What’s the Difference Between Journal Writing and Journalist? (Explained) 

When you think of a journal, a book or paper page comes to your mind where a person writes about his everyday life. Journal writing is a very important aspect of our daily lives which is meaningful and makes us responsible in our lives as we can see our past written in it, it helps to maintain our life and keeps it in proper balance.

A journalist is a type of individual who reports and takes interviews from which he extracts notes and information on the ongoing scene in town or city. He writes in a story form without inserting his own opinion but rather than writing it from others’ perspectives.

Journal Writing

Journal is a detailed account of information on a specific topic of a specific field, in accounting and for businesses journal is a book where the original entries are entered before they are posted into the ledger accounts, it’s a record of financial transactions in business.

However, in the same way, journal writing is the record of daily events, personal thoughts, insights, and reviews on the designated topic assigned by the teacher. It’s a writing strategy in which the students can connect with literature and gain influence over what they are actually writing which will also connect them with their text and increase their creativity.

A Journal that Has A Compass As a Design To Make It More Journal Like
A Journal that Has A Compass As a Design To Make It More Journal Like

5 Benefits of Doing Journal Writing

  • Enhances your ability to think in different ways.
  • Broadens your perspective.
  • Expression of your point of view.
  • Builds inner confidence and belief.
  • Improve writing skills.

How To Write a Journal? 

  1. Choose the journal you prefer. A piece of paper or it can be anything else.
  2. Write the vast majority of details such as time, place, date, and events.
  3. Write what you felt in your heart, true feelings.
Journalist Publish Their Stories About Recent Events Or Other Articles
Journalist Publish Their Stories About Recent Events Or Other Articles

Tips For Effective Journal Writing

  • Keep a pen or pencil with paper at all times.
  • Write for a few minutes every day, about your problems, joy, etc.
  • If you do not want to write you can draw or sketch as you feel.
  • Keep the journal as you feel and wish, do not stress about writing everything.

Similarly in accounting journal writing is used to record the original entries before they’re posted into the ledger account, hence they are used to record financial transactions, this is called journal entries which are used to summarize all the past transactions done in the business.

This Video Wil Show You What a Journal Is

Structure of a Journal in Accounts:

  • A header line may include a journal entry number and entry date.
  • The first column includes the account number and account name into which the entry is recorded.
  • This field is indented if it’s for the account being credited.
  • The second column contains the debit amount to be entered.
  • The third column contains the credit amount to be entered.
  • A footer line may also include a brief description of the reason for the entry.

Journalism is a broad career with vast opportunities within different areas of media such as news, newspaper, magazines, and nowadays on social media such as youtube and Twitter, etc.

Who introduced the concept of journalism?

Early and basic journalism was founded in 1556 by the government of Venice and published monthly written notes which eventually came to be known as “Newspaper”.

A journalist is an individual who investigates and collects as much information in form of text, audio recordings, and videos and then presents it in front of the news and media. A reporter is a person who is responsible for delivering updates on the current situation to keep the people up to date.

Many people confuse themselves by thinking that journalists and reporters are the same things but in reality, they’re actually both very different. A journalist can work as a reporter but a reporter cannot work as a journalist have to publish a story with proper grammatical style and professional storyline where on the other side the reporter needs communication skills to extract the information and present it to the news

How Do You Become a Journalist?

  • Have a creative mind.
  • Learn how to extract information through their behavior
  • Have sharp Thinking abilities.
  • Strong verbal communication skills
A Journalist Taking an Interview, and Is a Type Of Podcast
A Journalist Taking an Interview and Is a Type Of Podcast

Is Being a Journalist a Good Career Choice?

Previously being a journalist was not a good choice, But advances in the modern technology have given journalists great value and importance as with the help of social media tools, this job will give a huge and satisfactory output while making the person also popular as well

Through being a journalist a person’s influence in the outside world also increases as social media is a good deal for career growth opportunities as well. Moreover while being a journalist the person may meet some famous personalities and gain beneficial information from them which they can also share with people all around the world.

The job of being a journalist will make the person more responsible and wise. It will also enhance their productivity skill, reporting, and anchoring skills as well make them comfortable in front of a lot of people.

Journalists wear very professional and formal business attire according to the story they are covering. However, if they’re reporting from the field they may wear anything such as protective clothing, etc for their own protection.

A Brief And Detailed Video About Journalism And Its meaning

Why Should You Study Journalism?

Journalism is a wide subject that can make the person flexible towards their work and make them approach their work from different sides and perspectives. Furthermore, by studying journalism, a person can learn many different strategies and technical skills such as designing, photography, editing, video production, etc.

Differences Between Journalist and Journal Writing.

  • One major difference is that journal writing is done in a register or a diary whereas a journalist is a person who works to generate revenue and achieve great heights.
  • Journal writing is based on the creative thinking of personal experiences and thoughts whereas a journalist writes on the bases of information that he gets from the reportage or the interview
  • Journal writing is only personal viewed writing meaning that the person writes their story, on the other hand, journalists write the story for people’s views and realities which makes it often directed.
  • When a  journalist writes a story it is properly written with full grammatical check in mind with full formality whereas journal writing can either be formal or informal as it is based on a person’s mind.


  • Journal writing is done by a journalist in a journal or a register. A journalist is a person who pursues a career in journalism and earns revenue out of it for their family.
  • Journal writing can also be done by a normal person like you because it’s all about your own personal experiences and perceptions.
  • All in all, this article highlights the difference between “Journalist” and “Journal Writing” with an explanation. If someone asks you about the difference between the two you should without hesitation list them down with ease.
  • Moreover, journalism is a good career choice for all types of people as they will learn a lot from it.
  • Journal is a daily record of a person which acts as a diary but is not private as it can be read by others as well.
  • Journalists make a person sharp of their surroundings to extract as much information as they could which increases your processing capacity.

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