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Polo shirt vs. Tee shirt (What’s the difference?)

Polo shirt vs. Tee shirt (What’s the difference?)

A Polo shirt and Tee shirt are two types of shirts that people usually wear. Both the shirts have their distinct style. Polo shirts have a standard design with a collar, which provides a more formal look, while tee shirts tend to be casual wear.

Polo shirts are trendy with unique designs, while T-shirts have diverse designs.

The main thing that distinguishes one from another is that a Polo shirt has a collar and gasket along with two or three buttons, whereas most of the t-shirts are round neck with no-collars.

Do you know that people are confused between polo and tees? They can’t figure out the difference nor can they decide which one is the better!

This is a must-read for all the un-clear minds out there!

What exactly is a T-shirt?

Tee shirts are collarless with short sleeves. The “T” in the T-shirt symbolizes the T-shaped body and sleeves. Both men and women can wear T-shirts.

T-shirts are part of casual apparel, and should not be worn formally. We can say that tee shirts are not meant for meetings or office-based occasions, They should be considered as easy comfort wear.

Mostly, T-shirts are made of cotton stuff and sometimes nylon. A few years back, T-shirts were available in U-shaped necks only, but now V necks are also part of the fashion.

Nowadays, T-shirts come in special patterns and shapes. Initially, people used to wear them as undershirts, however, today they’re worn as basic tops by both men and women.

T-shirts are available in solid colors with logos and slogans crafted on them. Cartoons and customized imagery are also part of the modern wear. Men prefer dark colors while women wear all sorts of colors, whether it be neon or camel.

Talking about the length, T-shirts have a standard length till waist, but now different brands have introduced a longer and shorter version such as tall-t-shirts and crop tops respectively. They are commonly worn with jeans by men and women style them with skirts.

Photograph of a boy and a girl wearing red T-shirts with "thankful" written on them
Picture of a boy and a girl rocking these customized T-shirts

Amazon has some of the best-sellers in crew-neck T-shirts.

What distinguishes a polo shirt from a T-shirt?

The most likely polo shirt has a distinct collar which t-shirts have a round-shaped neck instead. This makes it unique and likable.

Polos have short sleeves including collar and buttons while T-shirts have short sleeves but give a shape of a “T” when spread out onto a flat space. They differ in the type of occasions they are worn on. Polo shirts are the perfect fit for formal events while tees make-up for the casual ones.

Polo shirts are very famous for being worn by golf and tennis players, the three buttons below the collar are one of the best characteristics of a polo shirt. Some of them have a pocket too whilst most of them have a logo on the very left side.

They are striped and patterned classically, with a spread of color combos. However, the designs don’t count as the major difference between them.

They are made of knitted fabric, as opposed to woven fabric, which is used for t-shirts. The pattern of stitching is also different for polo shirts, as a t-shirt is easily stitched than a Polo shirt. Polo shirts can be made from good-quality cotton, merino wool, silk, and synthetic fibers.

Which brands manufacture Polo shirts?

Polo shirt manufacturers include Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Brooks Brothers, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and Gant.

Although polo shirts were originally worn for sports such as tennis, polo, and golf, they are now also worn as casual and smart casual wear.

Is polo shirt better than a T-shirt?

It depends on the occasion if you need to wear a shirt. Polo shirts are considered better than T-shirts when worn at semi-formal events as they give a close-fitted look along with the sleek touch of collar and buttons. It is more handcrafted as compared to the tee.

Undoubtedly, polo shirts, when worn properly, give an exceptional look, which average tees don’t. They have a standard style and design that stands out from tons of other shirts that have plenty of designs and patterns.

No matter how much you spend on a t-shirt, it remains a T- with an average look and casual appearance.

Polo shirts have side seam vents while T-shirts have a hem that is cut down in a straight manner with no side vents. The T-shirt is made up of a cotton jersey, which is light in weight, making up for a less formal wear than the polo shirt.

Maybe the dressed-up look given by polo shirts tops over other T-shirts available in the market.

Have a look at how you can make T-shirts look better on you.

3 different ways oh how to style a T-shirt

Do polo shirts make men look attractive?

Yes, polo shirts look amazing on boys, especially the ones who are gym freaks. The close-fit-to-body look of polo shirts makes boys much more attractive.

Apart from the ones who have a fit body with muscles, polo shirts look great on all the guys, with any body type either it is for a health-conscious man or to an average looking guy with a lean body.

The reason is the sense of versatility that the polo shirts come with.

Every individual out there has a different perspective regarding polo shirts. For me, polo shirts have their own distinct style, but it depends on the guy who is wearing them.

One should know how to pull them off with the bottom and flaunt them the best way they can.

Here is the size guide for long and short-sleeved T-shirts and polo shirts.

SizeInches (inch)Centimeter (cm)
Size guide for T-shirts and Polo shirts

You can check the guidelines to measure your size accurately.

Polo T-shirts folded and placed against a white background
Attractive Polo shirts in eye-catching colors

You can find best-sellers of Men’s polo shirts here.

Will polo shirts ever go out of style?

Umm, I don’t think so. I have seen my parents and grandparents wearing polo shirts. They are one of those shirts which have been an everlasting trend.

Therefore, I think if someone buys a polo shirt, they would not want to throw it out unless the shirt becomes undersized.

5 ways you can style your Polo shirt

What are the cons of a T-shirt?

T-shirts give you a simple, cool look with comfort. But they carry some disadvantages that can not be neglected.

  • Polo shirts have a faux look that T-shirts don’t have.
  • They give a rough and average appearance.
  • They sometimes seem out of fashion or relaxed specifically when pulled off at a formal event.
  • Bright-colored T-shirts are considered out of style.
  • Low-quality T-shirts can lead to immediate wrinkles once you drive or lay down a bit.

So, buying a T-shirt with quality material is a good option to deal with all the cons I have discussed earlier.

6 T-shirts of various colors folded nicely
Multi-colored T-shirts

Are golf shirts and polo shirts the same?

They are almost the same. There is no notable difference between both the shirts but there are some distinctions between the two.


The materials have slight differences. Polo shirts are made from 100% polyester with a little blend of cotton, while golf shirts are made up of 50% cotton and 50% polyester.

Polo shirts are good to go when worn indoors, while golf shirts allow the sweat to blow off to the outer layer of the jersey, so they are better if worn outdoors.

Besides these variations, they appear the same and look exactly alike.

Are there any disadvantages of wearing polo shirts?

Polo shirts are elegant and they make a fashion statement whether worn casually or formally. But there are times when they may not be the right fit for you.

A polo shirt can quickly become extremely “classy,” or even worse, give you a notorious look. One should avoid wearing vibrant polo shirts with intricate designs and badges.

Which one should I buy, Polo or a Tee?

While Polo Tees give a classic and elegant look, Tee-shirts will provide you with a simple and comfortable look, especially in the summers. These distinctive yet equally enticing advantages usually result in people getting confused and not knowing which one to buy.

It’s not a difficult decision to make. It entirely depends on the occasion you need to wear the shirt at.

For instance, if someone has an informal event to attend, such as a party or a get-together, they should choose a high-quality T-shirt.

On the other hand, if you want to stand out and create a signature look at a semi-formal event, a polo shirt is a good-to-go option. As it adds up to the personality and makes summer look more professional with a faux statement.

Along with that, the budget is what counts when buying a polo or a tee. A person who cannot afford a Ralph Lauren or Lacoste polo shirt, must not go for the fake ones available at cheaper prices. It will make you look bad for so many reasons.

The final purchase decision will depend upon the event and personal preference.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, polo shirts are distinguished from T-shirts because of the collar and several buttons situated beneath the collar. T-shirts mostly have U or V-shaped necks with no stiff collars.

They both have slight differences in their materials too. Polo shirts are made from cotton and polyester, while T-shirts are mostly made from nylon and blended cotton.

They have distinct styles, designs, and colors. A polo gives a classy look, while simple tees give a casual appearance. Polos are meant to be worn at formal meetings and semi-formal events, while tees go better for a friendly hangout.

Quality and comfort should be prioritized in either case.

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