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Subgum Wonton VS Regular Wonton Soup (Explained)

Subgum Wonton VS Regular Wonton Soup (Explained)

Everyone across the globe likes Chinese food. People want to try Chinese cuisine in comparison to other kinds of food. For them, it is the safest choice maybe.

Subgum Wonton and Regular Wonton Soup are two very different things. Subgum is the American version of Chinese cuisine while regular wonton soup is authentic.

Subgum Wonton is a mixture of vegetables and sometimes meat or seafood. Wonton is made up of meat or chicken encased in a dumpling wrapper. These can sometimes be eaten as themselves or added to a noodle soup.  

Chinese people have a certain taste associated with their cuisine as they like it or are habitual. It is true that Chinese food is accepted globally but for your information, every region has given the authentic recipe its own touch.

And that is precisely what a Subgum Wonton is to a Regular Wonton Soup – an American version of Chinese food.

Do you know that McDonald’s has a different menu for different countries according to its people’s liking? Well, that is exactly the case with Chinese cuisine. Every country has got its own Chinese food.

In this article, we will be discussing the difference between a Subgum Wonton and a Regular Wonton Soup. So, keep reading!

What Is Subgum Wonton?

A Subgum Wonton is an American Chinese dish popular in North America. It is a type of soup made with a mixture of vegetables and several kinds of meat, popularly chicken, beef, or seafood.

This American version of Chinese food is a mixture of some vegetables and one or more proteins with a blend of mild seasonings.

I’m not sure if it is the vast variety of Chinese cuisine or its mild taste that attracts people across the globe but the fact that people like it everywhere can’t be denied. I’ve seen non-Chinese tourists finding Chinese food if they’re not willing to trust the local dishes.

It can be established that Chinese dishes are better trusted than any other cuisine due to their popularity.

Wontons are eaten and loved in almost every region of the world but this Subgum Wonton Soup is the specialty of Americans.

A bowl of soup next to chopsticks
Subgum Wonton- An American Chinese Dish

What Does Subgum Mean in Chinese Food?

Subgum is derived from sap gam which means varied and numerous. Sap gam is a Cantonese word and this language is spoken in Guangdong, Eastern Guangxi.

According to Merriam-Webster, Subgum is a Chinese-origin dish that is prepared with a mixture of vegetables.

Though you can’t find Subgum Wonton in an authentic Chinese restaurant, it is something similar to the house chow mein, special chow mein, or house special chow mein.

Although this dish originated in China, its popularity in America has given rise to American variants.

People from China who are possessive of their heritage and food will comment on the authenticity of the dish but this dish is still called a Chinese dish.

A bowl of Wonton soup
Simply made Wonton Soup

What Is A Regular Wonton Soup Made Of?

Regular Wonton Soup is an authentic Chinese dish that is liked by people everywhere because of the simplicity of its taste.

Regular Wonton Soup is made up of:

  • Chicken broth
  • Meat filled wonton (Deep fried)
  • Spring onion (As topping)

Mostly people like prawn or pork-filled wontons but I like the recipes that have chicken in them if you ask me.

There is one more thing you must know about the wontons if you’re still not aware of it; there isn’t just one shape that is associated with this dish. While people still like the original shape, due to the popularity of this dish, people have been very innovative in making this dish more attractive and likable.

Coming back to the Regular Wonton Soup, the taste of this soup is mild and rich. The chicken broth makes the soup full of flavors and the meat-filled (of your choice) gives the dish an extra touch of protein. This makes it a good option as the main course. Light yet filling!

The USDA has provided nutrition facts of 1 fl ounce of wonton soup that may have chicken, seafood, or red meat in it. For those interested in keeping the count, given below is the daily value percentage of the nutrients present in 28 grams of Wonton Soup.

Nutrients % daily value
Total Fat0%
Cholesterol 0%
Total Carbohydrates1%
Vitamin A0.1%
Vitamin C0.3%
Nutrition Facts of a Regular Wonton Soup

Is Wonton Soup A Healthy Soup?

Wonton Soup is considered a healthy soup. It’s good for both illnesses and for diets.

During illnesses, most people are limited to soups as they are hydrating, have a mild flavor, and provide instant energy. A Wonton Soup gives that all with added protein energy as well.

Also, it is a very good option for people who are on a diet. It is delicious and healthy, keeps you full for the longest time because of the protein in it, and gives your diet a good balance.

The filling of a wonton depends on you entirely. If you think that chicken is a healthy option for you then you can choose it. If you think any other option is better for your health, you can always choose what you prefer. That is another thing I love about this dish – it is literally for everyone!

You can always check the internet for the recipe or change it according to your taste, but this particular recipe down here is my personal favorite, check it out and try it yourself.

A healthy wonton soup recipe


We are all aware of our love for Chinese food but you might not know that there are others like you too. No matter where you live, you have a thing for Chinese food and I can understand why. The flavorful simple dishes of Chinese cuisine are just AMAZING!

Tourists from different countries often opt for Chinese restaurants as they find it a safe option. Little do they know that every region has its own kind of Chinese food, the taste which is liked by the locals.

That is exactly what has happened with Subgum wonton in North America. This Chinese dish is from North America with a variety of proteins and vegetables in it. This main course may not be available in authentic Chinese restaurants but it is the choice of most people.

On the other hand, Regular wonton soup is an authentic recipe and a really healthy one. People like it for its light taste and quick making.

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