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Is There Any Difference Between Yellow American Cheese And White American Cheese?

Is There Any Difference Between Yellow American Cheese And White American Cheese?

Let’s make your day a little cheesy! Cheese is the most favorite item in food products. A lot of people love to add cheese to almost every recipe. Pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, kinds of pasta, and many others are incomplete without it.

So today, we bring to you the famous American Cheese types, which are yellow and white. Many of us think they are distinguishable just because of their color, but we’ll later read in this article that some more characteristics make them different.

We’ll discuss homemade cheese recipes so that you can save money on buying them from the market. Let’s carry on with the post and enjoy it. You may find some hidden facts too.

American Cheese: Interesting Facts

Below are some interesting facts about American cheese that you might haven’t known before.

  • America is the most significant producer of Cheddar Cheese
  • Cheddar has about a 95% production rate.
  • Types of Cheese vary according to the color. Most frequently available are orange and yellow colors.
  • Sharp cheddars are acidic; therefore, they have an intense flavor.
  • Mild cheddars have a sweet flavor. They are an essential ingredient in burgers and sandwiches.
  • The flavor of blue cheese depends on milk composition and bacterial species. Milk composition largely depends on the region of its production; particularly true for soft cheeses.

Now, if you are wondering what White and Yellow American Cheese are, roll your eyes down!!

White American cheese can be spread easily
White American Cheese can be spread easily

White American Cheese

All variants of cheese follow a thermodynamic journey. The essential ingredient for producing any cheese is milk.

White American Cheese is a product of coagulant, brine, enzymes, and heating and cooling process.

Milk gets lumpy when calcium, coagulant, and watery whey are added to it. After that, the liquid layer is filtered out from the solids (curds).

The brine, chemically known as NaCl, prevents the curds from sticking. To heat the curds put them in a hot water bath. It’s performed to avoid the growth of microorganisms. Finally, mix the enzyme rennet, leaving the curds to cool.

And that’s how we enjoy white cheese in our eatery items.

Yellow American Cheese

Yellow American cheese has similar ingredients to white, but there are some disparities in the method of making it compared to the process of white cheese. 

To create yellow American cheese, we add coagulant, the same as in the case of white cheese. After that, the extra fluid needs to be separated from the curds rather than removing it.

The milk used in producing white and American cheeses differs significantly from one another. The milk draining occurs for a more extended period while making yellow cheese. As a result, there is more butterfat available for the cheese.

Let’s figure out the differences between these two types of cheese

Beta-Carotene in milk lends a yellowish tinge to cheese
Beta-Carotene in cow’s milk lends a yellowish tinge to Cheese

White Vs. Yellow American Cheese: Key Disparities

Apart from the color difference, there are several other disparities between white and yellow cheese. We will discuss them below to decide which is the best for everyone.


If you love cooking, you must be aware that both cheese types differ in texture.

American yellow cheese is relatively smooth and supple. The more extended draining period and high-fat content must be the causes of it. However, the softness of yellow cheese can create a hindrance while spreading. It becomes challenging to handle it properly.

In contrast, white cheese is dry and less smooth than yellow cheese. It has less fat due to the shorter draining period. The White American Cheese spreads smoothly and firmly because of its more crumbly structure.


Both types of cheese differ in flavor—each cheese’s different flavor results from variations in the manufacturing process. White American Cheese is mild and a bit salty.

Yellow American cheese, however, has a significantly more tangy flavor. Because of its extensive fat content, it may also taste richer.

Nutrition & Health

Yellow American Cheese contains a higher fat percentage due to the longer drainage time. It is heavier than white. Each slice has a fair amount of calories (about 100), with about 30% of the calories coming from fat.

The only difference is the fat percentage; yellow has higher fat content than white. However, the nutritional values of both are comparable.

Allergic Issues

People with allergic issues to dairy food items can take white cheese in their diet, but they must avoid the yellow one. The possibility is that yellow cheese has milk traces, whereas white cheese doesn’t.

Cheesy Uses

Each type of cheese has its own practical application.

For instance, white American cheese is a fantastic option for many recipes. It holds and retains its original shape when melted. It is famous for topping cheeseburgers, lasagna, and grilled cheese sandwiches. Since it’s smoothly spreadable, it is a good choice for bread and crackers.

Yellow American cheese can flow if melted. It does a terrible job of keeping its shape. However, it still functions very well. You can pour it over a hamburger, shave it over a salad, or on a sandwich.

It’s yummy to have both kinds of cheese together in a dish. However, separation is preferable too.


American Cheese is available in both white and yellow colors. It’s an obvious thing.

The color is a byproduct of the production process. The chemicals responsible for changing the color are citric acid and beta-carotene. Citric acid cures milk to produce white cheese, while the beta-carotene drains out of the liquidus mixture to prepare yellow cheese.

We have demonstrated critical differences between the two types of cheese. Now it’s time to look at their application and preparation methods so you can easily make them yourself.


You must be wondering which type of cheese is best for which purpose? So now, I will address this issue. I am here sharing some applications of both kinds of cheese.

Yellow American Cheese, due to its milder taste frequently added to food items. Mostly salads and sandwiches typically have yellow cheese. Other applications include

  • Topping of burger, meatloaf sandwich, steak sandwich, and hot dog requires yellow cheese.
  • Topping of sandwiches offered with gravy, turkey, and mashed potatoes contain yellowish color cheese.

Chefs frequently utilize White American Cheese at home or in restaurants due to its versatility in crumbling and melting. These make a place in hamburgers, hotdogs, lasagna, and grilled cheese sandwiches. Additionally, white American cheese when softened by itself will last longer (e.g., lasagna).

Cheese is used in many recipes
Cheese is used in many recipes

Preparation Techniques

How to prepare yellow cheese?

When creating American Cheese, we add a coagulant to milk. However, while making yellow cheese, the additional liquid needs drainage from the curds rather than being strained out and discarded. It’s a recommendation to utilize this key ingredient to make cottage cheese and yogurt. If insufficient whey has left over after making yellow cheese, the surplus liquid becomes a valuable source for preparing ricotta. The milk used in making yellow cheese drains more thoroughly than white cheese.

How to prepare white cheese?

White American Cheese also utilizes a coagulant that solidifies milk and forms lumpy curds. The liquid whey is taken out of the mixture to create these curds. The curds need straining to remove any extra liquid.

The right amount of fat increases the cheese’s consistency. Brine is the celebrity to adhere to the curd. The curds are then heated in a sizable pot. The hot water bath warms the pool and stops cheese from becoming contaminated at this phase. Next, combine the mixture with brine and rennet, an enzyme mixture, and leave to remain at room temperature for several hours.

Brands of White and Yellow American Cheese

I am sharing the names of some white and yellow cheese brands below. If you want to try any of these, search and test them.

Brands of Yellow CheeseBrands of White Cheese
Slices and singles from KraftAmerican and white singles by Kraft
Slices and singles by VelveetaPhiladelphia cream cheese spread by Borden
Sargento cheeseAmerican Cheese by Breakstone
American Singles from BordenCream cheese-style spread from Land O’Lakes
Organic-Valley CheeseCooper Brand white American cheese
Cabot Cheese

These are some of the fantastic cheese brands that you can check out.

Which cheese should you pick, yellow or white?

Which cheese would you prefer, yellow or white?. That’s a tricky and cheesy question.

It entirely depends on your personal preference and the recipe in which you are adding it as an ingredient. To assist you in making a choice, consider all the attributes of each variety of cheese that I have listed in this article.

Before anything else, consider how you will use it and where to utilize it. When trying to make a cheeseburger for a party, choosing yellow American cheese would be appropriate. Whereas, if you want spreadable cheese for sandwiches or as an appetizer, it’s a suggestion that White American Cheese is the ideal choice. Add it, and I’m sure you won’t regret it.

Even after this, if you cannot make a proper decision, go and buy some quantity of both and experiment with them in several dishes. Figure out which works better, whether yellow or white, in various recipes.

Moreover, you can take advice from a good chef or friend if you don’t want to mess up your cooking.

Learn more about American cheese


  • The food product that people like the most is cheese. Many individuals enjoy adding cheese to practically all recipes.
  • This article discusses the two types of American Cheese; yellow and white.
  • These two not only differ in color, but they have different textures, applications, tastes, and allergic issues.
  • Try out using one on your own. In addition, if you want to avoid ruining your dish, you can ask a trusted friend or chef for assistance.

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