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Crying Obsidian VS Regular Obsidian (Their Uses)

Crying Obsidian VS Regular Obsidian (Their Uses)

Minecraft has been winning hearts in the gaming community for more than a decade. It’s the best non-violent game to foster creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. 

In Minecraft world, obsidian is a famous block, but what is this new crying obsidian?

Some Minecraft players are confused between the regular obsidian they used to craft and the crying obsidian that has been introduced in the 1.16 version.

 In Minecraft, obsidian has been universally regarded as the second strongest, known for its high blast resistance.  While crying obsidian is a new purple block used for decor

It is a unique block that every Minecraft player should know about.

Keep reading to find the difference between regular and crying obsidian and what you can do with them. 

Let’s dig in!

What is Obsidian in Minecraft?

Obsidian is a famous and most robust block in Minecraft that has many unique features and uses. They are rare ores like diamonds and you can’t trade with villagers to get them. 

Two different kinds of Minecraft blocks
Obsidian blocks are the highest of all blocks obtainable in survival mode.

The only way to find obsidian is to mine it out of the ground. For this purpose, you’ll need a diamond or Netherite Pickaxe — other tools will break the obsidian and leave you with nothing.

Or you can create obsidian yourself by pouring water from a bucket into lava.

What is Regular Obsidian? 

Regular obsidian is a dark purple and the second most potent Minecraft block. It creates when a still lave source comes in touch with water, which causes lava to transform into an obsidian block. 

An obsidian
Obsidian blocks are only found in the sea near lave beds.

Obsidian blocks are formed when lava comes in contact with water. It is so complex and robust material that even the ender dragon can’t destroy it. 

You need a diamond pickaxe to break obsidian; TNT can’t destroy it. However, you can obtain bedrock in the creative mode, which is unbreakable.  

Obsidians in Minecraft: What are they for?

Obsidian can help construct the enchanting tables and nether portal frames. 

You can build explosion-resistant structures with obsidian. Moreover, it can be helpful to make netherite portals and anvils blocks. These blocks have a blast resistance of 1,200, the highest of all blocks obtainable in Survival mode.

You can not make a sword blade with obsidian glass as it is volcanic glass. It is far too brittle for it. 

What is Crying Obsidian? 

A new decor block, crying obsidian, is just a block for decoration, which was released in the 1.16 version of Minecraft. It’s only used to make respawn anchor. 

A crying obsidian
Aside from its decorative purpose, it can also be used for creating a respawn anchor.

Crying Obsidian: What’s the use?

You can set a respawn point in the Nether by creating a respawn anchor, but it needs to be charged with glowstone.

You can craft respawn anchor by combining 6 crying obsidian with 3 glowstone.

Aside from that, it is purely designed for decor, and still, there isn’t much to it except to create some rain effects, as It also drips purple particles. These particles help light the rooms or grow crops. 

You will need a diamond pickaxe to be harvested crying obsidian however, it has lower blast resistance than regular obsidian. It can be found in ruined portals or can be obtained from bastion remnants or piglin bartering.

What’s more?

It is not stronger like regular obsidian but durable enough. It can’t be destroyed by creepers, ghasts, the ender dragon, TNT, and other explosives. This makes it unique as it can be used as both a light source and blast-resistant.

Here is a quick table to look at for the main difference between regular obsidian and crying obsidian:

Regular ObsidianCrying Obsidian
What is itStrong and high blast resistance blockRegular obsidian variant 
Used to craftframes of the nether portal and enchanting tables.a respawn anchor and produces purple particles when placed
ColorDark purplePurple (slightly lighter than regular obsidian0
Blast Resistance1,2001,200
Difference between regular obsidian and crying obsidian
Crying Obsidian VS Regular Obsidian : Whats the Difference

What can you build with Obsidians in Minecraft?

Obsidian has many uses in Minecraft. I will highlight the top five ways you can use obsidian to make other items in Minecraft. 

One: To Make Nether Portal

A Nether Portal allows a player to travel between the Nether and the Overworld. 

A nether portal
Players need at least ten obsidian blocks to create a nether portal.

With obsidian, players can build a nether portal as there is no other way to access the nether realm in Minecraft world. 

If you are a master of Minecraft, you can craft nether portals without the help of a diamond pickaxe. 

Tip: There are many different ways to design a nether portal; all nether portals work the same way.

Here is a step-by-step process to build a nether portal with obsidian. You’ll need the following items:

  • 14 obsidian
  • 1 Flint and Steel or 1 Fire Charge

Once you get your hands on these items, follow the step-by-step process to make a nether portal. 

  1. First, build the frame with 14 obsidian.
  1. Activate nether portal by using either flint and steel or fire charge. 
  1. Walk through the nether portal to be transported to the Nether Realm. 

Once you enter Nether, you can easily find another portal to return to your Minecraft world. Amazing, isn’t it? 

The nether portal allows you to open the gateway to the scary mobs and blocks in Minecraft. 

Two: To Craft Ender Chest

Ender Chest is an essential item for every player. Things inside the ender chest are specific to a player and will teleport between ender chests.

An ender chest
Contents inside the ender chest are only exclusive to the player.

It is known as the secure place in Minecraft to store valuable items and resources. 

How to make an Ender Chest with Obsidian? Let’s explore!

To make Ender chest, you will need the following items;

  • 8 Obsidian
  • 1 Eye of Ender

Once you obtain items, go to the crafting menu. In the 3×3 crafting grid, place six obsidian and 1 Eye ender. 

Start with putting three obsidian in the first row and three obsidian in the third row. In the second row, place obsidian in the first box, one ender eye in the second box, and then the last obsidian in the third box. 

While making the ender chest, following the exact placement mentioned above is essential. 

Once you have placed everything correctly in the crafting menu, the Ender chest will appear in the right box. Once you obtain your ender chest, move it to the inventory, and you are done!

Ender Chests have a total of 27 slots to store your valuable items. You can increase the storage space to 27*27 inventory slots by filling the spaces with shulker boxes. 

Three: Vaults and Explosive Rooms

With the help of obsidian blocks, you can quickly make secret vaults to store netherite ingots and diamonds.

An explosive room
Vaults and explosive rooms can also be a place to store valuable diamonds and netherite ingots.

You can also make explosive rooms with their high blast resistance and high breaking time which is used for trapping players in Minecraft. The player trapped in these explosive rooms can’t leave until TNT explodes. However, TNT explosions cannot destroy obsidian. 

Four: Beacon

Crafting beacon is another helpful structure to get your character powerful upgrades and buffs. And with the help of obsidian, you can craft it easily. 

Beacons provide a status effect to nearby players.

To craft one beacon in Minecraft, you will need the following items: 

  • Three obsidian
  • Five glass

You can obtain or make glass out of the sand. In case you don’t have a glass, here is an easier way to make them:

  • Find sand from the desert or beach.
  • Take five bocks of sand and mine them and take them to the furnace
  • Finally, use any fuel to create glass.

Once you get the glass, you’ll need a nether star.

Nether star also rare items you can get by defeating the most challenging boss in Minecraft— The Wither.

Once you’ve obtained these items, crafting the beacon is easy.

Navigate to a crating grid, and add:

  • In the top, row adds three pieces of glass.
  • In the middle row, one glass, one Nether Star, and one glass 
  • In the bottom row add three obsidian. 

And you will get a beacon in the box on the right side. 

You have to build a pyramid pedestal to place a beacon on it and shoot a beam of light into the sky. 

You can use beacon and haste effect to mine stone and other similar blocks. Experienced gamers use the beacon to clear considerable areas to create mob farms and bases.

Five: Enchanting Table

The enchantment table is most useful for Minecraft players. You can enchant weapons, books, armors, and many more items using an enchantment table. 

An enchanting table
The enchanting table allows the players to use their experience level to enhance their tools and weapons.

With obsidian, it is easy to craft an enchantment table you need the following items:

  • Four Obsidian
  • Two diamonds
  • One book

Once you get the items, place one book, two diamonds, and four obsidian in the 3×3 crafting grid, and you will get the enchantment table in the box on the right side. 

So get your enchantment table by using obsidian because what is the charm of Minecraft world without an enhancement table?

If you want more ways to use your enchantment table, you can check out the video below.

You can refer to this video to use your experience level for your enchanting table in Minecraft.

Where do you find crying Obsidian in Minecraft?

Crying obsidians are rare, and you can only obtain them from three sources.

These are the three sources to find crying obsidian:

  • As naturally generating ruined Nether portals
  • In the chests in bastion remnants
  • It can be obtained from piglin bartering

However, this option also affords a ~9.46% chance only for getting 1-3 crying obsidian.

Tip: Trading gold ingots with Piglins are the most reliable option among all the above options.

Wrapping up: Which one is more useful? 

Regular obsidian and crying obsidian are the same. Crying obsidian is precisely as strong and hard as regular obsidian, both have their unique feature. 

With crying obsidian, you can craft the respawn anchor, use it for decor, create rain, or light up the area. 

On the other side, with regular obsidian, you can make lots of valuable items for your Minecraft world, including, nether portals, ender’s chests, enchantment tables, virtually indestructible structures, and much more. 

For a quick overview of the differences between the two, click for the web story version here.

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