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The Sims Mobile vs. The Sims FreePlay (Engage In Games)

The Sims Mobile vs. The Sims FreePlay (Engage In Games)

Are you looking for exciting video games that you can play in your leisure time to refresh your mind?

If that’s the case, you have jumped to the right place. I will talk about the differences between two fantastic games related to “The Sims.”

One of them is Sims Mobile, and the other one is Sims FreePlay. They are life-simulating. You have a complete charge to build up several characters, customize them, and play at your comfort. The more you get involved in them, the more you enjoy them.

Sims Mobile is a fast-paced game that takes a few seconds of your precious time while Sims FreePlay is a real-time game in which tasks take longer to complete.

Even 20 years after its introduction, The Sims has grown in popularity on the market. They are the world’s top-selling video games. They still glow brightly even after all these years. About 200 million copies of this game have been sold up to date.

Now it’s time that you go through this article to find out more about its variant.

The Sims Mobile

Let’s understand what “Sims Mobile” is.


Let’s have a discussion on Sims Mobile. This video game is typically based on an interactive life simulation published in 2019. Electronic Arts (EA) developed this game and made it available on the 4th of June 2019 for mobile platforms, including Android and iOS devices.

Exciting Opportunities

As I have mentioned before, it’s a mobile game in which a player is a celebrity and has all rights to control the sim by carrying out various activities, constructing their ideal home, and at the same time managing relationships with other sims.

Player’s Customization and Discovery of Enjoyable Moments

The player handles the complete customization of the sim, choosing their hair color, skin tone, eye color, clothing style, and other features.

Furthermore, in this game, you can discover the fascinating moments in your character’s life as they advance their careers, spend leisure time, form relationships, and enhance their livelihood.

While playing it, you can enjoy partying with buddies, mingling with locals, attending special ceremonies and events, and rewarding your favorite sim with stickers.

It offers a beautiful chance to shape your sim’s lifestyle, build a perfect home for your sim’s convenience, and find endless ways to curate significant and fleeting sim moments.

Sims Free play Vs. Sims Mobile
Sims Free Play vs. Sims Mobile

Introducing Sims FreePlay

Let’s learn more about Sims FreePlay.


Like Sims Mobile, Electronic Arts is the publisher of the free-to-play mobile game “Sims FreePlay.” It’s primarily available on Kindle, Android, and iOS devices; it’s the sixth entry in the Sims franchise.

It’s a strategic life simulation game, a free version of “The Sims.”

Wonderful Opportunities

In this game, players can make the most animated to the most sluggish avatars in families, each with its personality and customization.

Not only does it provide a chance to customize the character, but it even offers a play to perform activities to change the setting of the house. The player’s inventory also provides the option of transporting items across homes.

Search for Delightful Moments

The characters can involve themselves in household activities. In addition to cooking and cleaning, they can also pursue careers or start families. To buy things or upgrade their homes with new apartments, decor, artwork, and other features, players must complete chores to earn Simoleons.

Moreover, they can attend several events alone or with their friends and family. The game runs in real time, and actions must be completed on time and in the right situation.

However, unlike the desktop version, wherein Sims have many powers, players must direct all activities.

Sims Mobile and Sims FreePlay

Some of you might think both video games look similar from the above information. However, this is not the case.

Both have uncommon and different features from one another. Well, this sounds quite interesting because if they possess similar features, any of you could get bored after spending some hours playing them.

The result is that you might give proper attention to no one. If you enjoy one, you might not enjoy the other and adore The Sims in its entirety. Let’s understand what those magical points that distinguish them are as follows.

CharacteristicsSims MobileSims FreePlay
DeveloperThe creator of this game is Maxis.The developer of this game is Fire monkeys.
Construction chancesSims Mobile offers limited deals, and you can build one house with four playable sims.FreePlay allows you to build up your town with many houses and families.
Cash pointsIt provides sim cash.FreePlay gives you lifestyle points and social points during the game.
Legacy and DeathIn Sims Mobile, your Sims must retire to leave a legacy for Sims to come; however, they do not pass away.Even after you finish the Life Wishes and Legacies Quests in Sims FreePlay, you can still prevent your sims from dying.
DurationIt’s a fast-paced game that takes a few seconds of your precious time.It’s a real-time game in which tasks take longer to complete.
Differences Between Sims Mobile and Sims FreePlay

Is “Sims FreePlay” Similar to “Sims Mobile”?

Both of them are different. Even though I have tabulated some distinctions above, other features pull them apart from one another.

I am summarizing those below to address your queries and provide full details related to them.

A man playing the games
A man playing the games

Power and Energy

  • The main requirement of a character in Sims Mobile is energy.
  •  Every action utilizes at least one power; once you have emptied a pack of fuel, you must wait for the replenishment of the bar again.
  • The other remedy you can apply before doing anything else is putting your sim to sleep, utilizing an item around the house, or using cupcakes (if you have some delicious).


  • Your sims have a variety of wants in The Sims FreePlay that you may satisfy by utilizing relevant items; for instance, you can check out your refrigerator to meet your sims’ desire for food.
  • They grow angry if you don’t fulfill their requirements, yet you can still employ them to carry out tasks:

Depth of the Games

  • The character creation in FreePlay isn’t as detailed as in Mobile.
  • You may use the sliders to customize each feature in The Sims Mobile.
  • The Mobile Sim’s characteristics resemble those of Sims-4.
  • They appear precisely how you’d expect them to in both games; however, I believe Sims FreePlay portrays them in a much more realistic manner.

Focused Item

  • Sims Mobile emphasizes legacies. Once the characters reach retirement, whatever the sims have accomplished in life, the benefits they acquire may drastically impact their relatives years later.
  • The Sims FreePlay doesn’t have legacies; you can still play without their presence if you have gathered marbles.


  • In FreePlay, you must leave the sims alone after sending them to work. You are often not permitted to observe them throughout the day at work.
  • In contrast, Mobile requires you to complete all the career events to progress and unlock new professional items to customize your workplace and make it particular to your game.

All the points above provide you with a clear picture of both games. I am pretty sure now you must have become excited, and if you are looking to play them, download them now and enjoy.

However, if you live in a nation that has banned any of them, don’t worry. Download the other one.

Sims Mobile vs. Sims FreePlay

What Happens After a Sim’s Death in FreePlay?

This fantastic feature becomes available to players when they forcefully sacrifice a sim, leaving behind a silver living sphere.

After reaching the end of their life, the entire senior sims will halt in place, receive an exclamation mark on the top of their heads, and get a spell cast on them.

It is a real scenario of an aged character in the FreePlay game.

Interesting Facts About Both Games

You can play Sims Mobile without spending a penny, whereas Sims FreePlay is a paid app. Both games have different graphics.

Players can earn unlimited money in Sims Mobile, but there is a weekly cap on the amounts they can make in Sims FreePlay.

You can socialize in Sims Mobile, whereas FreePlay has a more solitary environment. FreePlay features a more straightforward plot than The Sims Mobile, which has a more complicated one.

A person enjoying a game in the darkroom
A Person Enjoying a Game in the Dark Room

With only one primary map and a limited number of sites to explore at once, FreePlay lacks the variety of destinations and structures that Sims Mobile offers.

FreePlay offers interests and wants on the computer; Sims Mobile has them on the mobile.

Concluding Points

  • Sims Mobile and Sims FreePlay are two video games played worldwide. They are developed and published by Electronic Arts.
  • Being real-life games, they offer you several chances to design your sims, build families, socialize, etc.
  • Moreover, once you decide to play them according to your will, they may excite you at every level, allowing you to curate various stories.
  • You can learn about the exciting events that occur in your characters’ lives as they develop their careers, enjoy their free time, build relationships, and improve their standard of living.
  • In Sims Mobile, players can perform a wide range of additional jobs and talents for their characters to improve their abilities and level up rapidly. The Sims Mobile contains games you can play while you’re on the go, and FreePlay has games you can enjoy all day.

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