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Soulmates vs. Twin Flames (Is There A Difference?)

Soulmates vs. Twin Flames (Is There A Difference?)

While many think they’re just the same thing, they have differences. A “soulmate” is someone who is ideally suited for another person in the form of a close friend or a romantic partner.

On the other hand, a twin flame is an intense soul connection with someone believed to be a person’s other half. They are also usually known as a mirror soul.” These are just basic definitions of soulmate and twin flames, but there’s actually more to them.

Let’s dive get into the details of their differences!

What is a Soulmate?

Let’s start with the soulmate. A soulmate is a person with whom one shares a deep feeling or natural affinity. It’s a person you feel deeply connected to without needing to be dependent on them.

According to a marriage and family psychologist, Dr. Michael Tobin, a soulmate is someone who has a lasting impact on your life. It realizes that this “person” with whom you share your life is now actually a part of yourself!

Woman standing in the night.
A soulmate is a fellow traveler in your life journey, and this person also helps you grow into yourself.

True Meaning

Merriam Webster described a soulmate as a person who loves you without any reservations.

It’s also someone with who you share common beliefs and attitudes. Your soulmate is a person you can share multiple interests with, which helps you build a deep connection with them.

Types of Soulmates

Contrary to the belief, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to soulmates. In fact, there are different types of soul connections. Let’s take a look at a few!

  • Soul partners are certain souls you have chosen to be within this lifetime. This is the most common type and can also be a friend, lover, or sibling.
  • Romantic soulmates. When the word “soulmate” comes up, this is what we think of. It’s when you have a deep romantic relationship with someone or fall in love and then decides to be together in life.

What are Signs of a Soulmate?

One day you’ll suddenly see the signs and have a realization about who your soulmate is.

Even though you can’t really make a checklist to determine if someone is your soulmate, here are a few signs that may help you understand if that “someone special” is actually the one for you!

  • You will KNOW IT!
    It might just be a feeling in your gut that this person is the one. As silly as it sounds, its true! There’s no proper way of determining this but understanding that this person makes you feel energized, comfortable, and completely insane in love will help you choose them.
  • You balance each other out.
    Being soulmates doesn’t mean that you both have to be exact copies of each other, but it can mean that even with different temperaments, backgrounds, and upbringing, you are still meant to be with each other. Maybe a factor of your nature compliments your significant others’ and that’s when you know you’re a perfect match!
  • You share similar life goals.
    This means that you both plan in life and those plans seem to be common. That is to say, you both know what you want in life and where you’ll end up.
  • You guys are BESTFRIENDS!
    In order to choose a life partner, you must start off with a friendship first. If you have a loving, trusting, and a goofy relationship with your significant other, then that’s an amazing sign!

What Makes a Soulmate?

It’s someone that just gets you! There’s a connection of minds, mutual respect, and you guys seem to click. Soulmates have unconditional love between them and a complete understanding of each other.

This type of relationship allows you to be yourself while knowing that the other person is right there by your side, following and understanding your thoughts.

Why Do You Believe in Soulmates?

That’s maybe because you grew up with people believing the same thing. According to this article, the majority of the population tends to follow the concept of soulmates.

Besides, we are aware of the notion that people who believe in soulmates are said to be happier with their relationships. They understand each other and only decide on being in a relationship if they see potential in one another.

On another note, the idea of why people believe in soulmates mainly comes down to a person wanting to be happy and having the spiritual beliefs that they are destined to be with someone.

What Does Psychology Say?

“Your soulmate is your perfect fit” The soulmate experience is all about sharing subjective experiences between the two souls. These are known as analogous emotions.

Certain aspects of soulmates and other long-term relationships include interests, novelty, trust, and the ability to overcome challenges together. From a psychological point of view, soulmates seem to connect and communicate on non-verbal and verbal levels. These non-verbal ways include facial expressions and body language.

Soulmates can unconsciously communicate with each other. Before we dive in deeper, here’s a video highlighting five subtle differences between soulmates and twin flames:

Differences between soulmates and twin flames.

What are Twin Flames?

It’s believed that every relationship teaches us something, and twin flames are often considered the ones that teach us the most! Finding a twin flame is regarded as one of the most potent soul encounters one can experience.

A “twin flame” is a unique and intense soul connection with a person you believe is your significant other. The concept of twin flames has an entire theory behind it.

It’s based on the idea that sometimes, a single soul gets split into two bodies. According to this theory, twin flames love, challenge, teach and heal each other. They have a powerful and unique connection.

Signs of a Twin Flame

Psychologists have given a few signs that might point towards a twin flame relationship.

One of the signs is that when you meet a twin flame, it is as if you are meeting yourself. How crazy is that! This means that there is something so familiar about the person that it may feel overwhelming and magnetic.

Secondly, there are multiple similarities and a profound connection. This is a sign that you guys might be compatible and a good match.

Another sign is a desire to grow with your twin flame. They may make you and help you become better by working through your triggers and insecurities with you.

Lastly, a twin flame relationship can bring about a rapid transformation to your life. This transformation is completely unexpected and out of nowhere. Mostly, the conversion is for the better, which could be one of the great signs of a twin flame.

Couple by the sea.
Twin Flames can feel your energy.

Are Twin Flames Meant to be Together?

They can be. As stated above, twin flame relationships are often referred to as a “mirror soul.” This is due to their characteristic of reflecting each other’s natures.

The main features of twin flame relationships are challenging and healing. It’s as if they can mirror each others’ insecurities, fears, and shadows and then help in overcoming them.

These are thought to be the most intense relationships one can have in their life. However, that doesn’t mean that they always last. Sometimes they go through a separation period, and it depends on the people whether that separation becomes permanent.

Is a Twin Flame Always a Lover?

At odds with the popular belief, a twin flame doesn’t necessarily have to be your soulmate.

It doesn’t have to be someone you fall in love with or are romantically involved with, even though it often is. This high level of soul-based connection isn’t always about romance. Instead, it’s about spiritual growth.

While these relationships can be romantic, they can also be utterly spiritual. Twin flames are intense and life-changing relationships that can have a long-lasting impact on you.

Which is Stronger Twin Flame or Soulmate?

Personally, I think soulmates are a little stronger than twin flames. You cannot quickly destroy stability unless your inner peace is destroyed. This is because twin flames are two halves of a whole, whereas soulmates are not.

Although, they do have a few similarities. For instance, they both give you a sense of deep attraction and familiarity. They both tend to be a part of your destiny and mostly feel like home.

Here’s a table comparing the two types of relationships to give you a better understanding:

SoulmatesTwin Flames
Two separate individuals who find each other to be together.One soul or identical souls who have met in different lifetimes.
This relationship tends to be more stable. This relationship can quickly become toxic.
Easier to find.It could be more challenging.
You can have more than one soulmate. There is only one Twin flame.
Which could be the one in your mind falls?

Which is Better?

It isn’t easy to choose. You can’t determine which one is better because they serve two different purposes.

You will most likely end up with your soulmate because of the compatibility and connection you both share. At the same time, twin flame relationships are more about teaching you about yourself than about lifelong companionships.

They help you explore yourself and, in a mirroring way, reflect your deepest insecurities to help you get over them. Twin flame relationships often pave the way for other life-long relationships, which hold immense importance in one’s life.

While soulmate relationships are less intense, twin flame relationships can be much more profound because they lead two halves into wholeness.

Two hands touching.
Both can be your destiny.

Final Thoughts

Generally, soulmates and twin flames are different things with only a hint of similarities. Deciding which one is better can be challenging, and there’s no right or wrong answer. It greatly depends on which type of relationship you would prefer.

So, whether you have a soulmate or a twin flame, the main idea is that these people come into your life for many reasons and, in the end, always teach you something. Everyone has something to offer, and it’s through that insight that you could go with whichever you grow and you’re most comfortable with.

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