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“Refurbished”, “Premium Refurbished”, and “Pre Owned” (GameStop Edition)

“Refurbished”, “Premium Refurbished”, and “Pre Owned” (GameStop Edition)

There are many different forms of systems or consoles that you can buy.

The refurbished system is sent to a warehouse so that it can be repaired and sold. The pre-owned system is already in a condition to be sold. Premium refurbished basically is packaged differently and comes with branded accessories.

GameStop is a High Street shop in America that sells games, consoles, and other electronics. The company is headquartered in Grapevine, Texas, and is known to be one of the largest video game retailers in the world.

Sometimes buying brand new consoles and systems can be a bit expensive. However, there are many other alternative options that’ll provide you with the same amazing experience as a brand new boxed system would. You can find all such options at GameStop.

Now a question is what’s the difference between all the alternatives. If you’re someone who’s curious to know, then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, I’ll be discussing all the differences between refurbished, premium refurbished, and pre-owned consoles at GameStop.

So let’s get right to it!

What Does Gamestop Premium Refurbished Mean?

People often tend to get confused because they’ve never heard the words “premium refurbished” before. If you’ve been shopping at GameStop, then you may have noticed this label.

Premium refurbished items are basically those which were owned by someone and then were sent to get refurbished. These items are then fixed at the warehouse and usually sent back to the store to be sold.

You can find all such pre-owned items at GameStop. Many people tend to get confused because of the word premium. Even though these items have “premium” associated with them, they’re still much cheaper than the newer alternatives.

But having the word “premium” doesn’t make them new. They’re still products which have been used before, which is why they’re cheaper.

Customers bring in their products at GameStop retail stores and sell them to them as pre-owned items. GameStop then conducts a test to see if the product works.

However, if the product fails the test, then it’s sent to the warehouse so it can be fixed. At the warehouse, it’s in the hands of professionals who refurbish the product and make sure it’s in working condition again.

At this stage, the product is simply refurbished. Next, these professionals will add more GameStop features to it, which is what classifies it as “premium refurbished”.

Difference Between “Refurbished”, “Premium Refurbished”, and “Pre Owned” for Consoles at GameStop

All these products are cheaper alternatives to a newer version of that product at GameStop. The difference between them is pretty simple. Systems or consoles are usually sold in two different ways.

The first instance is those perfectly functioning items that can be easily sold without any added work. The second type of system is those that need repairing because there’s something faulty in them. They are only sold once they’ve been repaired.

Refurbished items are the second type of system. Initially, these items had a problem with them. Therefore, they needed to be sent to the warehouse to get fixed.

For instance, a system could be faulty as its disk tray wouldn’t close. So, now it has to be sent to get fixed. The tray would then start working as normal, which would make this product sellable.

However, this system then wouldn’t be regarded as brand new but a refurbished one. This is because new systems wouldn’t have problems. Systems that have been used and are faulty have to get fixed which makes them refurbished.

On the other hand, pre-owned products are those which are fully functional and need no repair. Don’t get them confused, because they’re still used products only.

However, the only difference between refurbished and pre-owned items is that the pre-owned ones didn’t have any problems which needed to be fixed.

This also means that these particular products passed the test at the GameStop store, which is why they didn’t have to be sent to the warehouse to get fixed.

Although, it should be noted that with such items it’s always a hit or miss. This is because there can still be something wrong with them that might’ve been overlooked during a mere two-minute checkup.

As far as premium refurbished is concerned, it’s the same as refurbished products just with a little upgrade. Premium refurbished items simply have added GameStop features to them. These are accessories like earbuds, GameStop hardware, or controller skins.

These features are what make a normal refurbished, pre-owned item into a premium refurbished product. Although they’re premium, they’re still a lot cheaper than the newer versions. They’re also in perfect condition after repairs.

Is Premium Refurbished Better Than Pre-owned at GameStop?

A very common question is which of the discounted options at GameStop is better. After all, they’re both cheaper but which one can be more trusted. People also get confused because pre-owned and premium refurbished items both look very similar.

The difference is that pre-owned items are simply those that a customer brought in because they didn’t need any repairing. They’re directly sold again as used items.

However, premium refurbished items failed the test and didn’t work correctly, which is why they couldn’t be resold. They have to be repaired first by professionals at the warehouse. These products have been given upgrades with branded features from GameStop.

In my opinion, this makes premium refurbished items a better choice than pre-owned ones. This is because not only are they in top-notch condition, but they also have added accessories.

All of this is available to you at a much cheaper price than the brand new version!

Moreover, a pre-owned item is basically a second-hand one with no extra work done on it. It would work fine for some time but it won’t have a long-lasting life as a premium refurbished one would.

So this is also a reason why you should opt for premium refurbished products than the pre-owned ones. Take a look at this table summarizing the differences between the discounted options:

Pre OwnedProducts that were used and then sold to GameStop. They don’t need repairing and are directly resold to other customers.
RefurbishedProducts that were faulty and had to be sent to the warehouse. They’re fixed by certified professionals and resold.
Premium Refurbished Simply refurbished products but with a little upgrade. They’re often bundled up with other GameStop branded accessories like headphones and controller skins.
Hope this helps!
Xbox one
An Xbox ONE.

Is Buying a Refurbished Xbox One Safe?

As I said earlier, it’s always a hit-or-miss situation with products that are refurbished. Therefore, people tend to have a hard time trusting items that have been already used.

However, if you can’t afford a new version of an Xbox, then the refurbished Xbox is a great alternative for you. They’re the most reliable.

Before purchasing you’ll have to decide which version of the Xbox One you want. They come in three versions, the standard, the One S, and the One X version.

However, if you really want to make sure that your refurbished Xbox One is safe, then take important measures. Firstly, you should always buy from established retailers that can offer you at least a year-long warranty.

You can also ask for an original proof of purchase which a legitimate seller will definitely have. Additionally, you should always check for a returns policy because these items can’t be 100% trusted.

Moreover, if you’re buying from GameStop, then make sure to check and return the item within 30 days of purchase. This is because GameStop won’t accept any returns after 30 days from when the receipt was initially made.

Here’s a video giving a detailed review on a refurbished Xbox bought from GameStop:

It’s pretty informative!

How does GameStop Prepare a Console For a Refurbished Sale?

According to an ex-store manager, systems get resold in two different ways. A system that is brought in is first tested using a game and controller. If it’s fully functional, it gets sprayed with compressed air so an immense amount of dust or smoke can be released.

It’s cleaned using wipes and then bundled with controllers and cables. Lastly, it’s boxed up, labeled, and now it’s ready to be sold. These products are often sold as used consoles but not refurbished ones.

Secondly, using systems that aren’t functional upon visual inspection have to be sent to the warehouse for professionals to take a look at. These are refurbished sales. They’re formatted or reset to factory default.

When these items are sold, there is a refurbishment charge taken by the store. Upon refurbishment, they’re cleaned, repaired, and tested again. If the product meets quality-control standards, it’s packaged and sent to the store to be resold.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the fine points of this article are:

  • Refurbished, pre-owned, and premium refurbished are all discounted options at GameStop if you’re looking to buy a product under a budget.
  • Pre-owned consoles don’t require any repairing and can be sold directly upon purchase by the store.
  • Refurbished systems are faulty and are sent to certified professionals to be fixed.
  • Premium refurbished consoles have added features like controller skins and other branded accessories.
  • Premium refurbished items are better than pre-owned ones because they have a longer lifespan.
  • You should take caution when buying refurbished items, like checking proof of purchase and returns policy.

I hope this article helps you in buying quality products within your budget.

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