What Are The Differences Between The New Balance 990 And 993? (Identified)

Do you take on your sporting activities or work out with confidence? Is the performance of your running shoes satisfactory? Are you seeking a pair of more flexible & comfortable shoes? Do you wish to put on an excellent pair of shoes? If your answer is”yes”, then this piece of writing is for you.

You know that Adidas and Nike are major expensive brands, so if you are looking for good quality, better-fitting, fantastic running shoes at affordable prices, then go for “New Balance.”

Stay with me till the end, and I’ll use some of your time to explain the differences between two New Balance shoe categories: 990 and 993.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started.

Both variants are quite similar in many ways, which makes it difficult to choose which one is better for your feet. However, there is a slight difference in price, weight, and heel thickness. Let’s explore all the differences in detail.

Journey of New Balance Footwear Brand

In 1906, “New Balance” was launched in the market as a new American footwear brand. Initially, it was affiliated with the “New Balance Arch Support Company”. But now, the brand has an association with New Balance.Inc. and New Balance Athletic Inc. They both are current owners of this brand.

New Balance is a privately held corporation whose CEO is Joe Preston, which manufactures apparel and sports footwear. Unlike its competitors, New Balance manufactures its products either in the USA for the American market or in the UK for European customers.

It asserts to offer many distinct features like blended gel inserts, a firm heel counter, and various sizes for wide and narrow widths in its products. These technical features distinguish it from other shoe brands.

Products of New Balance

Now I am sharing brief information about their products, so if you are interested in buying any of them, this will help you.

Fast and Smooth Running Shoes

Fresh foam and Fuel Cells line are the best running footwear. They got their name according to their soles’ soft and spongy foam.

Shoes that make you a Basketball Champion

New Balance manufactures and sells a range of basketball sneakers with Kawhi Leonard’s signature.

Best class Baseball Sneakers

It produces baseball sneakers with spikes for runners. The pressure of the tip is relieved through underfoot design.

Best class Skateboarding Shoes

The company’s skating shoe line, New Balance Numeric, is sold by Black Box Distribution, which pro skateboarder Jamie Thomas created. New Balance’s 255 are the skate shoes. Because of the comfortable insole and the terrific board feel, anyone can wear them.

Sneakers for daily wear

The New Balance company is well-known for its everyday sneakers created in the United States. New Balance’s Massachusetts plant also has a women’s shoe brand that makes and designs sneakers for women.

Athletic and Common wear Apparel

Caps for running, sports socks, and water bottles are among New Balance’s athletic apparel. While hoodies, sweaters, snap pants, jackets, track pants, shirts with long sleeves, and windbreakers are among the company’s everyday wear offerings.

New Balance Shoes
New Balance Shoes

What is New Balance’s 990 and 993?

The 990 and 993 both are New Balance’s running shoe models. Runners can quickly wear them for running smoothly, while other folks can wear them for casual use. New Balance produces shoe sizes according to every type of foot.

The new models of New Balance 990 and 993 have simple technological stuff and proper and adequate cushioning. They have an almost similar design, but they hold specific differences. So now I will talk about the similarities and differences between them.

Differences Between New Balance’s 990v5 and 993

New Balance 990 v5New Balance 993
CostSlightly more expensive Less expensive
Weight11-13.6 ounces12-14 ounces
Thickness of heelStandard thicknessslightly thicker
Slope 12 mm14 mm
CushioningENCAP midsole cushioningABZORB midsole cushioning
Colorsmore colors are availablelimited colors are available
Shapeslimmerbulkier because of the midsole
Appearancemodern lookretro look
MaterialPigskin and meshHigh-quality suede and mesh
A comparison between 990 v5 and 993

New Balance’s 990 vs. 993: Material

The shoe material of the 990 model consists of half mesh and half pigskin. On the other hand, the New Balance 993 is made entirely of luxury suede and mesh. However, some of the versions of 990 v5 are made up of mesh and high-quality suede.

Suede is much nicer to look at than pigskin. As a result, uppers in both shoes are flexible and light, durable, and breathable, allowing the foot to maintain natural movement.

Both pigskin and suede have advantages and disadvantages. As a result, it’s unable to determine a real victor. It all depends on the buyer’s preference.

The only disadvantage is that the uppers cannot resist water. Apart from that, they are known for having roomy toe boxes and low ankle collars. The soft ankle collar is beneficial for runners who regularly experience chafing in that area. On the other hand, the toe box permits the toes to adapt organically. It’s practical if the wearer sustains an injury while jogging, such as swollen feet.

Both 990 and 993 have tongues and heels with padded lining to support and comfort the ankle. Another most significant advantage is that the shoelaces don’t hinder your path while running and walking, as they have handy lace keepers. The lace keeper provides arch support.

The contrast between New Balance’s 990 and 993 is that even though both have dual toning, the 990 v5 has more varied color options than the 993.

New Balance offers a wide range of shoe sizes
New Balance offers a wide range of shoe sizes

New Balance’s 990 vs. 993: Midsole of both shoes

It is easier to spot differences between the midsole of both shoes. The 993 contains a multi-density midsole with ABZORB DTS, and its ACTEVA cushioning provides a seamless transition and excellent cushioning.

While the ENCAP midsole technology used in the New Balance 990 has two different polymers. The middle part of the cushioning accommodates soft EVA cushioning with polyurethane wrapping for support and longevity. This shoe contains an Ortholite insert for further comfort.

New Balance’s 990 vs. 993: OutSole in both shoes

New Balance 993’s outsole is a full-length rubber outsole. The heels in the shoes contain Ndurance rubber. It provides good grip, absorbs shock, and is sturdy, which means that if properly cared for, these shoes should last a long time.

Whereas the outsole of 990, made of blown rubber forefoot, has flex grooves that provide additional flexibility. The material-blown rubber is light and supple. However, it doesn’t have as much durability as 993 and doesn’t provide a firm grip on some surfaces.

Let’s discuss the differences in New Balance’s 990 and 993 model features.

New Balance’s 990 vs. 993: Fitting of shoes

Both the models can fit well and have accurate sizes for all types of feet. The shoes range from 5 to 13 for ladies and 7 to 16 for men. The designer designed the New Balance’s 993 models with three widths: narrow, wide, and extra-wide. But as they have a good fitting if you decide to purchase them, buy or order a half size up if you have wider feet. Otherwise, you will feel tightness in the forefoot.

However, this cannot be a problem in the 990 models because they have more width options than the 993. The width in 990 models can extend from very narrow to much wide.

New Balance’s 990 vs. 993: Heel sizes

The heel sizes or heel-to-toe drops are slightly different in New Balance’s 990 and 993 models. In the 990 v5, the heel-to-toe drop is 12 mm, while in 993, it’s 14mm.

Because both are deemed high, most people may not notice the difference.

New Balance Running Shoes
New Balance Running Shoes

New Balance’s 990 vs. 993: Shoe Weight

The 993 model has additional padding; therefore, it carries more weight than the 990 variants. The 993 models weigh 14 ounces, while 990 weigh 13.6 ounces.

Although both of these shoes are somewhat heavy, they will not turn off many runners. Runners forsake the slight weight for extra support, stability, and cushioning. Both of these shoes are suitable for high-speed racing.

New Balance’s 990 vs. 993: Price Difference

Even though both shoes are relatively comparable, the New Balance 990 v5 is about 10 dollars more expensive than the 993 variant.

When you shop online, you may find that the same shoes are available at different prices. Some are costly, while others are less costly.

It’s worth doing window shopping before making a purchase, but you can’t be sure that the shoes are legitimate if you don’t buy them straight from the manufacturer.

New Balance’s 990 and 993: Pros and Cons

Pros of the 990 variant are given below

  • The shoe pair is light to carry.
  • It’s adaptable and relaxing.
  • The upper has breathable material.
  • It can be worn as a pair of walking or running shoes.
  • The style does not jeopardize the shoe’s comfort and durability.

Now, let’s review the cons

  • This shoe is on the pricey side.
  • The fabric of the shoe appears to be thin.

Pros of the 993 variant are given below

  • It contains excellent cushioning.
  • Best for running.
  • The sole foam aids with moisture control.
  • Have a midsole that is compression-resistant.

Now, let’s review the cons

  • The tongue of the shoe moves aside during fast running.
  • Even though the outsole is light, but isn’t exceptionally long-lasting.

If you are interested in buying shoes, check out the Amazon link for New Balances Shoes.

Differences between NB 990 v5 and 993

Final Verdict

  • This article discussed a footwear brand, “New Balance.” It reviewed the differences between its two variants, 990 and 993.
  • The New Balance’s 993 variant is substantially more durable than the 990 because of its Ndurance rubber heel. The 990v5 has more color variations than 993. The 990 comprises a pigskin, while the 993 has quality suede and mesh in its material.
  • New Balance 990 v5 is more expensive than 993 and has extra weight due to additional padding.
  • If you are searching for good running and casual shoes that provide comfort and fit nicely on your feet, then New Balance’s 990 and 993 are fantastic options. However, if given a choice to select a clear winner between the two, the 990 v5 running shoe line is a superior option.
  • New Balance’s 990 v5 is a better option because it’s built of high-quality materials and is long-lasting. It features an appealing design and style. It is wearable during running or with casual clothing.

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