abilities

The average lifespan of an Inhuman is 150 years. Inhumans in good physical condition have strength, speed, great reaction time, and have the ability to endure way more than the finest human athlete.


Inhuman characters made their first appearance in the Fantastic four comic series. They made their live-action debut in the media set within Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and appeared in the second season of Agents of S.H.I.E.LD.

Members of the Inhuman Royal Family

Notable members of the Inhuman Royal Family are;

  • Medusa
  • Gorgon
  • Crystal
  • Karnak the Shatterer
  • Triton
  • Maximus the Mad
  • Canine Lockjaw

Who are Mutants?

Mutants are fictional characters that appear in comic books published by Marvel Comics. Mutants are human beings that possess a genetic characteristic called X-gene.

A toy head of Deadpool with glasses


Mutants are evolutionary offspring of Homo Sapiens superior or also known as Homo Sapiens and are assumed to be in the next form of human evolution. Human Mutants are sometimes referred to as human subspecies of Homo Sapiens Superior. Anyone can be born with an X gene and it is not necessary for the offspring of the ancestor who had the X gene.


Mutation in X-gene produces by genetic structure allowing a Mutant to gain superpowers. Mutants mostly gain superpowers at puberty or when they face emotional stress. Some powerful Mutants start developing superpowers at the time of their birth.

Some Mutants also go through a second Mutation but it happens in very rare cases. Notable individuals who have gone through Mutation twice are Beast and Emma frost


Mutants made their first appearance in Marvel comics in the superhero series ‘X-men’. Mutants made their first appearance in the movie ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past “, the movie is based on the fictional character X-men which appears in Marvel Comics. Other movies in which Mutants appeared include;

  • X-Men: Apocalypse
  • X-Men: Dark Phoenix
  • Deadpool

Place of Origin

Earth is the place of origin of the Mutants as they are humans but the only thing which differs is that they possess X-genes.

Notable Superheroes

These are the notable mutant superheroes:

  • Wolverine
  • Cable
  • Iceman
  • Emma Frost
  • Cyclops
  • Gambit
  • Magik
Painting of Wolverine on a wall. Wolverine is mutant possessing X gene

What is the difference between Mutants and Inhumans?

Mutants and Inhumans are pretty similar in their lineage and characteristics. Therefore, they both are difficult to identify by most Marvel fans.

Multiple comic books

Mutants and Inhumans share slight differences between them which are difficult to identify. These are the main difference between Mutants and Inhumans:

DiscoveredThrough the natural result of evolutionThrough Alien Kree’s experiments
Time to gain superpowersPuberty, birth or
going through emotional stress
When exposed to Teriggen Mist
Place of OriginEarthAttilan
Key differences between Mutants and Inhumans

With these key differences, there are also many other differences between them.

To be an Inhuman, it’s necessary to have ancestors who were Inhumans. Whereas, anyone can be a Mutant and can possess the X gene and there is no need to have Mutant ancestors.

Inhumans are more family-oriented compared to the Mutants. Inhumans are more isolated from humanity if compared with Mutants.

Before their settlement in Attilan, they lived on the moon. Now although they live in their new city Attilan which is on earth, they are still secluded from humanity, and only Inhumans are welcomed to be a citizen of the city.

Who is Stronger: Inhumans or Mutants?

The comic book of Iron Man

I think that Mutants are way stronger than Inhumans as it is a large group and has characters with a wide range of superpowers.

Inhumans and Mutants both have unique abilities and great physical strength and superpowers. Although by having these impressive characteristics it is difficult to judge whether either Inhumans are stronger or Mutants. As there are many Inhumans and Mutants possessing their physical strength and superpower.

It can be said that Mutants are a large group with characters possessing a wide range of superpowers. Whereas Inhumans are a smaller group with characters possessing narrower but powerful superpowers.

Another reason for my statement is the presence of Franklin Richards among the mutants. Franklin Richard during his young days lonely defended himself from Celestial (that possesses comic power and is one of the most powerful in the universe). If Franklin Universe can perform defense from Celestial (considered one of the strongest in the universe) at such a young age, he can outnumber many humans when he becomes an adult.

To deeply understand their difference, check this video out.

Mutants vs. Inhuman explained.

Wrapping It Up

Both Inhumans and mutants seem to be similar but are different due to slight differences between them.

Someone who is possessing X-gene is a mutant. Whereas someone who has gone through transgenesis is an Inhuman. To become an Inhuman it is necessary to have Inhuman ancestors. Whereas there is no need for Mutant ancestors to become Mutant.

Both Mutants and Inhumans have their own characteristics, physical strengths, and superpowers that cannot be defied. But what I analyzed is that Mutants are stronger than Inhumans with regard to numeric strength and superpowers.

Inhumans are more family orientated but despite living on earth they are isolated from humanity.

Both Mutant and Inhuman characters are to be valued as they have entertained us in many comics and movies.

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