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Oculus Rift: What Are The Differences Between DK2 and CV1? (Explained)

Oculus Rift: What Are The Differences Between DK2 and CV1? (Explained)

Do you need the perfect headset for playing video games? Are you searching for a better option between two VR devices: the CV1 and the DK2?

If your answer is yes, you have arrived at the right place because I have come up with a comparative overview of both models, which will help you gain some insights into them. It will enable you to buy one with all the necessary accessories.

But first and foremost, let’s get a hint of the history: The Oculus company started to develop VR headsets and was acquired by Facebook in 2014. Later, it collaborated with Samsung to produce Gear VR for smartphones.

It created two well-known models of headsets, which I will compare later in this article. Its DK2 model belongs to the development kit 2, whereas the CV1 is the latest version compared to the former.

Virtual Reality Headsets

Virtual reality headsets are popular with people who play video games. They are utilized in simulators and trainers too. These headsets provide a virtual reality to the wearer by capturing explicit images for different lenses as they have an eye tracking sensor.

Because the head tracking technology changes the user’s vision whenever their head is rotated around, this feature offers the best views to the player. But if a person turns his head too quickly, a delay might occur. However, it does provide a great experience.

Cell phones also use these devices. They are essential enclosures, in contrast to smartphones’ previously built-in display headsets.

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift stands for VR sets, whose owner is Oculus VR. It was introduced on August 1, 2012, but discontinued in 2021.

The Rift had initially gone through a production series line, and around five models were publicly released before the final product reached the market for sale.

Its DK1 model was designated a development kit in 2013 to provide a fast track for developers to build content for Rift’s debut in a couple of minutes.

The Rift’s CV1 model was released in 2016 but discontinued in 2019 when its successor, the Oculus Rift S, started gaining popularity.

This article will focus on the two models of Oculus Rift; DK2 and CV1. Let’s find out about them.

DK2 VS. CV1: Let's figure out the differences
DK2 VS. CV1: Let’s figure out the differences

DK2 Model

The DK2 model is “Development Kit 2“, shipped in July 2014 by Oculus Company. This company revealed that in 2015, more than 100,000 units were delivered.

It is an improved model over the previous variants, with several advanced and enhanced features compared to the first kit.

Several characteristics improve it, including location monitoring, detachable connector, proper refreshing rate, and OLED display. The front panel display of it is similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which has been modified.

CV1 Model

After the DK1 and DK2 models, a new Rift model, “CV1,” came into the market and was shipped to the consumers. It was revealed in January 2016 with a signed-up announcement of its revelation in the same year in March.

This Rift version had a lifespan of around three years from 2016-2019, as it was discontinued in the latter year.

These headset units provide 3D audio effects, a location tracking system, and two OLED displays with a pentile matrix. These stand-alone features are bundled with the Xbox wireless controller.

You can check out the side-by-side lens view of both headsets in this video

General Features of VR Devices

These VR devices contain some essential generic features you might find in every headset. They are comfortable and flexible to wear and offer the captured views according to their capabilities.

Before going into the discussion about disparities, let’s take a closer look at their hardware information.

Display ScreenThe display screen is beneficial for people with or without glasses.
A slider can adjust the lenses in the headset to accommodate proper vision.
The facial interfaces in these devices allow them to be placed at multiple locations for the viewer.
Audio EffectThe headsets are easily replaceable and provide good sound effects to their users.
These audio accessories have been added to both models with some enhancement in the newer versions.
The audio system incorporated in both headsets has the best acoustic properties, allowing users to listen to different sounds in a game and grasp the players’ attention.
The volume-changing option may save the ears from any damage.
Location Tracking SystemThe location tracking system can locate the rotation of the user’s head and provide a view accordingly.
It is the result of the external infrared sensors incorporated in the headsets that optically track the movement of the head within a six-degree territory.
Additional sensors are attached behind the users at a 360-degree angle to avoid any obstruction created by the users’ hand movements
Controlling MechanismThese devices include a navigation remote consisting of four buttons: enter and back button, a volume changer, and an Oculus button.
Early Rift’s model was equipped with Xbox wireless controller which was later in the year 2016, developed into touch motion controllers.
The Xbox controllers and remote were replaced in 2017 with the release of a touch mechanism with an additional tracking sensor.
The different features of VR devices are included in the table above

Differences Between CV1 and DK2

After an overview of both models and understanding their features, let’s figure out the disparities between the two variants. It might help you to make a final verdict about these headsets.

Improved Resolution
The resolution of CV1 has 2160 * 1200 pixels that will enhance the pictorial view, carrying a refresh rate of 90Hz.
Because DK2 belongs to the earlier development kit, it gives a blurry image compared to the CV1.
WeightThe lightness of weight is another significant distinguishable point that goes into the court of CV1DK2 was more relaxed and comfortable to wear.
Setup and InstallationThe setup and installation process of CV1 is more straightforward than DK2. It is also user-friendly. The run-time feature automatically updates itself from time to timeThe DK2 installation process is much more complicated.
EconomicalThe CV1 is an economical option and more inexpensive than DK2The DK2 doesn’t guarantee deployment in the newer games.
Comparison Table

Is Oculus Rift DK2 Worth It?

Well, it might not be so worth it. The reason primarily revolves around the screen door effect.

In my opinion, it has a worse door effect because smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S9 or S7 require more pixels, which DK2 fails to provide.

  • DK2 somehow uses an outdated method and doesn’t maintain it. Features built-in to CV1 might not function in DK2.
  • The DK2 is regarded as a collector’s piece.
  • The 1080p screen of DK2 can waste the precious time that you can save by using CV1. It offers a lot of assistance, is more flexible and less expensive.
  • Aside from a proper place for DK2 in history, it still requires the best computer for gaming to provide a pleasant experience.

Try to invest in a good virtual reality headset. Always check out people’s reviews and find more information other than what is already discussed in the article. Choose the one that will offer you comfort, better resolution, and a timely response.

Final Verdict

  • Video game players are one of the most widespread users of virtual reality headsets. They are also used in trainers and simulators. These headsets give users virtual reality by taking explicit pictures via various lenses because they feature an eye-tracking sensor.
  • If you require the best headsets for video games, then the CV1 and DK2 virtual reality headsets are two choices. In this article, I summarized the difference between these two models.
  • Both models have some generic features but differ in some scenarios, like resolution, weight, setup and installation process, economics, etc.
  • By discussing the disparities, it was figured out that CV1 is preferable to DK2. However, their respective release dates are wholly responsible for the significant differences in both models’ characteristics.
  • It is advisable to invest in a good virtual reality device. Always read other people’s reviews and look into additional details not covered in the article. Pick the right option that will provide you with comfort, a better outcome, and prompt service.

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