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Quick Comparison: Steins Gate vs. Steins Gate 0

Quick Comparison: Steins Gate vs. Steins Gate 0

Unlike the gone days, entertainment is not limited to playing a few games outdoors and indoors. In addition to these, so many things have been part of the entertainment world—video games, visual novels, music, movies, comics, documentaries, anime, etc. The usage of mobile phones has made all this even more accessible.

Anime has grabbed the attention of many people and they’ve got a separate fandom to it, not everyone understands it but those who do just can’t stop themselves from exploring more.

Japanese entertainment is at the top in the world of anime creation and they do it the best way. Among so many others, Steins Gate is one that people love a lot!

Steins Gate 0 is a sequel to Steins Gate. Steins Gate started out as a visual novel but then later became an anime. Steins Gate 0 is more intense and serious than Steins Gate.

While people think that the Steins Gate is better than the Steins Gate 0, I can’t label it this way because everyone has different opinions. Maybe for you, Steins Gates 0 is more entertaining.

This article is all about the differences between the Steins Gate and Steins Gate 0. So, keep the reading going!

Is Steins Gate 0 A Remake of Steins Gate?

The characters of Steins Gate
Steins Gate was created by 5pb and Nitroplus.

Steins Gate is a sci-fi and comedy visual novel that was created by 5pb and Nitroplus and later became an anime.

After the popularity of Steins Gate, its sequel, Steins Gate 0 was created which has a more intense and serious touch than the first season. To be clear, Steins Gate 0 is not a remake but a sequel of Steins Gate.

For those who don’t know what a visual novel is, it is a video-like game that appears as a story you just have to make your own choices to lead the characters to their destination.

You can say that this anime is a remake of the visual novel in some way. For your understanding, here is what you need to know about the Steins Gate visual novel and anime.

Visual NovelAnime
The EndThe visual novel has multiple endings.The anime has a selective end.
Your choiceYou’ve more choices to choose the end.You just got to watch it.
People’s choiceMajority of people like the visual novel more.For many reasons people like the anime but prefer the visual novel.
DetailsThe visual novel has more detailed scenes.The anime is not that detailed.
The difference between Steins Gate visual Novel And Anime

Should I Watch Steins Gate 0 before Steins Gate?

Well, the choice is yours obviously but I don’t think that it is a wise move. Why watch a sequel even before watching the first part of it?

In my opinion, it wouldn’t make sense and the story will be unclear. Also, you wouldn’t want to miss the Steins Gates at any cost, it’s like the best! And maybe just maybe, you would not like the Steins Gate 0 as much as the Steins Gate.

So, keeping everything in consideration, please watch the Steins Gate before you watch Steins Gate 0.

Do Steins Gate and Steins Gate 0 Have The Same Ending?

The characters of Steins Gate looking at a phone
People loved the Steins Gate sequel.

The sequel of Steins Gate was well received by the audience because of the hype of Steins Gate’s popularity and the golden ending.

But unfortunately, Steins Gate 0 does not have the ending of the original series.

Maybe this is one of the reasons people still claim Steins Gate to be better than the Steins Gate 0. But there are things that the Steins Gate 0 has done well as compared to the Steins Gate. Here they are listed.

  • The future was linked better in the Steins Gate 0 as compared to what the makers showed in the Steins Gate. Suzuha’s time-travel procedures were more in focus in Steins Gate rather than the events and in Steins Gate 0, the events were shown on priority.
  • Steins Gate 0 also took some screen time in explaining some plots from the Steins Gate which makes Steins Gate more understandable and relatable to the sequel.
  • The conspiracy in Steins Gate 0 made more sense to the plot.
  • The Steins Gate 0 is more tense and serious in comparison to the comedy-drama happening in the Steins Gate and some people like it that way.

Here, have a look at this fun-filled review of Steins Gate.

Review of Steins Gate

What Is The Best Order to Watch Steins Gate?

You miss a meeting or a meet-up with friends, or you ask your parents that you will do your homework later to watch Steins Gate and you end up thinking that it’s not worth it and is not what you want. After all, when you invest your time in something for the sake of entertainment you would want to get the fullest of it, right?

There is exactly why I’m here for you. For a full fetch experience in watching the series follow these pointers and thank me some other time.

  • Watch the Steins Gate before anything else but leave out episodes 23, 24, and 25.
  • Then watch episode 23-alternate ending or also known as 23b.
  • Watch the full episodes of Steins Gate 0.
  • Make the next move by watching those remaining 3 episodes you left from Steins Gate (episodes 23, 24, and 25).

Please follow my lead and you will understand why I suggested this order of watching Steins Gate.

The characters of Steins Gate looking at the horizon
Steins Gate follows a specific order.

Summing It Up

Japanese animes have become famous now more than ever and the people who are obsessed with them know why. You may also know people who are so much into these animes and mangas that they want to live a life like them.

I remember the time I was waiting for the letter from Hogwarts and it never came. This anime obsession has gone to that level and as an enthusiast myself, I know why. If you’re one of us you too would know what I’m talking about.

Steins Gate is an adaption of a visual novel but with lesser variety and just one ending chosen by the creator with a sequel backing up the madness.

If you wish to experience the world of Steins Gate, please do watch the original before the sequel and in the order mentioned above for full-packed entertainment. I’m sure you would love it and share it with your friends too. Happy watching!

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